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Little Buckaroos...Cornhole...Senior Boxing

May 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Warming up today in Nashville…87 maybe for a high.



I had a great write with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson yesterday.  Dan of the trio MamaDear, and Paul of…well Paul of Paul Bogart.  We were doing a Zoom thing and when I signed in I saw both Dan and Paul but Paul had a couple of little surprises.  His young talkative “cowpoke” boys whom we’ve written songs about introduced themselves to Dan and me.  Jett and Ace said “howdy”.  Made my day.  Paul and I wrote “Buckaroo Lullabye” about Jett when he was born, and “The Ballad of Exit 199” about Ace when he was born on Interstate 40 one night.  And, Paul informed me that after we finished writing yesterday he was headed to the studio to record the vocals on that second song.  Some fun good news there.


FYI…my friend Dan is doing a Facebook “live” show later this evening with MamaDear…7:30 I think and they are more than worth checking out.  Great harmony.  Check them out HERE if you’d like.


So, pleasantries aside I shared a chorus to a little country swing thing I had written…they both liked it so we wrote that into a song.  Country swing is right in Paul’s wheelhouse and it’s fun for all of us to write that way with an artist who records a fair amount of those kinds of songs.  One my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of is “All That Cowboy Jazz” that Paul included on his “Leather” album a couple of years ago.  And this VIDEO is “cowboy” all the way.


So thank you Dan & Paul for such a great online write yesterday.



Today is the day the Navy Blue Angels fly over Music City.  Around noon they they say. Always a great thing to see. I’ve sat on a condo balcony in Gulf Shores, Alabama many times and watched them zip by over the blue waters of the Gulf.  So cool…every time.  If you ever get near Pensacola I do encourage you to go to the Naval Air Museum there…the home of the Blue Angels.  It’s free…and it’s a great place to visit. 



We have a record amount of cyber criminal activity going on right now. If you believe what you hear and see China and Iran are trying to hack the folks who are working on a vaccine.  Some companies are being held ransom for dollars after hackers break into their computers.  Bad guys have too much time on their hands too right now.


Grocery store prices are going through the roof right now.  One columnist wrote that we are going from stockpiling to penny pinching. Buy stock in scissors because a lot of folks are going back to clipping coupons again.


Harvard and MIT are working on a mask that will detect someone who just sneezed near you to avoid during this pandemic. Smart masks. 


Bowling alleys are opening again…and apparently more and more folks are digging into their closets for their roller skates.  I’m pretty sure that could be a new X Game.  Bowling on roller skates.  Maybe.



Spain is going to limit 5000 beach goer’s per day it looks like.  And, they will use an app to book a zone on the beach that’s roped off to stay in for social distancing.  First come, first serve.  Take your sunscreen and mask and tan up folks.



The Beach Boys are talking about getting together for a 60th year benchmark.  60 years the group had been sort of together.  They’re like the Rolling Stones with sand.  I still have one of their earliest albums that I wore out as a teen.  My favorite song off of that "live" concert album?  Hard to pick, but I think I’ll take THIS SONG



Sports channels are so desperate for “live” game content that they’ll air almost anything.  That includes the Cornhole Championship.  Yep…they do have that.  I’ve mentioned this before on this blog but I actually had the theme song for a little independent movie titled “Cornhole The Movie".  The producers were a guest on my morning show years ago in Cincinnati and I just asked them about the music they would be using.  The producer and his wife said they were looking and if I had anything to send it to them.  So that morning after the show I sat down and wrote a couple of verses and a chorus of “Cornhole” the song, and danged if they didn’t use it over the closing credits of that little movie. 



Meanwhile Joe Buck at Fox Sports says they will pump in fake crowd noise during NFL telecasts this year to make it seem more realistic I guess.  Weird…just weird.


And while that’s going on Mike Tyson is getting in shape to come out of retirement and Evander Holyfield is saying he’d like to take him on.  Good grief. Well, we’ve got Senior golf…why not Senior boxing matches?  Instead of boxing trunks?  I see boxing Depends.


And last night some bidder put up $100,000 to go to a Covid Charity to play a round of golf with Charles Barkley, smoke his cigars and drink wine at dinner with the Chuckster.  All things considered, that guy will get his money’s worth, as Charles is always so funny and entertaining.  Horrible horrible golfer but that will just make the round more enjoyable for the guy who ponied up the dollars. 


I love this quote from Charles. “There’s only 5 real jobs in the world. Teacher, Fireman, Policeman, doctor and somebody who is in the armed service.  If you don’t have one of those 5 jobs, you shouldn’t take your life that serious”.



Graduates will not get to really celebrate their diplomas this year because of the virus.  Dunkin’ Donuts has decided to give them free donuts because of that. Kind of like that.  And it might be appropriate, as I’ve noticed that the minute we get our college diplomas a lot of us start putting on weight. 



I swear... to write a funny movie script you have to really let your mind go.  Seth Rogan has kind of mastered that through the years.  The King of sophomoric often male type humor movies.  His newest movie idea?  A movie where Seth falls into a vat of pickles and wakes up 100 years later.  Uh huh…for real.  And you know some critic will review it as, “It’s a Dilly of a movie”.



I’m online writing with Brent Baxter in Missouri and Nathan Woodard here in Nashville.  Brent’s a true lyricist, Nathan is a great writer-player and singer and has had his share of songs recorded in the gospel world.  I guess that will make me the pretty one today on the computer…or not.


Have a great Thursday!










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