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Goat Record Label Girl...Back Nine...Pennies At Your Feet

May 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Right smack dab in the middle of the week.



Mine started with a songwriting appointment online with Brittany Taylor, a Kentucky girl who’s a terrific country singer and writer. She’s actually got a new single that’s coming out today so she was excited to share that news before we started rhyming. Brittany and her boyfriend live out some property in the woods with lots of animals including goats.  So I love the fact she named her record label "Cut A Shine Records" with a picture of a goat on a vinyl record.  Can't get enough goat.


Like every musician I know Brit's being creative and working hard to keep her head above water during this Pandemic and she’s more than holding her own.  I had a verse and a chorus written of an idea I had and she loved it, so we pounded out a second verse and bridge and we were done.  One more for our little catalog together.



We got done so early I headed for a city park golf course and picked the right day, and right time of day apparently as hardly anyone was there.  So I rolled my bag out to the 10th hole and played the back 9 all by myself.  For those who have seen me play…don’t worry.  I did the right thing.  I wore my Covid mask so the golfers in front of me could not see clearly who had just hit into them.  You’re welcome.



I also spent some time recording a little promo for “Live Arts & Attractions”, the agency that helps book the “Hits & Grins” trio I’m part of with Victoria Venier & Steve Dean.  Right now we have 20 or more dates for a tour that would start the first of October at theaters all across the country.  Some of the venues we play have already shut down for good…and may never return because of the pandemic.  So our agency had all of their artists record a line or two on video letting those cities, theaters, owners and booster know how much we appreciate them and then encourage them to hang in there with the rest of us.  I was happy to do it. 



Here’s an encouraging story.  A 113-year-old woman beat the coronavirus.  Pretty impressive.  First, to live to be 113 is unthinkable...but then to be 113 and beat the coronavirus?  Wow.


So, they want us to wear a mask.  And some bars & restaurants are opening.  How do one sip a cocktail while wearing a mask?  Get you one that has a little hole in the mask so you can use a straw to sip.  Yep…they do make those. And of course they're sold out. And of course they were invented in New Orleans, a city that knows a little bit about drinking. 


Do you miss airplane food since we’re hardly flying anymore?  Uh…me neither.  But some do.  In fact enough do that Jet Blue will allow you to order those meals online and they’ll deliver them.  Don’t expect a flight attendant to show up at your door with a tray, but you can get them if you want.  Of course to get the most out of that you’ll need to eat your food between two other people sitting VERY close to you with plastic cutlery.


Clean up crews in Florida had 12,000 pounds of trash to get rid of after folks hit the beaches there with the re-opening.  And now because of that…they’re closed again.  Spread a blanket out…but before you do folks…spread yourselves out.


And now Twitter has announced they will allow their employees to work from home FOREVER.  Office space is going to be cheap to rent for a long while.



I don’t keep many pennies around anymore. More trouble than they’re worth for me.  But, some folks are really creative with their penny collection.  Like the lady who made an entire floor out of the 1-cent coins…7,500 of them to be exact and it’s pretty danged cool.  Take a look at THIS floor.  I might have to change my mind about tossing them out of my pockets in the future.



Couples have to work to keep their relationships healthy while being quarantined and being glued together for so long.  It leads to some funny admissions by some.  One wife said, “My husband and I are so married that we argue about directions during “virtual” tours”.  Yep. I won’t ask for directions or unfold a Rand McNally either…even for an online tour.  Boys being boys.



“Man Gets Hit By Lightning And Became A Concert Pianist”.  True story.  And of course, the first time he played in public he sat down at the piano and played something called “The Lightning Sonata”.  I don’t think I want to play piano badly enough to pray for a bolt out of the blue to hit me.



I’ll be online writing with Dan Wilson of “MamaDear” today along with Paul Bogart.  Both of these young guys normally do a lot of road shows.  Dan was in Monaco last year with his trio, and Paul is out west a lot playing shows with his band.  Not now.  Dan is puttering around the house and Paul is doing a lot more hunting and fishing.  And all three of us are doing a lot of writing.  I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with later this morning.


Have a great Wednesday!











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