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Star Wars Baseball...Lots Of Tourists...Hits & Grins Show Today

May 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday.  Sun is up and shining after a hail storm that left white pellets all over our back deck last evening.  It got a tad noisy for awhile.



The “Force” was with me some this weekend as the entire weekend at our minor league ballpark celebrated Star Wars.  Weird to see Darth Vader at the home plate entrance for sure.  I caught a couple of games this weekend starting with Friday night where I saw





Pat Sajak and Vanna White tossed out the first pitch.  Why they were there I have no idea.  Vanna of course tossed a perfect vowel to Pat behind the plate…right on cue.


I did see something I’d never witnessed that was actually related to the playing of the game itself.  The Redbirds…the Cardinal triple A team were playing our sounds and at one point on a botched play their pitcher called out one of his own on the infield.  A lot of pointing was going on and when the inning ended I kept my eyes peeled on their dugout.  Sure enough…the infielder got in the pitchers face…having to be restrained.  Wow.  You can keep your Star Wars memorabilia…I’ll take that instead.



And then Sunday my longtime Missouri friend and co-writer Wil Nance called and wanted to catch a game so we went with his 8 year old daughter who was happy that we did get a free light saber at the game!  I remember my daughter being that age.  They don’t catch a lot of the game…but they do keep you busy running to mascots, souvenir shops and eating every sweet thing in sight. 


So it was a fun baseball weekend for your truly…and fun chatting with an 8 year old again at the ballpark.







Yep…Mother’s Day week.  What to get Mom.  We’ve got until this Sunday to figure it out.  If you’re going for “funny”…I do like that pin idea for Mom.  “Because I Said So”.  The most complete detailed explanation I ever remember hearing.  I heard that one some growing up from my Mom.  I also remember hearing her say “wait til your Father comes home”.  Probably the least favorite thing I ever heard come out of Mama’s mouth.





The Avengers movies is killing everything else around it.  In 11 days of being out it’s raked in over a BILLION bucks.  A record.  Masks and capes are in folks.  Buy stock.



Yep…more and more of ya are coming to Music City.  On average a tourist will stay here 3.7 days and spend $153 bucks a day.  14.5 million came last year alone.  And with that have come high priced hotel rooms and the need for more hotels.  120 brand new hotels are being built within Nashville and 14 neighboring counties to help drive down those prices…hopefully.  Hillbilly music is hot folks.  Come see us…leave your money. 



Our coyote population…apparently.  Lots of those critters.  Experts are warning folks to not let vegetation and brush growth get out of hand. 


We may have to go back to chasing them again like my Dad and his friends did back in Missouri when I was growing up.   They’d all take their dogs and turn them loose to run after fox, wolf and coyote.  It was a time when everyone was on the CB Radio craze…so they’d scatter and then monitor the dogs by communicating over the radio.  Windows were rolled down…ears wide open listening for the dogs to go off signaling they might be on one. 


If we had our technology today…I’m sure all those guys would have been flying mini-drones overhead with a camera to monitor the chase.  It was pretty cheap entertainment back in those days.



Apparently that’s some sage advice from those smart investing folks as it’s legalized in more and more states…and now word is that more and more employers are not asking for “pot” tests for potential employees nor do they worry about it much if you’ve got the right credentials.  Folks drink beer…nobody thinks about it.  It may be getting close to that for marijuana. 


I’m buying stock in old psychedelic rock albums from the 60’s myself.



That’s because this past weekend a museum there allowed naked customers in for a few hours.  Oh the French.  So...considering it was indeed an ART museum…some of them may have walked in…got painted…and then framed and hung.  I’ll be you one of them at least is wearing a fanny pack.



Despite bad ratings ABC has renewed the revamped American Idol for a second season.  More Luke, Lionel and Katy I think.  As of now Luke is the only one re-signed for another season.  We simply can’t get enough talent contests.


How bout something original?  Let’s hold a talent TV show inside Wal Mart.  Start yodeling.



We fired a ship off for Mars.  It should be there in November.  NASA won’t have to pay for a rental car, airline ticket or hotel forever after claiming their frequent flier miles from this trip.  Who knows…someday maybe we will colonize that planet and start building McDonald’s.


That would be a good thing for the guy who has now officially eaten over 30,000 big Macs!  True.  They’ll be floating him above the streets in the Macy’s Day Parade this year in New York.



I’ve got a private show for a corporation this evening with my “Hits & Grins” trio.  We’ll be playing for some company at the Opryland Hotel this evening and doing our best to entertain their employees and send them home with an ear full of songs and some laughs.  Always fun to do this.


Have a great Monday! 







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