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Home...Sauna...Gatlinburg Suspension

May 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back in Nashville.



We drove back from Gulf Shores after an extended stay down in our favorite vacation place.  Caught a couple sunsets, enjoyed some great food, and spend some time with my wife and good friends catching a couple of sunsets.  And I wrote a bunch of new songs with Brent Burns so it felt like a very productive trip.


Both of us are excited about the upcoming cruise down the Rhine River that starts in Amsterdam and will end in Switzerland and includes sightseeing in three towns in Germany.  We’ll be entertaining our group as we float along and if that sounds like fun to you…it’s still not too late to sign and join us.  All that info is right HERE.



Brent ordered a very modestly priced guitar on Amazon Prime that arrived while we were down there.  How modest?  Cheap enough that he’s going to give it away to someone after we finish up the Cruise.  Yep.  Someone who works on the boat probably will get an unexpected musical gift and that's pretty cool.  He doesn’t have to worry about lugging it all over the rest of his European trip after the cruise docks in Switzerland. 


There’s pretty much nothing you can’t get on Amazon Prime anymore.  And most of the time it’s at your door the next dang day.  Wal Mart knows that and they’ve announced one-day delivery in hopes to compete. I’m hoping that when I log on to the service there will be a “greeter” on my computer.



Mother’s Day is gone…now the pressure is on for what to get ole Dad.  Maybe it’s on Amazon Prime too.  How bout a Backyard Sauna for Dad that you can order on…yep…Amazon Prime.  It will let Dad sweat with three of his friends in his own backyard.  Better than a tie.



So…I read a list of 10 things smart people never say.  My fave might be, “I’m going to ask a stupid question”.  Guilty as charged.  I know I’ve said, “let me ask you a stupid question” many times.  It’ only appropriate I suppose that every time that comes out of my mouth I get a stupid answer.



Gosh…I think the actress singer was known as much for her love of animals as she was for singing “Que Sera Sera”.  She passed at 97 years of age.  Now that’s a full gentle life.  We should all be so lucky.



I’ll be in Gatlinburg for the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival in August…bigger and better than ever this year.  But on this trip I’ll have a chance to walk across a 700 foot suspension bridge 150 feet high in the air.  It’s the longest suspension bridge in the country and it’s open now.  There’s a ton of moonshine stores right now in downtown Gatlinburg.  Hopefully folks will avoid stopping their first before they go a “swangin” on the new attraction.



If you invent a game…someone will excel at it.  I don’t care what it is.  Like…Darts.  I don’t think I’ve spent an hour total in my lifetime throwing darts at a board but apparently there’s a guy in England who’s spent enough time to be so good at it that they’ve actually made a DOCUMENTARY out of his life.  Jacky Wilson is the guys name.  Somewhere out there is someone who specializes in Tiddly Winks looking for his 15 minutes of fame.



“Bride Combines Aunt’s Open Casket Funeral With Her Wedding To Save On Church Cost”.  Wow.  Ya get a “Dearly Beloved” and an “I Do” all for the price of one.



I’m off to write with my new writing pal Nathan Woodard and for the first time with Devin McGlamery who’s a great young inspirational music writer at my publishing company.  And then it’s an afternoon meeting about my “Hits & Grins” trio as we’re going to talk about filming an upcoming show of ours at the Listening Room on May 23.  Most of the conversation of course will be how much make up will we need to make Bill look good on camera. 


Hey…I gotta face for radio.


Have a great Tuesday!







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