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Allergy Songs...Evening In The Round Shows...A Wedding Surprise

May 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and not a camel in sight.



I had some of my day wide open yesterday after a cancelled writing appointment…but did send out an “allergy” parody song to country radio via United Station in New York yesterday morning.  Apparently the so called experts are saying it could be a long allergy season so I spent some time rhyming that thought to the Brothers Osborne hit “Stay A Little Longer” that turned into “Sneeze A Little Longer”.  Some heavy mental work going on there.



My calendar is up to date with a couple of new dates on the book.  Our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me will be in Crossville, TN this July 6 at the Palace theater followed by a music fest down in Georgia the following day July 7.








And there’s complete details about our Pennsylvania show at the Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown, PA at a very cool rustic venue as you can see here.





And prior that on Friday September 7 I’ll be conducting a songwriting workshop in Johnstown, PA.


Pretty safe to say that since we’re in Pennsylvania…I’ll be singing this SONG for sure.  Come see us.




I got quite the surprise from my sister Vickie this week.  She informed me that my daughter Heather is getting married on the same date that my Mom and Dad got married as well as my brother Gary’s son Chris and his wife.


What’s amazing about this is I had no clue what date my Mom and Dad were married on.  I’m horrible that way.  It takes all my brainpower to remember my wife’s birthday and our own anniversary.



But my daughter picked that date out completely at random.  And on May 22…coming right up she’ll exchange vows with her fiancée Casey over in Ireland.


I’m sure in particular if my Mom were alive to day she’d be so tickled to know this.  As I am.  It’s just going to make the day even more special knowing that my daughter will be tied to the grandmother she never met in that way.  Amazing.





Ireland is considered a must see place for many…green…beautiful…coastlines…great seafood, Guinness…etc.  But in the MSN article I read today it is not listed…any part of it as one of the 25 most beautiful places to visit.


It was amazing to me that I’ve seen just ONE of the places they chose.  Maui.  And after spending a few days in Maui…I can’t argue with that choice for sure.  The Amalfi coast in Italy is listed and there’s a chance my wife and I will see that as part of our Italy tour with Brent Burns come October as we’re talking about flying into Rome a few days early and making the trip down there before coming back and catching up with the folks our tour that includes Rome, Florence and Venice.


How many of these places have you seen?  Here’s the ARTICLE.



Speaking of astounding.  Yesterday I heard that “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood.  Out of wrestling trunks onto the big screen.  His next film he’ll makes something like 22 million dollars.  But here’s the really interesting part of that.  The producers paid him and extra 1 million dollars just to post about the new movie on his social networks.  His Instagram account alone has something like 12 million followers…or more…as well as his Twitter account.  Him being able to reach out like that to his fans is now worth a million bucks…something he can do in seconds.


Kids here in Nashville know about this as record labels are looking at how many followers a potential artist has before they consider signing them to a record deal.  And multiple deals are being signed if one has a legion of followers built up on the internet.  It’s free advertising for the labels…and the movie makers.  Makes sense.  And  it is the new best way to market.



Katie Nolan who is a young 31 year old sports caster that was on Fox appealing to millennials was hired away by ESPN and they gave her a million dollar salary.  Not because she’s had any big ratings to speak of…and she hasn’t…no.  They signed her because she has over 400,000 followers on her Twitter account.


So…if you are not following me on Twitter and Instagram…or have not yet “friended” me on Facebook…PLEASE DO SO!



To heck with worrying about Iran and North Korea.  Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have ended their feud.  I’m hoping our government will now lift the sanctions against them.  And all is well in the world.



At a cornhole tournament a few days ago they had a big brawl.  Over cornhole!  At least of they were throwing bean bags at each other…no one got hurt seriously.  Maybe they can turn that into some kind of Ultimate Fighting thing in an Octagon soon. 


Never would I have thought I would see the words “cornhole” and “brawl” in the same sentence.


And why is Cornhole NOT an Olympic event yet?  C’mon. 


I’m just proud to have a theme song on an independent movie called “Cornhole The Movie” that sold about 10 copies on DVD when it came out.  I think they had a fight in this movie too now that I think about it.







It was not our imaginations.  April was the coldest April in the past 21 years.  Glad it’s gone.  And I’m glad the sun is shining right now outside my door and that flip flops have become daily footwear.



Like the NFL…baseball is following suit and next year folks in London will get to see the Yanks and Red Sox play over there.  Cool.  Wonder if the vendors coming down those aisles will be yelling “fish and chips…get ya fish and chips”!  I may have to go to find out.



I’m off to rhyme with my Australian buddy Tamara Stewart who has been back home…then in the studio here recording a new CD.  One of our songs “Dear Hometown” made the album so I’m anxious to hear it for the first time today before we start writing.  This song was her idea…about leaving her hometown in Australia to try her hand at being a writer-artist and not getting back home much.  The sentiment in the song is “I love you then, like I love you now…dear hometown”.  It’s funny how you can write a personal song from someone else’s idea…then know it’s also exactly how you feel.  Life moves on…so do people.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t have fond memories of the places where they grew up.  So glad we wrote that song…and even more glad that some folks that buy her new project will get to hear it.







A game 7 for our hockey team.  Catfish will be tossed…a celebrity national anthem singer will walk out…there will be as many people outside the arena as in cheering on the Preds.  Don’t try calling anyone in Nashville after 6 pm or so this evening.


Have a great Wednesday!












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