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Mama's...Irish and Baby Names

May 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Starbucks at 6 AM this morning a school bus stops…driver gets out…comes in…walks out with the biggest Frappuccino they make.  I can only guess the driver wanted to get as “jacked” up as the kids she was getting ready to pick up this morning.



I saw a great description of Mom’s in of all things...a comic strip.  One of the characters in “Pearls Before Swine” is a writer and delivers a blockbuster best seller.  His Mom tells him, “I love you son.  When the pressure is on to write a second book for his publisher he can’t replicate the success.  In fact the book is a huge failure and he’s depressed about that.  His Mom says, “I love you son”. 


Here we went to church on Mom's Day where my wife, daughter and her fiancee' got their picture snapped.  They clean up better than me so I stayed out of the picture.









And certainly I spent some time reflecting about my Mom who's been gone too many years...and certainly was gone way too soon.  I hope you spoiled your Mama if you're one of those lucky enough to still be able to do so.










The weekend…at least some of it was spent getting ready for our trip to Ireland this week for my daughter’s wedding which will happen just north of Belfast on the 22nd.   The weather looks to be in the low 60’s for the most part up on the coast where we will spend most of our time and we are just double checking all the details that come with an adventure like this.



It will be my first time overseas…first time driving on the wrong side of the road (God help us) and of course the first time of giving my daughter away to a wonderful young man..and I’m thrilled to be able to say that of course.  Blessed…and I think…ready to go.



Our eyes are on the forecast for Belfast and Nashville and the first leg of the flight right now could be in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Temps in Ireland look to be in the mid-50’s to lower 60’s so a jacket will have to tuck into the 1 bag I’m trying to get on board.


Could be worse.  We could be ducking big boulders coming out of volcano in Hawaii right now.  And this will put THAT in perspective.  Experts say rocks the size of refrigerators could be tossed out like marshmallows with more eruptions on the way. 



Ireland to my knowledge is not know for it’s wine.  So I will make sure to try a Guinness while I’m there.  I did read that somewhere that someone is making Pinot Grigio Donuts!  I have GOT to find a dozen for my friend Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores. 


Wonder if when you open the lid on a doze of those if you’re supposed to smell the lid before consuming?



I did get out to catch a ballgame this weekend.  I just don’t see myself going to see a soccer game while I’m across the pond…so one more evening of “play ball” was in order on what was a perfect night to be outdoor watching my favorite sport that ole Abner Doubleday came up with so many years ago that has stood the test of time. 


I’m such a baseball nut that I keep hoping stadiums could somehow section off people by how big a fan they are.  I often go and the groups next to me don’t see a minute of the game.  They socialize.  I find me looking for empty sections to sneak into so I can enjoy the game itself.  Call it a “Hardcore Section”…that would be great…put me there. 


They need to do that soon before someone gets really peeved with me tossing peanuts at the back of their heads to get them to sit down in front of me and stop blocking the view of what they’re not watching.  Sigh.



What’s up is we have a physician shortage apparently…a big one.  A study says we will be short over 120,000 physicians by the year 2030.


Of course someday an AI Robot will be standing over us in the surgical room.  I just hope they’ll be programmed with a great bedside manner.



Credit cards are good for running up debt, scraping ice off a windshield and now I find out that during tick season is you can’t find a pair of tweezers…a credit card works pretty well scraping the tick off your skin they just dug into.



All those Amazon Prime deliveries…many of which seem to be showing up at my door steps all the time?  A lot get returned.  This past weekend they had a huge sale of returned items at one of our local courthouses.  Most of the stuff was unopened.  Make a bid.  I wound up with a new thighmaster and toaster.



A young 8th Grade Quarterback in Memphis has not gone under the radar.  Apparently he’s really talented already.  So much so that the Universities. of Memphis, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Tennessee have already offered him full scholarships to come play for them.  He’s 6 foot 3 and weighs 200 pounds…in 8th grade!


Growing up in Missouri going to a small Grade School…small High School…nobody was tall.  No dunking the basketball.  No football team.  Apparently today’s kids are on a different diet than we were.



The most popular baby names for last year came out.  For girls in order it’s Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella and Sophia in the top 5.


For boys…Liam, Noah, WILLIAM!, James and Logan.  Nice to be in the top 5.



Some car companies soy coated the wires under the hood.  Trying to be green and do a good thing.  The problem is…rodents…rats etc, are having a feast.  Expensive car repairs are happening because of that. 


I like Soy Sauce too.  My advice to Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda and the others?  Try coating the wires with Apple Vinegar.  See if they like that.



Red Lobster for a short while is offering up lobster and waffles. Uh huh.  In the south…chicken and waffles have a been a hit for a long time.  Not sure how the Mrs. Buttersworth will taste on that…but I’m game to try.



Before you start to open your mouth and complain today or make excuses that you “can’t do this or that”… think about THIS. Some double amputee just climbed Mt. Everest.


Makes that complaint or excuse sound pretty lame doesn’t it?



My last songwriting session for a bit until I get back across from the pond.  I’m off to Curb Publishing today to write with Wil Nance who is a staff writer for Curb along with our friend Lauren Mascitti.  Such a great young country singer is she.


Here’s a little example as this VIDEO will let you hear and see her singing with her noted boyfriend Shawn Camp on an old Johnny & June duo they performed together last weekend here in town at the Station Inn.  Good things coming for this girl me thinks.


Have a great Monday!







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