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Lights Back On!...Thank God For School...Coach Shula

May 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Humpin’ to get over another quarantine Wednesday.  And it’s so nice to wake up and have the power back on this morning!



Tuesday was a day of hauling debris from the storm and hoping our power would finally come back on. That finally happened about 8:30 pm last night after being out since Sunday afternoon.  So the generator my friend Lang Scott  and his wife Linda Davis lent us was shut down and we are back to fairly normal around here.


Earlier in the day before power was restored I met a young couple…a husband and wife to be that I hired online to haul away the front yard limbs and debris from that massive straight-line windstorm we had the other night. It was refreshing to watch them work together and hustle to build a business at such a young age.  That kind of work ethic and politeness at such a young age will lead to them building a very successful life together.  Always good to see that.


Turns out that the storm we had was a very unusual type that they call a “Derecho”.  It can go back to wherever it came from as far as I’m concerned. 


So we’ve had a massive tornado, the virus, a “Derecho” and there’s a pretty good chance that every show this year on my calendar could be wiped out.  I’m already looking forward to 2021.



Some experts are thinking that when the virus is finally gone education may not be the same.  That there may be a lot more online school and less kids jumping on a bus to go to a school.  The cost savings could be enormous.  What to do if Mom and Dad both work would be a big issue to resolve. 


That thought makes this little song I wrote with Becky and Will Denton pack more of a punch.  Check out “Thank God For School”



Apparently with folks being quarantined a lot of women are no longer wearing bras.  You know who you are.  See, not everything about being quarantined is bad. It’s kind of “freeing” for some.



What are we watching?  The Food Channel and HGTV have increased their viewership significantly.  We’re apparently eating a lot, and fixing things around the house.  I’ve done half of that for sure.  Wonder if HGTV would show me how to fix the weight I’ve gained?


Speaking of food.  Ben & Jerry’s just rolled out a new ice cream that has potato chips in it.  Uh huh.  A sweet-salty treat.  The carton says, “Chip Happens”.  I’ll be looking for it in my grocer’s freezer…with my mask on.



How popular are the Disney parks?  Apparently they’ve had a 1.4 billion dollar loss in the last quarter with the parks being closed.  Disney Shanghai is going to re-open but every visitor has to wear a mask.  Not sure how many will want to spend 100 or more per ticket and then have to wear a mask while they’re flying on Dumbo.



Did you see the Coronavirus horse race?  Pretty clever and funny.  My friend Brent Burns sent me this VIDEO and it made me laugh.  A little colorful language as the horses come across the finish line…but funny.



Two guys in London are living in a Pub…quarantined through the virus.  Big screen TV’s, pool tables, beer on tap, fish and chips?  There are worse places to be holed up waiting it out.



To Don Shula who won more NFL games than any other coach…ever. I grew up watching a lot of those Dolphin games with Shula on the sidelines.  He always came across classy and professional.  And inspirational.  A friend of mine Brooke Aldridge of Darin and Brooke Aldridge that I’ve written songs for shared a great post yesterday on her Facebook page.  Apparently during her Senior year of college she interned a semester for coach Shula.  She put up a picture of her and her husband Darin alongside the coach and his wife.  Brooke noted how kind and supportive he and his wife were of her and Darin’s career and mentioned that every time she was in their house Coach Shula had their music playing through the speakers and was one of their biggest supporters.  Like a true great coach Brook also noted that he drove her to reach for her dreams and be great.  Brooke has since been named the Bluegrass Female Vocalist of the Year three years in a row and she and her talented husband Darin are now regulars on the Grand Ole Opry.  Apparently Coach Shula coached them up pretty well.



Tom Cruise is apparently going to go the Space Station and film a little movie in space.  The new Top Gun movie should be out later this year but the avid flyer will be soaring to even greater heights with a Space Station movie.


And Nicolas Cage looks to be the choice to play the Tiger King dude in a Docu-Series being developed.  If you’ve seen that Tiger King guy and then take a look at Nic Cage?  You can see why he’s the choice.



“Woman Killed By Alligator Was Visiting Home To Do The Owners Nails, Tried To Touch The Gator, Police Say”.  And I thought the Tiger King guy was weird.  Netflix is surely writing a script now for the “Alligator Queen”.



Back to online writing now that we have the worldwide web back at our disposal.  Brent Burns will be joining me today to write a funny idea he came up with. So we’ll certainly have some fun doing that.


Then tonight I’ll have to watch some Korean baseball that ESPN is now airing.  Yep, I’ve gotten THAT desperate for baseball


Have a great Wednesday!











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