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Alabama Trip...Sold Out Show...Funny Job Applications

May 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning with temperatures cool enough to make on turn on a space heater this morning.



My wife and I drove to the little town of Enterprise, Alabama early Friday morning (that’s why there was no blog on Friday) to visit our daughter Heather and her husband Casey who’s training at Fort Rucker to be a pilot. His Mom Anissa and Casey’s stepdad Alan drove up from south Florida to join us too to celebrate Mother’s Day. We rented two-bedroom cabins that sit on base with lake views and the constant sound of choppers buzzing overhead. Pilots in training. It’s an inspiring sound.


The base here is beautiful and our daughter and son in law have a house on the base. Lots of trees and greenery and lakes and golf courses, riding stables, you name it. A person could live here comfortably, and apparently some soldiers return to this area upon retirement as they like it so much. I can see why.


The on base museum full of helicopters and history was fascinating and we got to see the kind of plane our son in law will be flying upon graduation in a couple of years or less. And the two southern restaurants we ate at were awesome. Southern, filling, and good. A co-writer friend of mine Bobby Tomberlin saw we were down here and posted a note on my Facebook page saying, “Eat at McLlins”. So last night we did that. It opened at 4 pm and there was HUGE crowd waiting to get in. After eating…we know why. Try the catfish folks. As we were paying our bill the owner told us they were celebrating their anniversary yesterday.  53 years of being open.


We just had a great time hanging together and celebrating my wife Kathy and Casey’s Mom Anissa on Mother’s Day. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day too.



I got a nice note from Juanita Smith, a comedian I’ll be working with at The People’s Room in Mobile, Alabama come Saturday night June 5. She was texting to tell me our show is sold out with a waiting list of folks who want a ticket. Awesome. Gosh, thanks to all of you who bought your tickets early.


So that’s sold out, but if you’re in that area don’t forget I have an outdoor house concert in Foley, Alabama with Brent Burns on that Monday early evening of June 7 that you can still get tickets for. All the details for the show in Mobile and this show are on my calendar here on the website.



I want to say “congratulations” again to my young friend Lauren Mascitti who played the Grand Ole Opry for the first time this weekend with her fiancé’ Shawn Camp. The former American Idol star did a great job. She texted me before the show and said jokingly she thought she “might throw up” as she was nervous. She done good. And here’s a little video proof of that.



I also saw some video of my co-writer friend Jenny Tolman who’s filming “Say Yes to The Dress” …the TV show in NYC at that fancy wedding dress maker’s place. Jenny’s Mom went with her as did Jenny’s model sister from Miami.  I don’t think you’ll ever see a male version of this show. No “Say Yes to the Tux”. Guys don’t care. Girls? The dress is everything seemingly. I’m happy that Jenny is going to get a lot of exposure from this show which will help draw more attention to her music and how good she is.



Our son in law’s stepdad Alan works for customs and border patrol in Miami…has for years. They routinely board ships and check for drugs and illegals and more. He shared that when the pandemic first started that they may have lost as many as 300 people to Covid. The boats they jump on are filled with folks from foreign countries and many of those on board are “positive”. He himself was quarantined twice. It’s much better now as they’ve got better protocol to protect those who help protect us. But that was eye opening…300 deaths. Wow.


Some good news. Fauci is saying indoor mask mandates should end soon as the US infection rate is falling fast. I won’t mind dropping the masks, although most of the places I’ve been indoors recently?  They’ve dropped the mask wearing already.


And the Grand Ole Opry just announced they will start filling the Opry House again to capacity starting May 14. Masks will be required by all employees and all ticket holders.



If you’ve ever wondered why Eric Church wears sunglasses on stage here ya go. It’s not just because it’s a “cool” look. He wears contacts and the stage lights at his height hits him so hard that the lights can dry out his contacts and they fall out. So, he started wearing sunglasses to protect against that and then the “look” caught on. Now ya know.



Sometimes when one fills out a job application form you sit and wonder WHY they would ask a particular question. They have their reasons I suppose. But explain these that some job applicants had to TRY and answer.


How would you design a spice rack for a blind person?


How do you weigh an elephant without a scale?


How many ball bearings, each one inch in diameter, could fit inside a 747 aircraft?

(Nope…I didn’t get the job at any of these interviews)



I guess that’s what some pilots like my son in law could be saying when they fly. Self-flying voice control airplanes are on the way. “Hey Sir, where’s the nearest airborne Starbucks?”



Truckers are apparently in high demand right now and there’s not enough to go around. It’s so bad that in Texas one trucking company is offering drivers $14,000 per WEEK. Might be time to get your CDL license and a CB and practice saying “breaker breaker 1 9.”



How about the manager of a movie theater who was selling cocaine in popcorn bags? True. Must have been interesting to walk up to the concession stand and order a coke.



In Nashville they’re talking about bringing a NASCAR race back to the short track at the Nashville Fairgrounds. It’s a legendary old track where Sterling Marlin ran a lot of races and so did country star Marty Robbins who would race on a Saturday night then race to the Opry to sing.  Here’s some incentive for the city to say “yes” to this plan. Dale Earnhardt Jr. says he will enter that race if the city approves. Pretty good incentive.



“In a thousand years archaeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as punishment”. Yep.



I’m writing with my buddy Jimmy Fortune this morning for the first time in a bit. Jimmy has been busy, and a lot of his time has been spent singing with this great quartet Brotherly Love that’s just bringing down the house everywhere they play. Another friend, Rick Lang out on the east coast will join me and Jimmy this morning on his computer as the three of us write for the first time. Rick continues working toward his next bluegrass-gospel album after his first one got nominated for two Grammy awards. So Jimmy is the perfect guy to try and write something undeniably good for that project. We’ll have fun trying for sure.


Have a great Monday!



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