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Two Texas Shows...Barmageddon...Mother's Day Weekend

May 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good Friday morning from Arlington, Texas.



Our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and I left Nashville dark and early and made an 11-hour drive over to Texas. We caught a very long rainy stormy lightning system that stayed with us the biggest part of the drive before it finally gave away to some sunshine about the time we crossed over into the Lone Star State. Much better weather here today with sunshine and a high of 85.


 We made a stop in Benton, Arkansas to grab a tasty burger there at the Burger Shack that’s famous there. Right on a little town square in Benton next to a theater that the late Jerry Van Dyke helped establish as he lived there for a long time. He of course the funny brother of Dick Van Dyke. If you’re ever near I recommend you drop by for a great juicy burger.


So we are settled into our hotel now a stone’s throw away from Jerry Jones’ big playground for the Dallas Cowboys as well as the new Texas Rangers baseball stadium. As I’m trying to see every baseball stadium, I was hoping I might get lucky and the Rangers would have an early game today, but no luck as they are out of town. So, another time, I hope.



I do want to share a wonderful new song that features Lang and Linda’s daughter Hillary Scott along with the video of “Mamas” that Hillary was asked to sing on by a new contemporary Christian artist named Anne Wilson. If this song is any indication, this young new artist is going to blow up. I love this song, and certainly it’s appropriate timing for it with Mother’s Day being Sunday. Check it out. It will touch your heart. And yes, those are Hillary’s young children in the video with her, and it’s Anne’s mama with her in this video.



One more gift to avoid for Mother’s Day. Cleaning equipment. If you give Mama a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day, there’s a fair chance that she’ll think you suck more than the vacuum cleaner. Just saying.



The FDA has just restricted J&J’s vaccine because of the side effect of blood clots that they’ve seen. Yikes.


The pandemic has taken 15 million lives worldwide according to an article I read this morning and the article claims that’s 3 times higher than the numbers the WHO reported.


Reportedly there’s been a slight uptick in vaccinations over the last little bit. Most of those getting the shot are older Americans.



We just celebrated Star Wars day a couple of days ago, “May the 4th Be With You”. With the anniversary comes trivia about the Star Wars franchise. Here’s a couple of things I did not know. The first Star Wars released in 1977 that was so mind-blowing cost just 11 million dollars to produce at that time. And James Earl Jones who provided the iconic voice for Darth Vader (no, he was not in the suit) was paid just $7,000 to use his voice. Wow. He’s made a LOT more for being Darth’s voice since then.



This made me feel that way. When I found out two of the three living Beach Boys are now 79 and 81 years old respectively. Can you still call them “boys” at that age? Gosh, you get to be in your 70’s and 80’s and you’re lucky, I think. But they may have to change the lyrics in their hit to “It’s hard to Get Around” now.



An American Airlines plane dropped part of its wing over Birmingham yesterday and had to emergency land. No problems. But as a rule I’m in favor of my plane not dropping any part of its wing when I’m flying somewhere. Trying to slide down that inflatable slide from 28,000 feet is a bit much for my heart to withstand.


This is a funny take on that thought from comedian James Gregory.



That would be Blake Shelton sometimes. And he’s launching what could be a funny new game show called “Barmageddon” along with Carson Daley his friend and host of “The Voice” that Blake has been a part of since the start. The game show will be filmed at Blake’s bar here in Nashville “Ole Red.” Celebrities will be paired up against each other playing bar type crazy games like, keg curling, air cannon cornhole, and a favorite “drunken axe hole”.  (Sounds like Blake, don’t it?) It will be aired on the USA Network. Stay tuned.



If you believe what you read golfer Phil Mickelson has lost 40 million dollars gambling through the years. At the time he was losing that over a 5-year period, reportedly he was making about 40 million per year. And is still making large bucks. So he’s okay.


For the record, I get upset if I put a dollar in the claw machine and nothing comes out.



“Woman Pronounced Dead Opened Her Eyes In The Middle Of Her Own Funeral”. I didn’t read the rest of the story. Not sure my heart could handle it.



Our Evening in the Round show tonight is at 8 pm at the Arlington Music Hall here in Texas, a place that Linda Davis sang at quite a bit when she was growing up in Carthage which is south of here. So I’m interested in hearing those stories on stage tonight.


Then tomorrow night we’re in the town of Linden, Texas as the Music City Texas Theater for their Patron’s Appreciation Day. 6 pm concert there. And then back to Nashville we go on Mama’s Day.


Oh yea, don’t forget Mama y’all.


Have a great weekend!












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