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Writing With An Idol...Australia Single...Baby Names

May 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week…Hump Day. And…the heat has arrived in Nashville. 89 for a high today.



I had way too much fun writing with American Idol star Alex Miller who drive in from Kentucky and joined me and Josh Shilling from Mountain Heart to tackle a fun up-tempo baseball-love song, if that makes any sense. An idea Josh brought in with him. Josh plays several instruments and kills piano. He plays piano on a LOT of big sessions and just finished one with Wynonna Judd. And he’s played for bigger folks that Wy even. That’s the kind of talent we’re talking about. Plus he sings like crazy. And then Alex, for all his big ole 18 years of age is just such a great young “country” talent too, and he can pick a bit too. 18, but old school and older than his age for sure. We just laughed and had a blast putting this song together. And before we got done Alex went out and got me a copy of his CD just out on Billy Jam Records and signed it so I can add it to my collection of cuts. This one has the swing song “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya” that I helped write.


Alex and Josh knew each other a bit because Josh was Rhonda Vincent’s band leader in Branson for her big Christmas run of shows there last season, and Alex was the special guest for a couple of those shows. So it was a very relaxed and funny room to be in yesterday. Time well spent.



My thanks to TC Cassidy who’s from Australia for recording a couple of my songs for her new album that will be released this fall. The even better news is that her second single from this project will be released the first of July. A song I wrote with her producer Angus Gill. I’ve not met TC because she lives a zillion miles away. But from what I’ve been told she was a significant country artist in Australia when she was young and then she walked away from the business at the height of her popularity. All these years later she’s making a comeback. So much so that her first release off this album went #1 in Australia. So, we’re hoping the second single will follow that path. We’ll see. Thank you, TC & Angus.



Bill Gates is now the latest celebrity to be down with COVID.


Toyota announced its quarterly numbers were down because of the COVID parts shortage they continue to deal with. Profits were down 31% last quarter. Not a real surprise to me. The Toyota I ordered last September? Nowhere in sight.


And then there’s this COVID joke. What did the man say to the bartender? I’ll have a corona, hold the virus.



The top baby names for 2021 have been announced. Top 5 names for baby boys were:

5 James 4 Elijah 3 Oliver 2 Noah and the number one name for boys? That would be Liam.


For girls: 5 Ava 4 Amelia 3 Charlotte 2 Emma and Oliva was the top girl’s name for 2021.


Beavis, Butthead, Pink, nor Cardi made the list. Go figure.



Tom Brady just signed a 10 year 375-million-dollar deal with Fox to be their lead football analyst whenever he decides to stop playing the game. To put that in perspective, that means Mr. Brady will make more money being a TV guy than he did all the many years he played the game of football!  And most think he’s the greatest PLAYER of all time.



Apple announced they have made their last iPod. Now that we can get all the music we want on our cell phones, iPods are no longer popular or needed. I’ll sell mine if I can as soon as I find someone to buy my Walkman.



With the price of everything being stupid high these days folks are getting creative. Downsizing. Getting rid of stuff. Leaving the AC up higher than normal.


One couple decided it was cheaper to live full time on a cruise ship and that’s what they’re doing. The 50-year-old couple shared that it costs them about $32,000 a year to live on the cruise ship as opposed to working on their $350,000 mortgage. And the food and entertainment is free!


There’s a documentary now on Prime that’s all about folks who live full time sailing and living on a cruise ship.



Some truth here in this Albert Einstein quote that will make you smile. “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.



I read an article where some former burglars shared tips on how to avoid having your home burglarized. Most I had heard of before, but not this one. A burglar suggested that you make a CD with music broken up with the sound of a vacuum cleaner and play it loudly when you’re not home. (I’m trying to figure out if I can program my Roomba with rap music)



My writing appointment is with Mark Hauser who loves traditional country and bluegrass music. Mark also owns a great music venue in Livingston, Tennessee “Americanaville” that I’ll play Thursday September 8 this year with my songwriter buddy Wil Nance. Looking forward to both the writing session today, and the show in September.


Have a great Wednesday!





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