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New Songs...New Shows...Beach Bound

May 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bags packed for a little beach run this morning.



My songwriting appointment was with Brian White at the publishing company he writes for Ole’ Music.  The place was full of guitars and songwriters and you could not help but hear other melodies and songs taking shape as we worked on ours.  Brian has had a ton of Contemporary Christian hits as well as commercial hits.  The publishing company I now write for “Billy Blue Publishing” is in the “Daywind” publishing camp and they are huge in that world.  So we decided to go down that road yesterday with a little idea I brought to the table that Brian did a great job molding into the “sound” of that kind of music. 


My friend and co-writer Wil Nance was writing in the next room with another writer so we had a chance to catch up.  Wil just got a great cut by Chris Janson, and Brian is on both the new Jason Aldean album as well as having a song on a brand new Hootie & The Blowfish project.  Remember them?  Darius Rucker left to be a country star…and is now back with his South Carolina boys for something new.  I’m always happy to hear this kind of news for my friends…and I hope they rub off on me!


Good day at the writing office yesterday.



I’m going to be part of a couple “live” Facebook shows that you can watch on your “smart” device and computers if you’d like.


The first is Sunday May 19 with my “Evening In The Round” trio that stars Linda Davis with me and Lang Scott.  We’ll be promoting our 6-city tour of Texas, New Mexico and Arkansas that starts soon after we wrap up this “live” online event.  It will start at 7 pm that evening and you’ll be able to pull it up and watch at the Linda Davis Facebook page.


Then a few nights later on May 21…a Tuesday evening I’ll join my friend Rick Tiger for his online show called Songwriter Pickin’ Parlor that will also begin at 7 pm.  Rick is a great “real” songwriter who’s also a great story teller. 


So put those on your calendar and tune in if you can.  And I’ll remind you of these closer to date.



It’s a dang billboard.  By the year 2021 we may see commercial signs up in space.  Space billboards if you will.  Just look up and see the “Hooters” sign twinkling amongst the stars.  Can you imagine?  Maybe they can rig the shuttle to pull a streamer like those little planes I see on the beach. 



Chicken McNugget ice cream.   Yep.  Would you eat that?  I like McNuggets…I like ice cream.  I dunno.  The idea of combining Oreos with ice cream was a solid idea.  Would I eat McNuggets in my vanilla?  Apparently it’s coming so I’ll let if that’s a thumbs up or not. 



Speaking of products.  Jeff Bridges is selling Amstel Beer now.  Check out this cool commercial.  I’m a big Jeff Bridges fan.  He’s just…sorta kinda cool.  This commercial is touting Amstel Beer in Amsterdam.  And…I’ll be in Amsterdam in a few weeks for the first time.  So after seeing this I’ll find a bridge (like in Jeff Bridges) and have a glass of what ole Jeff is trying to sell us.


And here’s a little Amstel story.  Years ago I was in Hollywood for WUBE radio in Cincinnati and we were covering the ACM Awards Show which was being held there at the time.  We stayed in the historic old Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that was the first venue for the Academy Awards.  Great old hotel with lots of history.  We took up a huge room and did our show every morning with actors, actresses, and country stars dropping by to be interviewed.  Great fun.


My Program Director at the time who really launched my major morning show radio career…the late Mike Chapman got on an Amstel kick.  Poolside trays just kept coming.  It was the first time I had it…and I got hooked a little on it.  The problem was…Mike bought so many over those few days that the bar ran out.

I’m sure Amsterdam will have plenty so I’ll lift one to that memory and the memory of my old friend when I’m there.



Yes…adults can go to camp too if you want.  Now I’ve done a baseball fantasy camp but I don’t see me signing up for this TOP TEN LIST that includes a “Zombie Camp” as well as “Camp Throwback” where adults can sign up for things like “Drunk Field Day”, “Karaoke Night” and my favorite…”Hangover Yoga Class”.  Y’all go on without me.



“One In Ten Americans Prefer Jail Time Over Moving”.  I kinda get that.



Off to one of my favorite places…Gulf Shores, Alabama with my wife for a few days.  I’m going to be writing new beach and funny songs with my friend Brent Burns as he works towards a new album.  So my flip-flops are in my bag and we’re southbound this morning.  I’ll blog at ya from the beach tomorrow morning.


Have a great Thursday!

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