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Packing For Ireland...Whack A Mole...Flying Chicken

May 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Getting really close to stamping my passport for the first time ever.



My morning started with writing a parody song for New York about the Royal Wedding which is taking place this weekend that I sent to my New York folks who then recorded it and sent it out to radio stations to be played this week leading up to the big deal in England.


We of course are packing for our own overseas wedding in Ireland for my daughter…uh…a bit smaller in scale than the new Prince and Princess in London but it’s all about wedding for me right now.  Somehow we’ve managed to pack everything in one bag with carry on back packs…at least for my wife and me which is nothing short of an amazing feat if I do say so.



We’re spending a bit more than a week over there…some of it consumed of course with Heather and Casey saying “I Do”…but we built in some extra time so my wife and I can get a bit of a vacation out of it too.


Our bird lifts off tomorrow…so it’s getting really real right now…but I think we’re good to go.  I think.



A big part of my Monday was taken up writing with my friends Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  I joked that I could play “whack a mole” with Lauren’s head as the chairs we sat in at Curb on Music Row were LOW. 









t would look like here head was popping up and down and all I needed was a rubber mallet.  I resisted the urge to go get one and we managed to write a new song between all the catching up and “whack a mole” images I kept seeing in front of me.







Lauren is recording her first major album…and the three of us have one song they’ve already recorded…and we keep writing in hopes to come up with at least one more that she and her producer-musician-boyfriend Shawn Camp will like…a lot.  The young lady can surely sing and she loves “old school” artists and music as we do…while at the same time having her boots planted in what’s going on today musically.


Always a fun hang with those two talented folks.



The Supreme Court is going to allow us to bet on sports teams it look likes.  The Cincinnati Reds are my favorite team but they are so BAD this year…I’d have to bet against them.  Although…they went on a little winning streak…and last night in Frisco…the ground shook with a mini earthquake.  Maybe that will shake my team up too in a good way.  One can only hope.


Vegas has a hockey team and the Raiders start play there soon.  Wonder if the stadium seats will have a screens that allow you to go online and bet as the game progresses?  Or walk up windows like they have at racetracks?


One thing you can bet is that NFL owners and other sport team owners will be getting a big piece of that money bet with the legalization of sports gambling.


Me?  I’m gonna stick with a sure winning bet…Powerball tickets.



My wife uses coconut oil a lot.  This morning I read an article that says coconut oil helps whiten your teeth and it helps with your digestive system.  I still haven’t figured how they squeeze oil out of a coconut but with this news…look for more folks to climb a tree and squeeze one or two.



Apparently an asteroid is going to get close to earth…closest ever fly by according to scientists in over the last 300 years of those big rocks hurtling past Mother Earth.  It will be going about 28,000 miles per hour.  It’s all relative in distance I guess as they say it will be about as close to us as the moon.  So…I’m not planning on refreshing my “duck and cover” drill yet.



A customer got so upset with his order at KFC that they started hurling their “extra crispy” back across the counter at the clerk…caught on video tape.  I have no idea what the jail time is for first time fried chicken assaults.  I guess we’ll find out soon.



Click on this ARTICLE if you’re curious like me to see the 25 cars made that nobody wanted.  Sure enough…the Yugo is on there.  And I never owned any of those listed…at least that I would ever admit to.


Keep in mind…I lived in a time when we thought shag carpeting in vans was really cool.



Men should “mask”…they say.  Put cucumbers in your eyes and white stuff on your face from time to time.  Probably not going to happen soon for yours truly.  I’m at an age where it’s just easier to buy a real mask to cover my face from time to time.


And then there’s this.  The OLDEST guy living in American says he drinks coffee and whiskey every day.  Not one word about laying down and putting goop in his face or slicing a cucumber.  I think I’m just gonna go with that guy.  He’s 112 years old today. 


Now if you’ll excuse me…I’m gonna have another sip of my Starbucks Pike…black.



It’s all about taking care of last minute things before flying tomorrow.  So…a semi regular blog should be here tomorrow…but after that…dunno for sure with the time change over in Ireland.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a little travel blog of what we see and do on the Emerald Isle. 


Have a great Tuesday!













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