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Aussie Music...Tambourine Man and Show Tonight

May 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The sky is rumbling this morning and we’re getting another soaking before that gives away to 90 degree weather this weekend.  This weather forecast brought to you by Spam…the meat with a key.



I wrote with my Aussie friend Tamara Stewart yesterday.  (Click on the link and check out my friend performing one of the songs on her new CD). Hard to believe a year had gone by since we sat down to write.  So not only did we turn out a cool new song but we had time to catch up a bit.  Tamara has been back home since I’d seen her last and in studio a lot working on her new album.  So yesterday was the first chance I had to hear the song we wrote which is going to be on the CD titled “Dear Hometown” that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  To say it moved me would be an understatement.  What a great job they did with our song about growing up and leaving your hometown and being gone sometimes for years and years.  It’s a musical love letter to a hometown letting that small town know that they are still loved by the singer in the song.  In this case that’s Tamara and there are some personal references to her hometown in this in Australia. 



She’s doing a very unique thing with her project.  12 songs in all but she is going to release them 4 at a time over the course of a year or so…and then issue a full CD.  And she told me she did shoot a couple of videos back home to complement the project.


At least one of the songs she played me yesterday had shades of Mary Chapin Carpenter in it which is a great compliment to Tamara I found out.


I’m rooting for her songs to be heard…and as soon as they are available I’ll let ya know.



My friend Lang Scott sent me this VIDEO that made me laugh.  His note told me to check out the tambourine player who you will see upstage the poor singer in front of him.  Oblivious…and funny.


For the record…as far as careers go…I’m not sure I’d choose tambourine playing OR baton twirling.  Short careers at best.



My morning paper was filled with inserts…all Mother’s Day.  Although there was one advertising lawn mowers.  And I’m thinking…now THAT is what every Mom wants on Mothers Day.  Toss in a can of herbicide and you’ll be her favorite for years.



That article this morning was just a title reader for me…I didn’t read the story that followed the headline “How To Get Rid Of Spiders”.  I know how.  Thick heel on a boot.  You’re welcome.



Apparently Robert Downey Jr. was paid roughly 1 million dollar per MINUTE for his latest Iron Man movie.  Good work if you can get it.


And with that came news that someone has stolen the Iron Man suit.  True.  Probably worth a small fortune if they get away with it and find a seller.  I’ll be keeping my eyes out on those Trick Or Treaters this year who come to my front door in costume.



Her new “Reputation” tour just started on the heels of Katy Perry making peace with her.  Two rich girls picking at each other like teenagers…and it’s good press of course for both of them.


I digress.


Her tour opened last night and Rolling Stone pointed out that we’ll get to see inflatable cobras, a horde of dancers, pyro and multiple stages.  I think she sings a few songs too…not sure. 


I have an “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott coming up soon.  I’ve already started blowing up snakes.



And the warning about getting E coli is still out there.  See…I told ya that green stuff veggie thing was over-rated.  You’ve never gotten one warning EVER about eating Mac N Cheese.  Go Kraft or Velveeta and be healthy folks.  Or at least fat and happy.



How come Job Fairs never have cotton candy or corn dog stands?  I might attend a couple if they had those.



Here’s another state list thing that I love.  This article lists the 50 most underrated tourists spots in each state that I guess most of us miss.  A couple jumped out at me.


Perdido Key in the panhandle of Florida was listed.  Yep…beautiful.  Right next to Gulf Shores, Alabama where I go a lot.  Can’t go wrong at Perdido.


And then there’s my home state of Missouri that touts “Leila’s Hair Museum”.  Never ever heard of it.  And I don’t think I’ll be pulling over to check it out anytime soon in Indepence, Missouri.  Who pays to see hair?


Here’s the entire ARTICLE you can check out if you’d like.



Off to write with Steve Dean and Daisy Mallory.  Daisy is off the road for a second.  She’s part of Lori Morgan’s group these days singing harmony and playing guitar.  This morning the three of us will record the last song we wrote together at Steve’s home studio full of Beatles stuff and lava lamps.  Should be fun.







I’m part of this songwriters round you see here.  My old radio friend that I worked with in Cincinnati for years Dave Lenahan invited me.  Dave and his wife moved here a few years ago and yep…he writes tunes too.  In his spare time…he’s a tour guide at the Ryman Auditorium which is a pretty cool job I would think.  We start warbling at 9:30 tonight.


Have a great Thursday!



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