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Beach Songs...Cancellations...The Mask Thing

May 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday the 12th of May already and the days are all feeling alike in this quarantine world we’re in.



Hard to feel your spirit fall when you write a beach song and that’s what I did yesterday with my beach compadre’ Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores. I had an idea started that was all about beaches, and with Brent’s help we added another one to his catalog for consideration for his next album.  Writing with Brent is usually a mixture of beach and funny or a combo of both.  Yesterday’s tune was all about celebrating the salt life on different beaches around the world…and Brent has stood on a lot of them.


I asked him about the weather prediction of an active hurricane season and he told me he’s already bought a generator for the house…just in case.  In Brent’s case it’s always nice to know one can plug in a margarita blender whenever you want.



Then last night we did another “Zoom” thing with my daughter and son in law and watched the first two episodes of the show “Parks & Rec” that my daughter Heather has been trying for a long while to have us watch.  She knows I love the “Office” as she did and after watching a couple of the first shows they made and I now know why she wanted me to watch.  If you’re a fan of the “Office” and you watch “Parks & Rec”?  You’ll get it.  Very funny.  And I think they’ve filmed 7 or 8 seasons already that one can now get on Netflix.  So, we have a new series to “binge” in quarantine.



I got an e-mail from the folks at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum telling me that the songwriter show we had slated in the Ford Theater on June 20 with Steve Dean is now cancelled for a second time because of Covid.  The next date on my calendar after that is Adams-Friendship Wisconsin with our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me.  Hard to imagine that will happen either.  It’s getting more and more painful to watch one date after another get pulled from what was to be a very busy and fun 2020 on the road.  And there seems to be no end in sight.


Even the famed Ryman Auditorium announced it will stay closed until at least June 6.



I went to get an emission test on one of our cars yesterday and those folks are closed down until June or July.  So, I guess it’s safe to smog away without penalty for a few more weeks.



It just feels other-worldly when I go into a grocery store and see everyone wearing masks.  I had to make a run yesterday and yep…had on my mask and gloves.  Because of wearing a mask, when I put on my reading glasses to see the list on my cell phone my wife sent me, the glasses fog up.  And opening plastic bags from produce WHILE you’re wearing plastic gloves?  Someone needs to put up a You Tube video on how to pull that off.


When I put a six-pack of beer on the check out counter they asked for my ID.  The cashier looked at it and of course the beer went through to the shopping cart.  But not without the bagger asking the cashier “How do you know that’s really him”?  The cashier replied, “His eyes”.  I now live in a world where folks recognize me by my eyes.  So weird.


There was generic toilet paper in the grocery store.  That’s okay with me as I have a generic butt.  That all works out.


But still now sanitizer or bleach or disinfectants.  And on it goes.



In Nashville we have three stages of re-opening.  Entertainment stuff will be the very last.  But restaurants-bars are part of the first stage.  Reports say customers hardly showed up…barely a trickle.  Gonna take awhile.


Meanwhile Florida is opening up beaches.  One was so crowded yesterday with no social distancing that authorities are re-closing the beach again today.  What part of 6 feet don’t you understand?!


And apparently in Mexico they are running out of beer…or at least beer is hard to find.  Breweries south of the border have been deemed “non-essential”.  Makes me even gladder the cashier recognized my eyes yesterday.



One so-called expert yesterday predicted that 70% of us will get the virus before it’s over.  Man.  My prediction for this mess is that when the numbers are tallied by a vote that 90% of don’t look good wearing a mask.



Some employers are now using “Zoom” to get their employees online face-to-face to tell them they’ve been laid off, furloughed or fired.  Uber did that with a bunch of theirs yesterday. I’ve had contracts that were not renewed in radio and in those meetings with an HR person (always fun) they take your keys and your computer if they issued you one.  I guess if that had happened in a Zoom meeting…after getting the bad news the IT guy probably hits a button that disables your computer.  The one good thing about that kind of bad thing is nobody has to escort you out of the building because you ain’t in the building!  Little blessings.



The Tiger King dude Joe Exotica?  Someone rolled out a t-shirt hoodie line for him…a soft opening online.  Every single piece of clothing sold out instantly.  Some $20,000 worth.  Folks, it isn’t that hard to get rich in this country…even with a virus.  Just be sure you and your friends and your family are a complete train wreck, then get yourself on a reality TV show and you’re set.  My immediate family and my brothers and sisters?  We’re just too boring to ever make that kind of TV money.  Sigh.


“Kansas Man South Trial By Combat Using Swords Against His Wife”.  Apparently a custody battle. The judge said, “uh…no”. 



I’m online writing with Brittany Taylor who will be at her house a few miles away with her goats.  Yep, she got a bunch of goats.  Brittany is “country”…loves the traditional as I do so it’s always fun to see what we can come up with. 


Have a great Tuesday!













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