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Country Music...Southern Food...Busy Days Ahead

May 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Mid to upper 80’s today in Twang Town.



I was tucked inside the Harlan Howard songwriting room yesterday at Sony Publishing on Music Row writing with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson from the trio "MamaDear"  It’s the first time the three of us had been together in awhile so it was great catching up with both of them.  Paul had just sung “Forever and Ever Amen” TO Randy Travis at his 60th birthday party and it was fun hearing that story.  And Dan is gearing up to go back to Monaco for the second time with his “Mama Dear” trio for a month or more.  They’ll open at least one night for John Legend and Seal and then other’s of  their status.  Imagine that…in front of a lot of rich folks like Egyptian and Saudi kings and billionaires.  “Look what country music can do for you”.


We joked about that last line…and then wrote something along those lines yesterday that really turned out great.  That truly is the beauty of music.  Yep…there’s a lot of “no’s” and heartbreak in the business…but music also has the greatest upside sometimes.  Dan is going to Monaco this summer, Paul is off for a gig in Norway, and I get to go down the Rhine River and see Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland…all because of music taking each of around the globe.


It was a fun Monday with those two.



The “Game of Thrones” folks apologized.  Seems they left a Starbucks cup in a shot in a recent episode that a lot of crazed “Throne” fans caught.  Pretty sure they were drinking “mead” and not coffee back in those days before and after battles.  But what a great piece of FREE publicity for Starbucks.  One man’s mistake is another’s profit.



I saw an article today that lists the best “heavy metal” songs to workout to when you’re in the gym.  You know the folks…ear buds…grunting in rhythm.  The louder it is the more it pumps you up to pump iron I suppose.  Guess I should delete my “polka” playlist on my phone and try that.



Fun article HERE.  15 southern foods that confuse everyone else.  Like chicken and waffles.  Though I’ve never ordered that…it des sound good.  Most of the southern foods mentioned I know about or like.  But even I did not know that you can order chocolate gravy in some southern cafes.  Wow.


How bout cornbread in buttermilk?  Missed that one too.  And…I don’t think I’ve ever ordered “chitlins” either. 


It’s no mystery why I have not tried or heard of some of these as I’m a transplanted mid-westerner.  Wonder if folks down here have tried milk toast?



How about the new Google AI assistant they’re working on which will allow your smart device to reserve a seat for you at a restaurant?  It’s coming.  We are now living in the cartoon “The Jetsons” for sure.



Ryan Seacrest started as a radio guy.  Then American Idol hired him and he’s parlayed that into a bunch of stuff.  His current net worth they say is $410 million!  Pretty good work if you can get it.



The flooding going on from the Mississippi river I grew up near won’t stop.  High waters might be around until June. I should have bought stock in sandbags years and years ago.  Down to the levee we go boys.



“Florida Woman Pulls A Foot Long Alligator Out Of Her Yoga Pants”. Bet she was wearing crocs on her feet too.



A free day to catch up and start preparing for a Gulf Shores road trip coming up Thursday where I’ll join my friend Brent Burns to woodshed and write some new songs for a few days.


Its maybe the last open day for quite awhile as my calendar is crazy full.  There’s a lot of performance dates coming up.  Yesterday I had a conversation about performing at an event called “Fools On Stools” with a couple of other “beach” singers at a huge event MOTM in Key West this late October…on Halloween actually.  Stay tuned for more on that.


And to find out where I’m playing just go to my calendar section at billwhytecomedy.com.  Hope to see some of you in Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, Missouri and other places I’m booked…not to mention those of you signing up for the Rhine River Cruise this year.


Have a great Tuesday!




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