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Quite A Collaboration...Long Coffee Order...Jouranlist Writing Today

May 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Up and running on a Tuesday. Under 50 degrees this morning again as it’s been cooler. I didn’t know it until this morning but the proof of how weird the weather has been lies in the fact that 14 tornadoes were reported last week in Tennessee.



Quite the songwriting appointment yesterday with Jimmy Fortune. I drove out to Jimmy’s house and we flipped open my Mac Book and pulled up Rick Lang out in New Hampshire to write with us. I’ve written with both but it was the first time for the three of us together. Rick had sent some idea starters that he thought might work for his follow up to the “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout” album that notched him a couple of Grammy Award nominations a couple of years ago. None of those titles really lit it up for Jimmy so he just started doodling on a new 1950’s Gibson guitar that has quite a story behind it.  Here’s that story.


Jimmy had been stopping at a pawn shop for a while eyeing this beauty trying to decide whether he could buy yet another guitar to add to his already large collection without his wife running him out of the house for doing so. So, he’s in the pawn shop one day playing on it and the owner who was a friend asked Jimmy for a favor. He told Jimmy he had a woman friend, older who lived not far away who had cancer and was a big Jimmy Fortune fan. He wondered if he would just call her to say “hello”. When Jimmy found out she was only 10 minutes away he said, “well let’s just run over there”. They did, and they took that Gibson with them so Jimmy could play and sing her a song…which he did, and she was thrilled. She then asked if it would be okay for her granddaughter to come over as she was a Jimmy Fortune fan too. He said, “of course” and the little girl came over and actually knew the names of several of Jimmy’s song and sang this one, “Too Much On My Heart” that he wrote and sang with the Statler Brothers back in the day. So you get a glimpse of what kind of person Jimmy is. When they finished and left the house, the pawn shop owner put that vintage Gibson guitar and told Jimmy he wanted him to have it for what he’d done. Jimmy has the guitar and that’s what he played on yesterday to grab some inspiration for a new song. Oh, and so you know, Jimmy refused to take that guitar for free and gave his friend a couple of other guitars to hang in his pawn shop that would bring equal value. Really good guy huh?



So, the three of us were stumped trying to come up with a title for the song when Jimmy remembered that Marty Raybon (of Shenandoah fame) had called him with a title he wanted Jimmy to write. And Jimmy thought this melody would fit that idea. Jimmy called Marty and we all talked then Marty gave his blessing. We wrote for a long while, thought we had a good song, and Rick had to leave to go to work at his lumber company he owns in New Hampshire. I started to leave, but Jimmy was still banging away on the song thinking it could be better. He was right. I stayed another two hours, but the song is now much better than just another good song. We sent it to Marty who will probably add a few lines and thoughts and then we’ll cross our fingers and hope he likes it enough for his first bluegrass album that he’s recording now for Billy Blue Records which is part of the company I write for. You can see I had quite the writing day yesterday, and I hope you enjoyed the story behind it.



Some guy just went viral because he may have set the record for the longest Starbucks coffee order. He asked for 12 or 13 different sweeteners alone. Take a look at this order some Barista had to fill. And this is exactly the kind of thing that inspired a song I helped write with Steve Dean and Phil Barton that I put on my “Leave Em’ Laughing” CD titled “Good Cup of Coffee”. You need a dang Rosetta Stone to decipher some of those orders.



Michigan is now 52% vaccinated and they’ve now lifted the “work from home” mandate they had. Offices there may start filling up again.


The Pfizer vaccine is rolling out now for kids 12-15.  Young sleeves will start rolling up.


How about this incentive in Romania to get vaccinated? If you want, you can get poked at Dracula’s Castle there and then get a FREE tour of the torture dungeon. How can you pass on that?  Heck, maybe they can put you in chains and vaccinate you.


And here in Nashville they’ve had limited crowds for our hockey team the Predators until now. Over 12,000 will now be allowed in the arena to watch the Preds in the playoffs. And our minor league baseball team will allow FULL capacity again with the first home game scheduled for tonight. Good news for a baseball fan like me who had been worried about getting a ticket for any games this season.



So those hackers who shut down our pipeline has caused 17 states now to declare a state of emergency and they are expecting fuel shortages. Great. Long lines coming up. And what will the price of a gallon be by Memorial Day this year? 5 bucks? I need to get an old farm tank like my Dad had and fill it up and keep it near the driveway. And maybe buy a Prius, or electric bike, or a pogo stick.



This guy in Russia sold the back of his neck to make money. He tattooed a company’s logo, advertising on the back of his neck. Wow. I have no idea how much they paid him to get him to ink their message. I’m trying to think what company I would allow on the back of my neck. Maybe some accident lawyer. I think, “If you’ve been in a wreck…call this number” might look great.



They suspended a lawyer license in Pensacola after a lawyer ran up his client’s bill to $28,000 to collect $496.62.


What’s the old lawyer joke? Oh yea its…


What’s the difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer?


A bad lawyer can let a case drag out for several years. A good lawyer can make it last even longer.



The New York Daily News printed a critics list of what they think the top 100 films are for all time. Yep, you see a lot of these. This is just the latest, but I always have to take a peek. Their top 5 in reverse order are, “Boyhood” (missed this one…never saw it or even heard about it really.


At number 4 is “Casablanca”. Yep, that would be in my list too with Humphrey Bogart.


At 3 is “Rear Window” the classic film with Jimmy Stewart. (side story…my wife Kathy actually met Jimmy Stewart in person backstage after the play “Harvey” that he was starring in in London at the time. How about that?)


At number 2 on the critics list is “The Godfather”. Hard to argue against that choice.


And at numero 1 is “Citizen Kane” which tops a lot of critics list for best film ever. I made myself watch it once. I don’t get it.



“Aussie Woman Wakes Up From Tonsil Surgery Speaking With An Irish Accent”. (And I’m betting she can’t understand why she likes Guinness all of a sudden)



I’m writing for the first time with David Morris. My publishing company put the two of us together today. David is a reporter for Bluegrass Today, a leading publication for all things bluegrass. He plays bluegrass, as an upright bass player. Before “the grass” bit him, he was a Washington D.C based political reporter working 14 years for the Associated Press and was a White House correspondent for Bloomberg News. He covered Presidents and flew numerous times on Air Force One. So, today the conversation may be more interesting than whatever song we crank out!


Have a great Tuesday!












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