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Big Storm

May 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

So I'm actually sitting in the parking lot of a Starbucks to grab the internet as there is none at the house. We were part of that big storm that swept through middle Tennesee Sunday night knocking down at least as many trees it seems as the tornado that passed through a couple of months ago.  We are two days and counting with no electric and the city is saying some of us could be without for over a week.  Sigh.  So that's why there was not blog yesterday.


Lighting struck a tree in our backyard and scared the heck out of us and another went down in our front yard blocking our driveway so we could not get out.  So we had a lot of clean up and that's when an army of neighbors and friends came over with chainsaws and trucks and my friend Lang Scott and his wife Linda Davis even brought over their generator to help save what's in our refrigerators. 


A complete stranger who lives up the road saw our driveway and he and his son cleared that so we could get out with their chain saw.  He lost his blade in the process but still would not charge us a dime.  Amazing.


My two next door neighbors Bubba and Paul brought chainsaws.  You can't beat a neighbor named Bubba.  He and his son Logan cleared the massive tree in our backyard it seemed in minutes.  And Paul got the front tree taking some of the logs home for his fire pit. 


I'm alway a "cup half full" kind of guy but after this experience even more so.  There are a lot of really good people in the world and my thanks goes to all of those who jumped in to help.  I can only hope I'll get to return the favor someday in someway.


So, still no electric this morning.  No TV, no internet, no AC (but temps thank God are not unbearable) so we're just sitting and waiting and hoping ours will be turned on before an entire week or more goes by.  We'll see.


And of course all of my online songwriting appointments have to be cancelled until we get power.  Break out the Monopoly board.


So that's our status, and that's why the daily blog here may be sketchy for awhile.  The regular blog will be back up as soon as we see the first light bulb go on in the house.


Have a great Tuesday!

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