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Texas and Back...Mothers Day...Mickey Gilley

May 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning back home in Nashville. Summerlike today in Nashville with a high of 85 on tap.


Anyone else wish they would have bet just $2 on Rich Strike at the Kentucky Derby? Me too.



Most of my Mother’s Day weekend was spent in Texas with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as our “Evening in the Round” trio had two shows in the Lone Star. The first was Friday night in Arlington at the beautiful Arlington Music Hall that’s been having shows in that building for a very long time. Folks like Carol Burnett & Vicky Lawrence performed there together in this great venue.


Linda grew up as a young girl in Texas and was part of the old Grapevine Opry which held some shows at this theater, so it was like a trip down memory lane for her. Lee Ann Rimes, Steve Holy, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, and many other young artists like Linda cut their teeth musically on stages just like this one. So it was fun to hear some of the history of that as Linda told a few of those stories. Linda auditioned for the Grapevine Opry with her arm in a cast and not only passed the audition but sang on the show she auditioned for that very first night. The rest as they say is history. Thank you for your hospitality, Arlington.



It was our second time playing the Music City Texas Theater in the town of Linden, Texas, and again a LOT of Linda’s family and friends showed up full force to see our show. It was great seeing her brother Troy and his wife Sonya again and her cousins and nephews and you name it. What a hoot of a good time. Thank you, David, for having us again, and thank you Tony for the great sound Saturday night. Great sound always makes what we do so much more run.


Then Sunday we were up early and made the 8-hour run back to Music City. Another fun road trip in the books.



We’ve always got our eyes peeled for funny signs on the road and Linda spotted one when we were in Arlington, snapped a picture and tweeted it. The sign asks, “Can you put tequila in a humidifier? Asking for a friend.”. And you KNOW someone rea that and then tried it.



One of the other things our trio does to kill some miles is share music. And one of the songs that Linda shared during our drive home from Texas was an old video clip-song of the Judd’s singing “A Mother’s Smile” from a TV show they taped a long time ago. It reminded me again how great they were as a duo, and how great Wynonna’s voice is. That came across in this old song with a simple melody and wonderful lyrics. RIP Naomi.



Live Nation who sells more concert tickets than anyone reported a huge uptick in ticket sales. Concert venues are filling up again.


At the same time the White House put out a statement predicting as many as 100 million COVID infections this Fall and Winter.


And a funny take on COVID. A grandmother said the following, “Lois has had COVID since 1972. I know this because she’s never had taste.”



“To be fair, I did a lot of stupid things before I was married too. Now I just have someone to judge me for it.” Can I get an amen from the married folks?



We were on the road in Texas when Linda read that Mickey Gilley had passed and shared it with me and Lang. A Texas legend himself. One of the big moving forces behind the Urban Cowboy movement after he and Johnny Lee were part of that film with John Travolta. It launched mechanical bucking bull country clubs all over the United States. And it launched a bunch of country hits for both Mickey and Johnny.


I met Mickey a couple of times through my radio career. But my favorite meeting happened in Detroit when I played the Michigan State Fair with my friend Karen Wheeler. Karen and me and my band played daily shows on a small stage. Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee played the main stage one evening and Karen asked if I wanted to go meet the. “Sure I did”. So we walked over, knocked on their bus door and they let us on. Both Mickey and Johnny were great. But the thing I remember most was when Johnny asked if we wanted a beer and then pulled the top up on a long couch that revealed the longest cooler I’ve ever seen full of Lone Star Beer…their tour sponsor. So I got to crack a cold one with the Urban Cowboys. Thanks for the music and the wonderful memory that still makes me smile Mr. Gilley.



Here’s your brief report today.


Gas jumped 15 cents over the past two weeks alone. (That made my “Dipstick” song really popular this past weekend in Texas)


Some are predicting black outs that will go along with an electric shortage this summer especially for those in California, Texas, and Indiana. So they say. Might make one pause on hitting the ole “buy” button on an electric car.


Oh, and buy stock in robocalls if you can. Spam calls went down during the pandemic some. Now they are at an all-time high. I still would like to have a button on my phone that would send a small electric shock back to the person responsible for making a spam call. I would almost welcome a robocall if I knew I could have that option.



We have one of those robo-vaccuum cleaner gadgets that runs around bumping into walls and sucking up lint and dirt and whatever.  The Roomba. They’re cool. Now we have the option of buying a robo-mop. Wonder if it comes with an audio clip that announces, “stay off the wet floor”?



“Texas Man Allegedly Robbed Home, Mowed Victims Yard”. Hopefully he trimmed before he ran off too.



I’m back to writing this afternoon. Today I’m with Lauren Mascitti who just released this brand-new song that’s so good. And Kristen Bearfield from the group High Road is also going to join us. Should be a fun creative room to be in today.


Have a great Monday!

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