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Private Party...Cell Phone Panic...Grizzly Selfies

May 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it’s a bleary eyed Tuesday morning.



Bleary eyed because of a late night of entertaining folks with my “Hits & Grins” trio for a corporate party at the Opryland Hotel last night.  We played a small party for the Robinson Fan Company based out of Pittsburgh.  They throw a party for their valued customers from all over the country…all over the world.  Family owned and operated for many years making large industrial fans


Our thanks to “Destination Nashville” for hiring us for this party last night.  “Destination Nashville” is a company that hires entertainment for corporate parties that come to Nashville.



We spent some quality time last night getting to know the event planner for the company along with the CEO Carl Staible and his daughter Tricia who were just class individuals.  They believe in keeping and rewarding  employees and customers and they apparently don’t have a ton of turnover.  I pulled up a video on the company yesterday knowing we would be playing for them wanting to know more about what they do.  The thing that stood out for me was a story of how a long time employee in management basically screwed up pricing so much that it really hurt the company.  This employee was sure he was going to be canned when he had a conversation with the CEO I talked with last night.  He did not.  The CEO told him, “you learn more from failure than success”.  True.  That moved me. 


I asked about that employee last night.  He was one of the first hire by the CEO when he took over running the company…he himself learning from the ground up.  The employee in question worked there until he retired…and the company rebounded…and flourishes today.  And now his daughter who we also spoke with is part of the company as well as other family members hired on through the years from current employees on the payroll.


A fun, education evening last night…and we made some great new friends.  Thank you for having us…and giving us a cool parting gift too!



I had one of those “panic” moments last night as I realized my cell phone was missing.  I finally figured out I had changed a shirt in an adjacent bathroom at the Opryland Hotel right before we started our show.  After we finished…I went back and checked…twice…and the phone was gone.  That led to a long trip to Lost and Found…and the front desk at this mammoth hotel only to find nobody had turned in a phone.  Sick. 


Heading back to the room we played in I decided to make one last look in that bathroom stall and there it was sitting a little ledge where my black iPhone kind of blended into the background and I had not seen it.  Geez.


I’ve decided I hate how dependent my life is being connected to that danged phone.  I’m not sure I can tell the phone number of anyone off the top of my head.  It’s all in the phone.  And God forbid I have to unfold some map to get me to where I’m going.  Makes me wonder why truck stops don’t sell chains to phones like they do wallets.



82% of all teens own an iPhone.  82%.  None of them have a clue about landlines or yellow pages or that some folks who grew up in the country used yellow pages for another purpose that had something to do with outhouses.  They’re better off.



Now Nashville has Uber Scooters coming that you can pick up for $1 to scoot around downtown Nashville…leave it…and they retrieve it.  Scooters…dang scooters. 


And Uber apparently has much bigger plans than scooters in the future.  They say they will have airborne Uber taxis by 2020.  Seriously?  I’m not sure I’m ready for a just out of high schooler to show up at my door and fly me to my destination.  I MIGHT ride with him on the back of his Uber Scooter…but fly?  Don’t think so.



And now scientists are excited about an injection of hormones they claim will help one lose as much as 14 pounds a month.  Apparently the hormones mimic a gastric band and they think it can help our obesity problem.  Bring it on.  I might finally not feel guilt about eating Mac and Cheese ever again if that works.



Mother’s Day is on the way.  Today’s tip is what NOT to give Mom.  One husband gave a plunger to his Mom because he knew she needed one.  Turned out to be the wrong day to give a plunger Einstein. 







To the guy over near Knoxville…a former Viet Nam Vet who gets up early and puts on an orange vest and collects trash on the side of the road.  He can’t stand trash.  Me neither…nor the people who toss trash out of their cars instead of waiting to put it in a trash can.  And don’t get me started on folks who dump a dang mattress on the side of the road.


We actually have a guy on our road who does the same thing.  I see him lots of mornings on his walk on our narrow road with a trash bag, gloves and pick up stick.  It would be fitting if he came up on someone tossing trash out of their window on our road and use that pointed stick for a good cause.



Pedestrian fatalities are up 49% over the past few years.  Cell phones…distracted drivers are the biggest cause.  So…if you are that good soul picking up trash on the side of the road?  Keep your head on a swivel.



“Man Mauled To Death Trying To Take A Selfie With A Grizzly Bear”.  Kind of says it all huh? I have a line in a song of mine that's on one of my comedy song CD's titled "Can I Get An Amen" that I wrote years ago with my friend Lisa Shaffer.  One line in the song goes, "if you eat and sleep with a grizzly bear then you deserve to die...can I get an Amen"? 


I may need to add..."if you try to take a selfie with a bear"....



My writing appointment cancelled so a lot of my day opened up.  Sun is out so I’ll try to soak up some of that after writing whatever my New York folks need from me this morning.  I’m not sure which song I would parody if they want something about the Grizzly-Selfie…but I’m looking.


Have a great Tuesday!



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