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Texas Bound...Cinco...Knock Down Comedy

May 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning very early and wheels are getting ready to roll for 11 hours to Texas for 2 shows this weekend with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. So a bit of a shorter blog this morning.



Wednesday was a day of getting ready for this Lone Star trip with packing and checking guitar strings and making sure I don’t leave anything at home that I’ll need. Like my clothes. Yes. I’ve done that. The infamous clothes bag on the bushes story that’s become semi-legendary between those of us in this trio. Sigh. All things are counted and ready…I think.


It was also a day where I got word of doing a possible cruise on a great ship out in the Caribbean with some other Trop Rock singers. That will happen next March if it gets locked in. Still cold in Nashville in March, so I’m rooting it comes through. If it does, I’ll pass on all that fun info so you can come and join me and some friends if you’d like.



That would be today. The 5th of May. Gonna be a lot of salt or margarita glass rims today I’m thinking. And you’ll probably need a reservation for your favorite Mexican restaurant. Here’s my musical contribution to the day. This song I discovered on a Jimmy Buffett CD “Cinco de Mayo In Memphis.” I’ve worn it out since I bought that album it’s on. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too.



Yep. Tourists are still flocking into Nashville and a lot of you seem to choose our Opryland Hotel for your stay. The Ryman group here posted a 255% jump in revenue in the first quarter for their properties that include the Opry, Opry Mills, The General Jackson Showboat, Ole Red, The Wild Horse Saloon and other entities. But most of the profit was pulled into the hotel where I used to work at WSM Radio. The revenue in the hotel was up 84 million in the quarter. Proof that hillbilly music is still a big draw folks.



It’s still around. Nashville COVID-19 infections doubled last month.


Those in the travel industry are bracing those of us who want to travel again now that COVID restrictions have eased up. With that they’re telling us to brace for even higher travel expenses for rental cars, flights, rooms, food…you name it.


Some scientists are now working on a nasal vaccine to shoot up our nose with the belief that a vaccine injected up our nostrils has a better chance of stopping COVID in its tracks because it will go to the nose and throat where most infections take hold.



Here’s another one with Mother’s Day approaching. One Mom’s son gave her a back shaver. This is how one gets written out of wills. It’s this weekend y’all. Don’t buy Mama a back shaver. And don’t take that make shaver and make topiary figure on her back. Back away from the back shaver.



After the Will Smith-Chris Rock debacle, and now Dave Chappelle getting bowled over on stage during his set at the Hollywood Bowl the other night I’m thinking stand-up comedians are going to start carrying more security. Maybe we should start calling it “knock-down” instead of “stand-up” comedy. What the heck is going on with folks?


I did a little stand up in comedy clubs years ago. Never would have crossed my mind that someone would storm the stage. Of course my stand-up was kid stuff compared to Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle AND I carried a guitar that could easily be swung upside some idiot’s head if they stormed the stage. So there’s that.



That’s because the stock market came roaring back after some big roller coaster dips recently. Jumped up 932 points on Star Wars Day yesterday. I guess the force was indeed with it on Wall Street. I think the stock market is what singer Ray Stevens was talking about when he shouted, “Don’t Look Ethel”!



Dolly Parton will be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. She changed her mind after first thinking she should not be included. A lot of folks helped change her mind. So she will join the new class that includes Carly Simon, The Eurythmics, Eminem, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie and Pat Benatar.


If you’re ever in Cleveland? The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is a great place to kill a few hours. I’d go again for sure.



Here ya go. Just what the pet lover needs?  The world’s first ever dog bed for the owners to sleep in. Uh huh. If this catches on, I see chew toys for adults in the future.



Time to roll to Texas. Tomorrow night our show is at the Arlington Music Hall in Arlington, Texas and then Saturday night we’re at the Music City Texas Theater.  Linda Davis is a Texas native, so we’ll have fun seeing a lot of her friends and family at the shows and some friends I’ve made during our Texas runs are also showing up including my old funny friend Richard Bowden who used to play in a band with Don Henley now with The Eagles. Both grew up in Linden, Texas and there are some great pictures on the wall of that theater there that captures them in their youth playing music. Don of course is still touring with the amended version of the Eagles that Vince Gill is now part of. And Richard still plays music too and writes and was half of one of the funniest country duos I ever saw, Pinkard & Bowden that featured Richard and his sidekick Sandy Pinkard. Songs like these still make me laugh today.


Have a great Thursday!






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