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Writing With Trophy Guys...Hall of Famer Conversation...The Weekend

May 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How in the world can it already be Friday again?



I was online with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard.  Brent in Missouri, Nathan and me in Nashville.  Nathan leads the music department for a big church just north of Nashville so it was great to hear his job has held up.  Services are now online, but they still need a Music Director to pull the music together each Sunday.  And Nathan is really good at that.


Looking over Nathan’s shoulder we noticed two Grammy certificates and a Dove Award.  Over Brent’s shoulder in Missouri one can see a whole bunch of plaques of different artists including Alan Jackson…all of those artists cut Brent’s song. 


Over my shoulder you saw baseball bobble heads.  And they teasingly took me to task for that.  So, while the were writing I went and pulled my CMA Award out of a case and nonchalantly held that up for them to see while they were knee deep trying to string words together for song idea Brent brought to the table.  And yea, that stopped everything for a while because they were laughing so hard.


Fun guys to write with for sure.  A couple of hours just flew by yesterday morning in a creative way.



Last evening I got a call from my favorite radio personality of all time Gary Burbank.  If you want to read a really funny book, read the biography about my friend “Voices In My Head”.  You’ll get a peek at what my wild funny brilliant friend’s Hall of Fame career was like complete with the story of his monkey that rode with him in his Cadillac.  I got to know Gary in Cincinnati when he ruled the airwaves there on “The Big One” 700 WLW with his comedy show every afternoon.  He’s one of the rare on air guys that could make me laugh out loud listening to him.  He’s been retired for a lot of years now and has a beautiful home and studio that he’s quarantined in just like many of us.  We talked for an hour and laughed most of the time. 


Some of you may know Gary’s redneck syndicated character Earl Pitts that’s still on several hundred-radio stations across the country.  And one of my favorite characters of his was this little old innocent guy named Gilbert Gnarley…G N A R L E Y who would make the most interesting and funny calls to companies that would leave you in tears.  If you’ve never heard Gilbert check out this hysterical call he made to KY Jelly.


I played on a Fantasy Camp Baseball League one year with Gary for the Reds down in Plant City, Florida.  The reds color announcer Joe Nuxhall was our manager.  Gary played short, I played outfield and pitched a little.  I got to know him a lot better during that camp. 


Gary started as a blues musician…playing drums with a noted group or two in Memphis so we share the love of music and songwriting.  In fact we did a songwriters show together once in Cincinnati that was way too much fun.  And later on, I actually filled in on Gary’s show.  It was like doing 4 hours of stand up comedy…grueling…but fun.  Just a brilliant talent that I admire…and am fortunate to have as a long time friend.  His call made my day yesterday.



And the Blue Angels had the city of Nashville “oohing and aahing” as they did their flyover yesterday saluting our front line workers.  There were a lot of heads craned skywards as they zoomed over.  Magnificent to see…always. 



Bars are starting to open.  After living in the beer city of Milwaukee several years I’m not surprised to see Wisconsin bars me among the first taps that started flowing.  Beer is sorta kinda a thing up there.  Essential don’t ya know.  I can imagine that the grills had brats on them too out back of the bars.


And yesterday one of my favorite tropical bars Lulu’s re-opened down in Gulf Shores where I’ve played a few times there on the intracoastal.  And it’s been a Monday night home for my buddy Brent Burns for more than a decade.


So there are some places where one can belly up to the bar with a mask on if you’re so inclined.



Delta is saying they will have more than 7,000 pilots they will not need by the Fall of this year because of less flights.  What do a pilot do when there are no planes to fly?


In Las Vegas the airport is going to have vending machines loaded with PPE items…masks…gloves etc.  Get ya some before you start pulling any handles on the slots out there.


Some restaurants now are actually adding a Covid surcharge.  Yep.  Maybe a buck.  It helps offset the food prices that have gone through the roof.  So, if you do go to a restaurant now, check your receipt. 



And you just can’t stop folks from buying those plastic whiffle ball shoes that they put on their feet.  Sales of Crocs right now have increased big time.  A lot of stay at homework clothes are comprised of sweatpants, t-shirt and now Crocs.  We’re staying comfy.



In the UK they are telling us that Nudist Camp Memberships have increased over 100% since the lockdown. Yes.  The virus has got folks running around outdoors with no clothes on.  Of course having to wear a mask does keep their faces hidden so one would have to learn to recognize their friends from different features on their bodies…I suppose.



Jeff Bezos is about to become the world’s first TRILLIONAIRE.  With a “T”.  Wow.  Well, we’ve done our part to help get him there here at the Whyte House.  There seems to be an Amazon Prime box at our doorstep most everyday.  You’re welcome Jeff.



“Florida Man Reunited With Prosthetic Leg After Boy Finds It During A Treasure Hunt”.  Turns out the man lost his leg in Afghanistan fighting for our country.  He was surfing when it came off and the $3,000 leg went missing.  A young man in Santa Rosa noticed it in the jetties there one day and went to the Internet trying to find the owner.  He did.  Kudos to that kid.



I’m writing with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry once again this morning…always a treat to do that. 


And then the weekend is on us with temps in the 80’s here.  It’s also going to be my younger brother Gene’s birthday this weekend back in Missouri.  Happy Happy Birthday little brother.


Have a great weekend!



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