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Great Collaboration...The Road Ahead...Bucee's Is Coming

May 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Nashville and all is quiet just before the sunrise. 86 for the high today, 90 tomorrow!



I was in a writing room at my publishing company with a couple of talented young ladies. Kristen Bearfield and Lauren Mascitti. It’s always fun to catch up with talented folks and find out what they’re up to, and they’re always busy and up to something. Kristen and the great gospel girl group she’s in called High Road was playing this past weekend in a church. And they’ll be in Iowa this weekend. I just got back from Texas, and Lauren just got back from playing a songwriter’s festival in south Florida. So after catching up, we dug into a gospel song idea that I brought to the table. I had a verse written and inspiration took over from there. And if I do say so, it turned out so dog-gone good. Really love this song that’s filled with wonderful three-part harmony parts. A fun creative day of writing with those two for sure.



My May show schedule is pretty light, but things really ramp up starting the first of June through a chunk of July. Here’s where I’ll be over the next little bit.


May 17 & 18 -in studio in Nashville with Brent Burns working on his new album.


June 4 -Grinder House Coffee with “Hits & Grins”


June 10 & 11- Little Rock with Freedom Sings USA writing with veterans along with fellow songwriters Steve Dean, Wil Nance, Bobby Tomberlin and Wood Newton.


June 18- Marion, Virginia with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott.


June 25-Bluebird Café with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier



As more doctors prescribe the Pfizer COVID-19 pill comes news that a small number of patients appear to relapse after taking the new drug.


A new study suggests that severe COVID infections ages the brain 20 years and can set back IQ by 10 points.


The latest celebrities down with COVID include Stephen Colbert and Kelly Ripa.


The CEO of Airbnb said in an interview that he believes working at the office 5 days a week is a thing of the past post COVID and in the new digital world. Only 8% of the workers in Manhattan are showing up in an office 5 days a week.



The number of breweries in the US have grown nearly 400% over the past decade with more than 20,000 brands available. And they just released the states with the biggest beer consumption.


5 Vermont

4 South Dakota

3 North Dakota

2 Montana


And folks in New Hampshire drink more beer than any other state.


The states that drink the least?

Rhode Island, Utah (no Mormon beer yet) New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland drinks the less. No beer with those crabcakes?!



Folks here in Tennessee are getting excited about pulling over in Interstate 40 next month. That’s because we get our first Bucee’s!  If you’ve not been, it’s like they moshed up a Cracker Barrel with gas station on steroids. AND…the most and cleanest bathrooms anywhere.  AND you can buy a charcoal grill going out the danged door. You can’t beat that beaver!  Ours will be near Crossville, TN and it will be open and packed starting in June. Brisket on the board, beef jerky, and fudge all made inside.


I think I’d drive an extra I don’t know how many miles to stop at one as opposed to a two-pump gas station where they give you a key to the bathroom attached to a log. Welcome Bucee’s.



Gas has hit an all-time high price now. Everything is higher. Some inflation experts are warning that higher prices are here to stay. Congratulations to us.


Right after I read that I saw an article from money expert Dave Ramsey where he’s sharing with us some secrets about managing stress over rising costs of gas, travel and more. Here’s my secret for doing that. Make a boatload of money like Dave Ramsey has and you’ll never feel that stress. You’re welcome.



California is getting serious about noise pollution. They are about to start using sound activated cameras to fine motorist for noise pollution. Ever been at a stop sign and had a car roll up next you with speakers the size of Texas in the back seat THUMPING at about a million decibels?  Yea. A ticket is coming in California. Just once I wish one of them would be blasting one of my songs. So, if they’re not going to do that?  Yep. Go ahead a slap on a fine. I’m good with that.


It does bring forward the fact that cameras are everywhere. So much so I want to write a song called, “Live Your Life Like You’re On Camera”. Because you probably are.



That time of year when folks are looking to travel and do something cool. On stage in Linden, Texas the other night I mentioned how I had the pleasure of singing on the Grand Canyon Railway a couple of times. Quite the experience as you board the train in Williams, Arizona and ride the rails to the south rim and back later. It’s so worth doing sometime in your lifetime. And it’s hard to describe how great an adventure it is. But this article I found this morning does a pretty good job of giving you a peek of what it’s like. Check it out. Then find a way to get to Williams, Arizona on Route 66 one day.



You might want to go to EPCOT as the much-anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy ride is now open at Disney World. Think big roller coaster in the dark with lots of special effects. Gonna have to stop if I get near Orlando.



“Tennessee Woman Surprised To Find A Random Dog Sleeping In Her Bed”. True. Stuff happens in the Rocky Top state folks.


And if you think that’s something, my youngest sister Rita once woke up with a skunk in her bed that led to a night trip to the doctor for shots. A story for another time.


I will say, given a choice between a strange dog or a skunk sneaking into your bed?  Take the dog every time.



I’m writing with young Alex Miller today my “country” buddy from Kentucky who tore up Luke Bryan on American Idol. Alex is an artist on Billy Jam Records today and his first album “Miller Time” is out now. If you like real by gawd country music, you’ll love it. So happy his first single is a song I helped write with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya”. And joining us will be Josh Shilling the piano playing singer with the great group Mountain Heart. Should be something good coming out of the room later this morning.


Have a great Tuesday!



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