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Mother's Day Weekend...Freeze...Let It Be

May 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Mother's Day weekend rolling in with rain and cold.



I was to write with Josh Shilling online yesterday but Josh had to re-schedule so on short notice my Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns joined me and we added another funny song to this stack of songs piling up and pointing towards a new CD somewhere within a years time.  Brent had yet another Corona idea and the title was just too good no not write even though there’s a whole bunch of those kind of songs floating around out there right now.  Always good to laugh and write with one of my best friends in the world.



We finished up a little after noon and that let me go out and do something I don’t do a whole lot anymore these days…golf.  I bought a cheap little pull behind cart and thought the exercise would do me good and that was enough to make me not worry about my horrible game.  The city courses here are free to play for another couple of weeks or so or until they re-open the clubhouses.  So I went to the city course nearest to the house and hoped to play just a few holes by myself and not embarrass me by playing with others.  That didn’t happen because word was out about the “free” thing and the course had a lot of golfers standing around the first two tee boxes.  Two different golfers asked if they could join me and so we had a little threesome plus one wife who was out with her husband for the weather and exercise like I was.  Turned out that they were great to hang with and get to know.  The couple just got back from a trip to Israel and got out of the country just before the virus.  And the other guy had just gotten back from Ireland and was raving about how beautiful it was.  I could relate since our daughter was married on the Emerald Isle a few years ago.  Plus, it turned out he knew the General Manager I worked for a couple of years at WSM-FM Radio in Nashville several years back. 


So we had a fun stroll…and I ducked out after 5 holes after not embarrassing myself too greatly.  A fun Thursday afternoon chasing after the little white ball.




The unemployment rate is near the numbers of the Great Depression. And today the stock market is supposed to go up.  I’m not smart enough to figure out how that works.


So, with a run on meat and a possible shortage some think that we’ll see the popularity of plant based burgers rise. I will say, if they all taste as good as the “Impossible Burger” at Burger King then we meat lovers will be in pretty good shape.  And it will make some cows pretty happy too I suppose.


And there’s always Spam.  If you can find it on the shelves.  I had no idea they had 15 flavors of Spam…did you? 


The Airlines in dire need of passengers may raise the cost of flying by 50% or more.  If they stop selling the middle seats they have to make up for it somehow.  Although, one wonders if folks are going to want to fly period for a while.


At the same time that news is being announced Uber says they lost 3 billion dollars last quarter.  Proof that we just ain’t going anywhere right now.


In the music business…more and more are cancelling events and tours for the rest of the year.  And while some venues in Arkansas and Missouri my test the waters and spread people out in concerts, the entertainers have to make choices too.  Do we want to travel, stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, stop at gas stations, and use public restrooms?  And will entertainers want to play in a big theater where the crowd is separated making it hard to connect with the audience?  I’m guessing there will be a lot of individual choices.



The Beatles album “Let It Be” is 50 years old!  How can that be?  One of my favorite versions of this song was this ONE when Paul McCartney sat down at Billy Joel’s piano and a sold out NY Mets Stadium and played it.  Talk about a big sing -along on the chorus!


“Bulgarian Woman Addicted To Lip Fillers Quadruples The Size Of Her Natural Lips”.  I’m sure there’s a good reason for doing this.  And if you know what that reason might be please share it with me.



There won’t be any going out to play golf today as we have a freeze warning in effect for tonight.  It’s raining now and we could have a low of 34 or so tonight.  But by Mother’s Day on Sunday it will be sunny and 70.


So if you’re lucky enough to still have Mom in your life, make sure you spoil her this weekend.


Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!




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