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A Quacker...A Show Last Night...Tasty Cicadas

May 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Nashville and we are in the middle of Blackberry Winter. I’d never heard of that until this morning. Turns out it’s a southern reference that refers to a “cold snap” that happens when the blackberries are in bloom. Who knew? Guess I’ll grab a bucket and go blackberry picking after I’m done blogging this morning.


Temperatures are 10-20 degrees below normal right now…but things are getting ready to heat up.  



My songwriting appointment was with Gerald Smith also known as “The Georgia Quacker” because, well, the guy can quack like a duck. And like nobody else. So besides having written multiple number one songs Gerald also likes to write funny. And it was “funny” that the brought to our writing table yesterday morning and I’m always more than happy to write towards a laugh with him.  A fun time was had by all.



Gosh, what a fun songwriter’s round I was part of last night here in town at Belcourt Taps. Thanks to my friend Becky Denton for inviting me to join her, and her husband Will (who played cajon last night) Mark Lonsway who sang terrific and Natalie Murphy who sang, played guitar AND fiddle. I had not met or played with either Mark or Natalie but we knew a lot of the same people and their talent level helped create a wonderful evening of playing original songs and telling stories. Becky sang a couple of songs we’d written together and with Mark and Natalie singing harmony, Will adding a beat with the cajon and Natalie adding the fiddle? It sounded like a full band for a lot of the night.


One odd thing. It is the first time I’ve sang behind a shower curtain. Or as I joked last night, it was the first time I’d sang behind a shower curtain with an audience watching. The venue put the clear shower curtain up for Covid reason. It separates the singers from the audience that way. Odd for sure and the owner said it’s finally coming down in a couple of weeks with things starting to relax some.


Either way, a very fun Wednesday evening and I think we’ll be doing that again, same place, with the same group. I’ll let you know.



I sang “The Dipstick Song” last night during our show. First time I’ve pulled that one out in a long while. I wrote it way back during some other oil crisis, and now we have another, so the song is funny and painful all at the same time over again.


My friend Lang Scott sent me a funny picture of a guy at the gas pump filling up one of those rubber storage tubs with gas. (That may end badly) I don’t know why folks hoard or go crazy like that. My guess it’s the same folks who hoard toilet paper and tuna and non-perishables and line their driveways with concertina wire and build sandbag bunkers to protect against the end of the world coming. Which reminds me of THIS funny song about that topic I wrote with Brent Burns that he recorded “Guns & Ammo”.


For the record?  Gas prices are now at a 7 year high.



I love this Guinness Pub commercial that’s basically a “welcome back” from the pandemic kind of thing. Time to gather and have a pint with friends kind of thing. I never ever thought I’d like Guinness. But when our family was in Ireland a few years ago I had to try a pint. It’s the law I think. And the first pint happened at a glass encased bar atop the Guinness Museum with a great view of the city of Dublin. I got hooked.


In Ohio Governor DeWine is offering up a lotto chance worth a million bucks to fully vaccinated adults and scholarship chances to anyone fully vaccinated age 17 and younger. So, you get a shot, and you get a shot kind of thing.



Those dang cicadas are about to pop out after being gone 17 years. It’s going to get noisy. What to do with them? Eat em’. Yep. Folks collect them, boil them, some freeze them and then eat them. Some places will offer them as a pizza topping. Uh…I’ll pass.



Meanwhile, we’re having a chicken shortage so maybe we’ll need to substitute with cicadas. Tyson just blamed the chicken shortage on underperforming roosters. No wonder we hear so dang many ED commercials on the radio.


And at the same time Chik fil A is experiencing a sauce shortage that has fans scouring the internet looking for some. That’s the one good thing about being a PLAIN eater like I am. No sauce? No problem.



Pokémon Cards have become so collectible again that some are fighting over them. (File that one under things I don’t understand about human beings)


It’s gotten so bad Target has announced they will no longer carry them in stores for safety concerns and will only sell them online. Pick your fight folks. You can fight over the shortage of gasoline, or the shortage of Pokémon cards. I’m going to need to toss a pair of boxing gloves in my car.



Ladders. They’re dangerous. This year in particular I’ve heard more stories about friends and folks falling off ladders than ever. The lead singer in the group Old Dominion just fell from one trying to change a light bulb. Broken ribs, and a collapsed lung were the result of that. And a collapsed lung is not a good thing for someone making their living as a singer. Someone needs to show up on Shark Tank with a better idea.



Admittedly, we men can be insensitive and borderline stupid sometimes. That happens during childbirth time for some men.


One woman said while she was trying to give birth her husband asked her, “How much longer is this going to take”?


Another woman who was in active labor trying to get to the hospital which was 30 minutes away said her husband insisted on stopping at Blockbuster to return a video and avoid the late fee. (Remember Blockbuster?)



A new study says that those with larger brains and neurons have longer lasting yawns. I’m going to time mine today and let you know what a genius I surely am tomorrow.



My writing appointment just got cancelled which will open up my Thursday to catch up on things. And I’ve got a list going.


Have a great Thursday!







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