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Plenty Hot...Paisley Song...Yoga Pants

May 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Nashville y’all. They’re talking about breaking some all-time high temperatures in middle Tennessee today. Already! 90 yesterday, more of the same here in Nashville today.



On a 90-degree Wednesday I was under the AC with my friend Mark Houser from over in Livingston, TN to write a funny song idea he brought that he’d been holding for me. The song is all about a guy who wants Brad Paisley to record his song SO much!  And this guy’s song is not all that good. It turned out to be fun and it did not take too long as Mark already had a lot of the direction down on his lyric sheet. I was glad he asked me to help him shape it, and perhaps make it even funnier.


Mark and his girlfriend Tena run a wonderful performance named Americanaville that I’ll be playing at later this year with songwriter Wil Nance. It will be my second time there, and I’m looking forward to being back.



The Cleveland Guardian-Chicago White Sox baseball game got cancelled yesterday because so many folks with the Guardians have COVID.


Official now. A million have died from COVID. Hard to believe. Flags are going to hang at half-mast to acknowledge that grim figure.


Crocs is giving away 10,000 pairs of its shoes that I’ve joked, “looks like someone cut up a wiffle ball and turned it into shoes”. But this is such a nice gesture during nurse appreciation week. Plus, they’re giving away 10,000 scrubs to nurses as well. Turns out they’ve given away nearly a million pairs since 2020 and the pandemic began to those who have fought valiantly to save lives during the pandemic. I may have to buy my first pair of Crocs to support that cause. I think all good-hearted folks want to do SOMETHING when we are in a time of crisis. I write songs. So I was thrilled to be part of this tribute to those front-line workers that my friend Jerry Salley and I wrote “Person of the Year” that Kristy Cox recorded and released as a single along with this video.



Word is that those who are getting a social security check will see the biggest increase to help cover the cost of inflation in over 40 years. It could jump as much as 8.6%.


The old social security joke is, “Halloween is coming up in October. And that’s a good time to teach them about taxes and social security. So, take away 30% of their Halloween candy and promise you’ll give part of it back in 70 years.”



You can see almost anything on TikTok these days. Including how to contour your face with Neapolitan ice cream. Sort of Spread a little chocolate, strawberry and vanilla on your face and you look younger…they say. You scream, I scream, your face screams for ice cream.



They’ve announced that a memorial tribute for Naomi Judd will carried on CMT TV this Sunday at 6 pm Wynonna and Ashley are going to host it. I’m sure some special guests have already been chosen but they’ve not announced any names yet. I’m sure some tears will be shed for those at the show, and tears will be shed by fans of the Judds who watch it on TV.



And now we have a World Surf League. Organized surfing competition at its best. And the head of the League is a guy I worked with in Milwaukee when I did the morning show there. That would be Eric Logan. Eric came to Milwaukee from Oklahoma and did an air shift for a very short while then went on to Oklahoma. I thought I’d never hear about him again. Wrong! He went on to be a radio executive and then ran the Oprah Winfrey OWN network for years. And now he’s the head of the World Surfing League that’s gaining attention. Proof that you just never know where folks might end up in their careers. Pretty cool.



Three things that never ever lie. Drunks, children, and yoga pants. I’ve read that phrase a few times. I’m thinking it’s a song. What rhymes with yoga?



Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written with my buddy Steve Dean from our “Hits & Grins” group but today we’ll be rhyming stuff. Steve is always busy, and a large part of his time is spent with the group Freedom Sings USA that I’ve mentioned here many times. The group that pairs Nashville songwriters with our veterans who have their personal war stories written into songs. Steve is one of the heads of that great group.  In a couple of weeks we’ll be in Steve’s hometown of Little Rock to write songs with veterans, and I’m happy to be part of that trip. It’s always an honor to sit with one of our vets and hear their very personal stories and then turn that into a song that will be shared in concert in front of that vet along with family and friends and anyone else who attends. Looking forward to that.


Have a great Thursday!






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