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Writing With A Journalist...Hits & Grins...Songwriter Show Tonight

May 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day…again. And I’ll have a “hump-day” songwriter’s show later this evening. More on that at the end of the blog today.



I went to my publishing company to write with David Morris yesterday. For the first time. My publisher set up the meeting thinking we might pair up well. He was right. What an interesting man and life he’s led. David has always had a love of music. He’s had several bluegrass artists record his songs through the years, and he teaches bluegrass writing some for those who want to learn. BUT…before he ever started pursuing his love of bluegrass, he had another life.


David went to Journalism School at Penn State. He’s a Nittany Lion graduate. Out of college his hometown in PA hired him to write for their newspaper. And that led to writing and being a correspondent for a couple of larger newspapers in Pennsylvania including Harristown where the Associated Press found out about him and he became a writer for them. And eventually David became a chief White House correspondent and traveled the world on Air Force One covering Clinton and George W. Bush. And as you can imagine some of those stories were interesting to hear. So we talked more than we wrote on the song. He’s been in so many countries I had to ask his favorite and he chose Viet Nam. I’ve been hearing that some…how beautiful the country is and how unreal the beach resorts are in that country.


Fortunately, I brought a verse and a chorus to an up-tempo bluegrass tune that he liked, And David wound up writing the next verse. So, it was a TRUE co-write and a very fun and interesting day at the office. We’ll write again, I’m sure.



I had a Zoom meeting with my “Hits & Grins” buddies Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. Since the pandemic began, we’ve played almost zero shows. This came after a 27-city tour of theaters all over the country got wiped out. So, we spent some time trying to come up with a plan to book a few more shows together. I miss the road trips and fun with these two so hopefully we’ll be adding some more “Hits & Grins” dates to our calendar sooner than later. We’ve all stayed busy creatively, just not together for quite a time now. For now, we’ll be in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania in September, Gatlinburg in August, Port St. Joe, Florida in October and Gulf Shores, Alabama in November. All those details for those shows are on my website calendar.



To Alan Mackey who’s a writer-entertainer in Australia who let me know he’s in studio right now with my young Aussie friend Angus Gill recording a song the three of us wrote together last month from an idea Alan shared on the computer hook up that night. Angus thought I might be a good fit for helping write that idea and it worked out pretty well. Thanks Alan.



A record number of pets are being turned over to shelters and human societies. A lot of folks adopted pets during the pandemic and now that more folks are returning to work and normality…they don’t want them anymore. Think before you do that folks. They’re a lot of work. What did the one comedian say? “Never bring home something you have to feed”.


A report I read this morning indicates that scientists are working on a vaccine to quell all the different Covid variants along with the common cold and flu. One shot for everything.


Meanwhile, baseball got a sobering reminder that it’s not over yet as both the Yankees and Padres have players on the sideline from Covid. Two Yankee coaches and one administrator got it after being fully vaccinated.



The Oakland A’s are demanding a new stadium out there. The city is balking…and doing so after they lost their Raider football team. Guess what city is rumored as one that could get them?  Nashville!  We’ve got a group of folks working hard to get a Major League team here so who knows? Tampa Bay is also demanding a new stadium and the city seems to be balking there too so our odds may be getting better. I’ll be a happy camper if we get Major League Baseball here.  



Over 1,000 gas stations have no gas available in the southeast now after that pipeline got hacked. My daughter in Alabama complained about lines to us yesterday on the phone. In North Carolina a couple of folks wanting gas got into a fight.  Want to make a fortune? Learn how to be an anti-hacker.


Meanwhile there are now 8.1 MILLION job openings in the country and employers are still struggling trying to fill those jobs. It’s not gas stations that are hiring obviously so I’m not sure what jobs exactly. Although I did have a conversation last week with a friend who owns multiple businesses…hotel-restaurants-bar and they have such a shortage she said that they’re now closed on some days they would normally be open as to not over-work the staff they do have. Who wants to work?



Miller High Life is trying to hire an Ambassador for their brand. You go online to apply. $20,000 and a year of free beer to whomever gets it. I think I’ve filled out the online application 5 times already.



Victoria’s Secret is going to be publicly traded soon. Finally. I can now buy stock in lingerie if I want. I’m betting the stock certificates smell like perfume. And because of what they sell, you would think they would easily be able to PUSH-UP the stock prices.



The Voyager 1 satellite roaming around in space has heard some “hums”. Who knew Gregorian Monks had gone celestial?



A guy is selling his fitness equipment. He’s calling it an “Out Of Fitness Sale”.



I’m writing with my Georgia pal Gerald Smith formerly part of the Hee Haw gang as well as being a #1 hit song writer with cuts like “What Part Of No Don’t You Understand” by Lori Morgan.


And then tonight I’m playing in songwriter show with my Missouri buddy Becky Denton and her husband Will, along with writers Natalie Murphy and Mark Lonsway. We’re at Belcourt Taps near Belmont University starting at 6 pm. If you’re in town and got nothing to do? Drop by and see us!


Have a great Wednesday!










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