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Studio Time...Show Time and Ireland Time Almost

May 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Let the weekend begin in flip-flops and shorts.  Into the 90’s we go in Nashville.



A busy Thursday started with a recording session with Steve Dean and Daisy Mallory as we laid down tracks on song we had written a few months ago.  You can see by the picture who was doing all the work.  Daisy played guitar and sang the vocals and Steve engineered and I pretty much tried to stay out of the way and tap my toes with what I was hearing in my headphones.





I’ve been writing with Daisy I think since she first came to town with her Mom and Dad from Arizona almost 10 years ago.  She was 15 or 16 at the time but has grown up…got married…and is just as sweet a person as you’ve ever met…and so talented.  She’s out on the road with Lori Morgan these days…in fact she had to get on the bus for a set of weekend dates late last night after we’d finished.


We added Steve to our mix several years ago and the three of us have some songs in the catalog with our names on it that we love.  It’s a very fun couple of musical friends to hang out with for sure.  A great day in the recording studio.







My old radio friend Dave Lenahan invited me to sit in on the late set at the Maxwell House here last night which I did.  Eric Measel and Liz Kilgo completed our round of 4 and I enjoyed hearing their songs and playing for the folks who stayed up with us. Thanks Dave for having me.


I was worried we’d have nobody out front listening last night because our hockey team had a do or die game 7 last night where Sheryl Crow walked out on the ice and sang the anthem.  But by the time I got to the venue…the game was pretty much over.  A bad night for our Predators and their season and the catfish tossing is over.  So…partly because of that I think…we had a decent little crowd that showed up to hear the songs.  Thanks for coming.




Next Wednesday we’re on a plain to Ireland as our daughter is getting ready to exchange vows in front of this old ruined castle you see here that sits on the northern coast of Ireland.  We’re calling it a vacation-wedding since we’ve never been to the Emerald Isle..and for me…my first trip ever across the pond.  I’m sure the photos are going to be pretty spectacular.




Heather is a very creative person…and a lot of her creative effort has turned lately to photography.


My friend and one of my “Hits & Grins” partners Victoria Venier owns a small little ranch-farm north of town and she allowed Heather and a friend to come out and shoot pictures of barns and Victoria’s horses.  The picture to the left shows you how some of those turned out.


That stuff is way above my pay grade as I still think Kodak and Polaroid rock.  But I’m proud of her creative efforts always.  Pretty good stuff if a Dad do say so.



And now Jason Aldean is getting ready to open his honky tonk on Lower Broadway to go with the gaggle of other celebrity bars all open…many of them huge places…multi-story entertainment complexes.  Jimmy Buffett, Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, John Rich, Florida Georgia Line.  I can’t keep up and I’ve only been in Alan’s place so far.  But it means business is booming…and tourists just keep coming.


We need another honky tonk about as much as Washington DC needs another museum.  But…they just keep going up.



With all that growth comes traffic…big time.  And our city overwhelmingly shot down a mass transit plan recently so that is only going to get worse til they figure out something else.  Folks here complain like they do in any metro with traffic jams…but…it could be worse.


In Los Angeles last year they figured commuters lost 102 hours of their lives sitting in traffic jams.  Wow…that’s a vacation to the Bahamas gone. 


I’m just waiting for bigger drones from Amazon that can take us to work.  Seat on top…and away we go.



That’s because Pizza Hut can now deliver a pizza with a six pack of beer.  Is this a great country or what?  It seems like every other day there’s an Amazon Prime package at the door…and we do less and less shopping in a brick and mortar store.  Surely Starbucks has got to be thinking about early house calls…right?



Universal Studios is shutting down the Jurassic Park ride which I thought was just okay anyway.  I have no idea what’s coming next in it’s spot.  It is a tad curious that this is happening as a new Jurassic Park movie is about to hit screens which you would think would make more folks wanna get on the ride and be scared by an animatronic T-Rex. 


At the same time I ready about that…I also saw the trailer for the “Solo” movie again…as that Star Wars spin-off from Ron Howard opens very soon now.  AND…Disney announces it’s going into pre-production a movie based on Obi Wan Kenobi.


Can’t wait for the Yoda and Chewbacca feature movies surely coming down the line.




First the cat headline I read this morning.


“A Woman Was Banned From Singing In Her House Because The Neighbors Complained She Sounded Like A Drowning Cat”.


And the dog headline?


“An Iowa Man Claims His Dog Shot Him Accidentally While They Were Playing”.  Fortunately the man was only playing dead and is alright.


These two headlines remind me why I don’t own pets.



Pretty uneventful for the most part.  A little writing today and then some of the weekend will be about crossing those travel “T’s” and dotting those Ireland “I’s” making sure we’re good to fly next week.  Getting really close now.


Have a great weekend!





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