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Cooler Weather...Funny Tune...Mama Day

May 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning May 7 and it feels like late February.  And I thought we were done with using our little space heater.



Our power was restored Tuesday evening after the massive storm that rolled through here knocked us off the power grid for a couple of day so it was back to writing online.  Yesterday it was my Gulf Shores quarantined beach friend Brent Burns who had a new funny idea to write and we did just that.  So we are starting to stack up songs for Brent’s next project.  The question is, when will it be safe for him and other artists to go into a studio and sing? All that to be worked out when it’s time to actually start recording. 


The publishing company I write for Billy Blue-Daywind opened their doors this week but anyone entering is wearing a mask to stay safe.  And those recording in the studio have to be separated for sure.  Daywind Studios records a lot of gospel acts including big choirs.  So separation singing there is a little harder to do although the studio is a very big one.  That helps some. 


Brent and I talked about future shows a bit.  His big concern right now is that he has a trip to Greece coming up later this year and whether there’s any chance that will happen?  Not looking good as it’s a double whammy.  Folks have signed up, but will they want to get on a boat of any kind to go see the Greek islands? 


And further down the calendar road…July 4 2021 Brent and myself along with a third performer “Sunny Jim White” are scheduled to be on a Cruise Ship going down the Danube River with stops in Germany, Austria and Hungary. Will that one hold?  No good answers on that right now…we can only hope.



When will travelers get to go back to Europe?  France is talking about allowing flights in June-July but those getting off the planes from other countries may have to be in quarantine a few days before being allowed to wander around their country.


Germany is targeting June 14 at the moment.  I dunno.  I see a lot of “Staycations” happening this summer. 



My wife has gotten into making beer bread…and it’s delicious.  And I’m sure it’s low in fat content right?  This morning she woke up with a bit of a headache and reached for the Advil trying to figure out why her head was hurting. And she RARELY has a headache. She has surmised she surly must have “bread-hangover”.  Made me laugh out loud when she said it. I’m not going to let her drive anywhere for a few hours.



You have not forgot that Mother’s Day is this weekend right?  Careful with the gift you buy for Mom.  A company is offering a tank top for Mom that reads, “I’m proud of my upper arms.  I can wave to 4 different people at the same time”.  Uh…I’d pass on wrapping that up for her.



The musical artist Kesha is quarantined and she’s made good use of her “down” time by getting a “butt” mask.  Yep.  When you’re rich these things happen.


Again, I don’t think I’d get Mom a “butt mask” appointment for her Mother’s Day gift. 


Wonder if Kesha was wearing a facemask when she got her “butt mask”?



Scientists now say that a meteorite they found suggests that Mars may have been a blue planet at one time.  We know it as the red planet now.  How do that happen?  I’m not sure which will steal my sleep tonight more.  Kesha getting a butt mask or trying to figure out how Mars turned from blue to red.



It is cooler her.  A Polar vortex apparently has hit the east and some of the eastern US may see snow!  In Nashville they’re talking a record low maybe this weekend with frost warning and temps dipping into 30’s.  But today we’ll hit 70 with sunshine so I hope to take advantage of that and get outdoors. 


Before that happens I’ll have a songwriting appointment with my talented friend Josh Shilling from the group Mountain Heart


Have a great Thursday!





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