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Congrats To My Author!...Key West Shows...Montana

May 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes another weekend. Friday!



We did have some really great news yesterday here at the Whyte House. My wife Kathy officially singed a contract with Indigo River Publishing for a book she completed. It’s fiction, and I can’t tell you anything about the contents of her book yet but it’s a done deal. And I could not be happier for her. She just decided she wanted to try and write an idea she’d had in her head for a long while. Over two years later and a lot of “stick to it” hard work…it’s done. And now the work with her editors will start, which is also a process, and then within the year the book should be on the market available to everyone. I could not be prouder of what she’s accomplished, and I can’t wait for folks to be able read her book. The only problem with that is that those who do read it will quickly realize who has the real talent in this marriage!



With no songwriting appointment I did a lot of crossing off things on my “need to do” list. Some of that was working on scheduling new writing appointments and some more of the time went to reaching out to a few folks about concerts, house concerts, festivals etc. I’m happy to report I locked in my first two official shows at this year’s MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) which is a huge gathering of Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett) fans that takes place every November in Key West. I’ll play an early afternoon event November 4 at 1:30 pm at an event called “Pirates and Poets” along with a couple of other writers. And for sure I’ll be part of one of their big events “Fools on Stools” which will be held at 8 pm that same evening along with my friend Brent Burns and one other.  Both shows will be on my calendar soon. I’ve heard so much about this event from so many friends of mine who make their living playing beach music all over the country so I’m really looking forward to this. And how much will it NOT suck to be in Key West in early November?



The Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival coming up in August will offer up a chance to write a song and learn more about songwriting with me and my friend Brady Seals. Details are right here if you’re interested. Besides performances from a bunch of Nashville songwriters, the festival provides workshops, classes, contests, and the opportunity to write with folks who have had some hits in their songwriting career. My Hit’s and Grins trio with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier will be there and we’ll play at least a couple of different times. This year the festival runs August 19-22 set in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.



The CDC said yesterday we no longer need to wear masks at most outdoor or indoor events. Hallelujah. I might leave mine at home when I sit in our Minor League ballpark this Sunday afternoon!


Not everyone will drop masks of course. Governor Cuomo for one in New York is saying “not so fast”. And you can’t blame him in light of the fact that an 8th New York Yankee just tested positive. And they’re using a lot of precautions, with some if not all of them having already been vaccinated.


It’s been so hard for restaurants to get workers back since the pandemic that a lot of them are starting to raise wages. Gotta do what you gotta do. A bunch of states are going to end Pandemic related unemployment checks so that may very well motivate folks to take jobs again that are open and unfilled.



With the pipeline open and running again one expert declares that the gas shortage will be over by Memorial Day weekend. Maybe that news is why the stock market rebounded quite a bit yesterday. Panic buying will probably continue for those who seem to panic about everything they hear in the news. I’m thinking it’s time to write a song titled “Hoarders”.


And you just KNEW this was going to happen. A woman in Florida filled up a bunch of tanks and stuck them in the back of her Hummer (that uses a lot of gas) and the Hummer caught on fire. Burnt to ashes.



I had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure of interviewing Judge Judy once. I was in Milwaukee, she was in town, and dropped by a “live” broadcast location where I was at helping WMIL Radio raise money for the CAP Fund…a wonderful organization that deals with child abuse. She could not have been a better guest. She was smart, quick on her feet, and funny too.


Yesterday Judge Judy said that cancel culture is a “frightening place” for America and that she was “not a big fan of the PC police”. It just reminded me how much I really like her.



Miller Lite is offering free beer for those who exercise. 21 and over. You upload pictures-video of your work-out and they send you a $5 digital gift card to purchase Michelob Ultra. I’m getting ready to send them a picture of me in my “downward dog” yoga position on my little rubber mat. Hey…it’s free beer!



Guess they do land on their feet. Even from 5 stories up. Like this cat that jumped from 5 floors up from a building that was on fire in Chicago. You won't see this in the video but the cat bounced once, got up and walked away like…”no big deal”. Don’t encourage your emotional support pig to try and do the same. Unless you really need the bacon.



You can now sign up for something called “Wings Over Pearl” in Hawaii. They’ve restored a WWII P-51 flyer that they’re going to sell rides in. The old war bird will fly you right over Pearl Harbor and the floating museum sitting over the Arizona that sunk that fateful day when the Japanese bombed the harbor. Depending on the package you choose it will set you back $1,500-$3,000. It ain’t cheap, but I can only imagine what that would feel like, especially for anyone who likes history and War history. I’m so glad I had to chance to visit Pearl Harbor, tour the little museum, watch the film, and then get in a boat that takes you out to the Arizona Memorial. The oil still dribbles up from the bottom after all these years of the Arizona lying in its watery grave. I highly suggest you put it on your “got to see” travel list.



Now THIS lady could have afforded several of those airplane rides had she not washed and destroyed the lotto ticket a friend bought for her. Her numbers apparently came in, but the tickets must have been in a pair of pockets thrown in the wash. It was worth 26 million dollars! That might make one never wash their clothes again.



Even if that lady had not destroyed her 26-million-dollar ticket, she still could not afford to buy the Montana Ranch for sale that was used to film the movie “A River Runs Through It”. The Climbing Arrow Ranch is being sold for 136 MILLION.


Hard to not want to live in Montana. If you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about. It’s gorgeous…and EXPENSIVE. I played a show with my “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott a couple of years ago at a venue that sat on a ranch with a lot of acres. Take a look at this place and you’ll see why all three of us fell in love with the place. I don’t have 136 million laying around right now though.


And oh yea. If you’ve not watched the movie “A River Runs Through It”? It’s pretty darned good. Even if you don’t care for the story somehow, this movie taken from a short book that stars a young Brad Pitt, Tom Skeritt and others, you’ll love the scenery. And you’ll be tempted to try and learn how to fly fish.



Some Divorce Lawyers just listed some weird reasons some of their clients decided to get divorced. Here are my two favorites.


A wife divorced her husband because he brought home the wrong brand of hot dogs. I’m guessing in the settlement he kept the dogs and she kept her buns.


And then there’s the husband who divorced his wife after discovering she had spent $42,000 on Psychic Hotlines.  You’d have thought one of those Psychics would have warned her about that right?



I’m writing with Scott Barrier and Ericca Latza online this morning before my weekend really arrives. I’ve got a baseball ticket for Sunday and the weather is saying 79 and mostly sunny at the moment. I’ll take it. I’ll try to bring back the right kind of hot dog from the ballpark for my wife.


Have a great weekend!








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