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Mama Day Weekend...You Tubing..."Festivus"

May 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning at it feels like Fall here in Nashville. 



Saturday night I was once again looking at my young Australian singer-songwriter mate Angus Gill and we added another funny song to his funny song pile that he’s stacking up for a comedy song album perhaps later this year.  If the virus ever goes away Angus will be moving to the states but for now we have to rhyme online. He’s also writing with some other folks here in the states online as well as writing with some Australian comedians so it will be interesting to see which songs he’ll choose when he’s ready to record.  But this little Hawaiian song we wrote is one of my favorites and I know this one will be on the project and that the sales of lawnmowers will increase once folks hear “She Bought A Grass Skirt”.  



I hope every Mama was spoiled yesterday.  Our daughter Heather did a little Zoom thing with me and my wife Kathy and we let Mom Kathy choose the movie we all watched together with them on their couch in Clarksville and us on ours in Nashville.  Kathy chose “Little Women” and Heather’s husband Casey and myself both figured we’d be snoozing by the middle of the “chick flick” but it turned out to be great.  Thumbs up from me. 



I spent some time adding some videos to my You Tube Channel this weekend.  If you type in my name at You Tube you’ll see that I’m starting to add the “Whyte House Comedy Relief Songs” that until now have been on my Facebook page only.  The latest is a fun song I wrote with Jenny Tolman “Jiggle The Handle”.  So just click on this LINK to see and hear that one  and the others. When you do please hit the “subscribe” button so you’ll know when new songs have been added. 



Scientists are now predicting an “active” hurricane season on the coast.  Why not?  Just add that to everything else that’s been happening in 2020. 


The Murder hornets are here too.  Tennessee is already “trapping” for those bad boys.  I have not idea if you need a permit or license to do so.



As folks are returning to the sand I wonder if we’ll follow Spain’s approach?  That country is roping off zones on their beaches to insure social distancing for those trying to soak up the sun and waves.  Heck, I’m betting you could sell sponsor ads for each zone and monetize that approach.  I want to lay on a towel inside the Spam zone myself.



Google and Facebook have both decided to have their employees work from home for the rest of the year.  A sign perhaps that when it’s safe to go back out in the world again that many employees may never return to an office setting.


In Ohio one restaurant put up shower curtains between each booth to help insure safety for their returning customers. And even though some restaurants are opening, at the early outset it looks like there are not a lot of customers wanting to eat in.


Some smart folks are figuring out the right stocks to buy during this pandemic.  Why didn’t I think to buy stock in hair trimmers and scissors when they closed all the salons and barbershops?  They sold out.


Two million of us have cut the cable and satellite during the quarantine period.  Wow.  Bills are stacking up…unemployment is through the roof so little luxuries like cable have to be cut for some.  Ya do what you have to do.  I would guess that some homeowners who were getting ready to build an in ground pool in the backyard for the summer are blowing up a pool right now.



I was sorry to see Jerry Stiller passed away at 92.  Forever known for “Festivus” on the Jerry Seinfeld show he played Jerry’s Dad and his Mom was played by Jerry’s real wife and comedienne Anne Meara.  What a great long creative career he had.  You want to know why their son Ben Stiller is so funny?  Look no further than his Mom and Dad.  Thanks for all the great laughs Jerry.



An article asked, “How Many States Have You Visited”?  It got me to thinking.  I’ve traveled through a lot of them, worked in several, played music in a bunch of different states.  But it got me curious enough to see how many I have not been in.  I was surprised to find out that I have still not been in 6 states.  Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, South Dakota, New Jersey and Alaska.  How many for you?



The former estate of John Lennon is up for sale in Miami.  If you got your stimulus check you might be able to pay down 1 one millionth of the note as the asking price is 47.5 million dollars. Just a nice little bungalow.



A “Shoeless Joe Jackson” baseball card was auctioned off this weekend.  It fetched more than he could have ever bet against his baseball team…$492,000!  One card.  And if we’re honest, most boys would have used clipped that card in their bike spokes back in the day.  There’s some old school for ya.



“How To Exercise And Get A Flat Tummy Without Losing Your Butt”.  See, this is why I don’t exercise because I don’t change the way my derriere looks!



I’m hooking up again with my Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns to write and I’ll be sure to ask him if he’s aware he’s going to have an active hurricane season.  Brent’s already having folks reach out to him to play some outdoor shows with social distancing in two or three different states.  A hopeful sign for the return of “live” music hopefully.


Have a great Monday!







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