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Writing With A Buddy...A New Cut...A New Song Video

May 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes the weekend. Friday!



I wrote for the first time in a long while with my buddy Steve Dean who’s one third of our “Hits & Grins” trio with Victoria Venier. Both of us are running all the time and we had just kind of gotten away from setting writing appointments together. So it was fun to write something brand new with Steve yesterday and just catch up in general. Both of us are headed to Little Rock in a couple of weeks to write songs with veterans again as part of the Freedom Sings USA organization that Steve is a co-founder of. We’ll be at the Douglas MacArthur War Museum once again in Little Rock to do that, and it’s always a treat to be in that museum and see some of the artifacts they have in there.


Hundreds of songs have been written with veterans now through this great organization and one of those songs is this one that Steve Dean wrote with a Viet Nam veteran combat photographer Bruce Wesson that’s called “We Shot The Pictures". Some of those black and white photos are hanging on the wall in the museum taken by Bruce.


I’m proud to be able to contribute and write with veterans every now and then thanks to Steve.



I was pleased to get a note from my friend Darin Aldridge in North Carolina who let me know that he was producing a new project for some new friends of mine Adam and Amy Pope and that he was in the middle of recording a song that Adam, Amy and I wrote just a few weeks ago. Darin is half of the husband wife bluegrass team I’ve mentioned here many times Darin & Brooke Aldridge who have become big time Grand Ole Opry Stars over the past year or so. And their song we wrote together “Grand Ole Circle” continues to do well for them. I can’t wait to hear what Darin has done with our little song.



And check out this VIDEO I just got today from Angus Gill in Australia. This is the song we wrote “The Scrapbook” that honors his late grandmother who kept clippings and pictures of Angus that she lovingly put into a scrapbook. The song went #1 on the Australian country charts and this video really captures the sentiment of this song. So cool. Thank you for letting me write such a personal song with you Angus.  



Shanghai is really locked down as they have more COVID cases than ever since 2020. Word is they MIGHT start easing up on the restrictions in a few weeks.


Portland, Oregon has seen enough of an uptick in COVID cases that health officials there are recommending residents start wearing masks again indoors. Cases in LA are ticking upwards too, and most cases are younger folks.


Brian May, the guitar player for the rock group Queen had COVID back in December and has a long-term side effect apparently. He says he will just out of nowhere fall asleep. His body just gets tired, and he blacks out sometimes. Just plain weird.



Flu cases are still with us. Through all of May. Very unusual as officials note that the flu season normally peaks in January or February. And right now there are STILL a lot of folks sick with the flu. I was in an Urgent Care two weeks ago because I was sick. Thought I might have COVID but did not. Just a horrible cold. But the doctor told me then they were not seeing many sick with COVID, but they were seeing a lot of flu cases. Between COVID, the flu and allergy season me thinks the Doctor offices are going to stay very busy.



“Guys, I need your help. In the middle of an argument with my wife, she said I’m right. What the hell am I going to do now”?!



The John Deere folks say they are seeing a large increase in the sale of battery-operated lawn mowers. And they expect the trend to continue. No gas or oil needed, cleaner for the environment, so I get it. However, it just doesn’t seem like those can be REAL lawnmowers if you don’t have to yank on it multiple times while cursing to get it started. Just me?



In the UK it’s now considered harassment if you insult a male in the workplace for being bald. Who knew?  So don’t walk up to a bald guy at work and ask, “Hey Larry, can I rub your head to see into the future”?



A couple of guys in southeast Iowa hit the motherload while hunting for mushrooms. They walked into a patch of them that seemed to go on forever. They brought home 200 pounds of morel mushrooms from that find and 40 more pounds from another little patch nearby. Wow.


Been a longtime since I’ve had those, but they are so delicious. My Dad had me and my brothers in the woods more than once looking for those bad boys. I could never spot the danged things, but my Dad could. He seemed to know where the right trees and enough moisture was to find some. Take em’ home, roll em’ in flour, toss them in the cast iron skillet like my Mom did, fry them up and they tasted like dessert. And now I REALLY want a plate full.



Here in Tennessee we’ve been warned to keep our eyes open for EXTRA copperhead snakes this year because some brood cicadas will be appearing, and the copperheads will be slithering out to eat them. Okay. Maybe I won’t go into the woods looking for mushrooms after all.



The sequel will finally be in theaters next weekend starring Tom Cruise. The early reviews are coming in and it’s hard to find one that’s not raving about how great and fun this new movie is. I’ve not been in a movie theater since the pandemic began, but this might pull me back in. Can’t wait to see this one.



According to the online publication The Drive, here’s the top 5 worst cars of all time.


5. The Pontiac Aztek (remember that ugly SUV?)


4.  The PT Cruiser


3.  The Ford Pinto (especially the ones that would catch on fire)


2. The Austin Allegro (Did not remember this one)


And their vote for worst car of all time?


The 1978 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.  It was big. It only got 6 miles to the gallon.



I’m off to write with Rick Lang who’s in town from out east. Rick is working on a new gospel project as well as a gospel-Christmas song album so I’m sure we’re going to be writing in one of those directions today at the publishing company.


Then it’s the weekend and preparing for my Gulf Shores, Alabama friend Brent Burns to hit town as we’ll be locked in the recording studio for a couple of days starting Monday to start recording his new album. And that’s always fun adventure.


Have a great weekend!









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