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Back To The Writing Room...Hippy Dippy...T For Texas

May 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Hump Day in the month of May. High of 80 here in Music City. Last night I sat in a ballpark on a perfect weather evening watching our minor league team play. And now I’m checking the weather for Texas as I get ready to hit the road with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and our “Evening in the Round” show dark and early tomorrow morning.



What a good day of songwriting with Mike Rogers and Sarah Davison was had on Tuesday morning. Second time Mike and I have written, and Mike invited Sarah to join us from the girl group “High Road” that feature 4 very talented young ladies who sing great harmony parts together. I had an idea that I thought my fit this trio and brought it. In fact, I had fully written this thought into a song but felt it could be special, and it could certainly become an even better song with the right co-writers. That turned out to be more than true. Both Mike and Sarah are gifted musicians. Mike plays several instruments and sings as does Sarah who majored in jazz piano here at Belmont University. The two of them loved the verse, and chorus of the thought I brought, and we dug in, changed the melody a bit, added a verse and a bridge and I’m in love with this new-old creation now.


And it was great fun getting to know both even better. Mike plays guitar and sings with Brotherly Love as well as being a member of Kentucky Thunder, Ricky Skaggs all-star bluegrass band. And he’s played drums for several years for country star Craig Morgan. The two of them own a publishing company together as well as a production house.


And Sarah can arrange vocals, charts and even string parts so I was in the right room at the right time for this song yesterday.


And as a bonus, because she grew up in Iowa and her daddy was a hog farmer, we got to talk all things pig. You just can’t beat day talking about music and bacon.



May the 4th be with you. It is indeed a day for Star Wars fans and geeks everywhere. I’m a fan too, though you won’t see me showing up at the theater dressed like Chewbacca. But like a lot of us, I was hooked from the first Star Wars movie that came out. I remember just being blown away by the technological advance in the film from Lucas and company. And I will say again, the new Star Wars attraction at Disney World that my family visited late last year is worth the wait and price of admission.



Those supposedly in the know say that over a million weird symptoms have popped up after having COVID. Headaches, dizziness, memory problems. You name it. Going to be a heck of a book and movie documentary on all of this one day.


Up in Canada police had to arrest 7 and tow 24 vehicles at an anti-vaccine mandate protest there.


Meanwhile, with things easing up, Germany is throwing the doors open again on Oktoberfest in Munich. They’ve had it shut down because of COVID the last two years. I can raise a stein to that.



Here’s another one that a child gave their Mom one year. A coupon for birth control. Uh huh. I can bet the mother then wished she had used it before birthing that Einstein of a child. Fair warning with Mom’s big day this weekend.



Comedian Dave Chappelle, who can be controversial like a lot of comedians, had a guy storm the stage he was on last night and bowled him over. He’s okay. Security jumped on the guy. But the headline in one newspaper this morning was, “Was That Will Smith”?



HBO will release a documentary (strong language) on the very smart comedian George Carlin who I was a big fan of. Not a gag guy, not a cheap joke guy, but a very intelligent approach to stand-up comedy. The first time I became aware of him was in college. They had a talent contest of some kind that I went to watch. The young college student who won the contest did the “Hippy Dippy Weather Man" routine that I had not heard before that was off that now iconic George Carlin album that I went out and bought after the show and then wore out on my turntable in my dorm room. He was one of the first to my knowledge to hone in on “observational” humor with bits like “Stuff.” Should be an interesting and fun documentary with a lot of his peers involved with it.



So after statistic after statistic reporting how so many people are moving to Nashville, yesterday some new statistics reveal that 14,000 LESS folks moved into our metro than moved out. Must be getting tired of the pedal taverns and banjo parties, I guess. It would not hurt my feelings to see a few fewer building cranes.



Hawaii is doing away with a long running ukulele festival. It’s been there for 52 years. Not related to the pandemic they say, it’s just time. I got to go to Hawaii once. I’d go back again. And if the uke festival was going on, I’d be curious enough to want to go.


However, I don’t feel the same way about driving in to check out the Roadkill Cookoff in West Virginia or go shout at the National Hollerin’Contest in North Carolina. Nope. If I want to hear any hollerin’, all I have to do is turn on a political talk show on my TV.



"Man Proposes In A Packed McDonald’s And Gets Brutally Rejected". Proof I suppose that one should not offer up a cheap engagement ring in a box and then ask, “want friends with that”?



It’s packing day for Texas. Got about an 11-hour drive to Arlington tomorrow with Linda Davis and Lang Scott for our two shows. Saturday night in Arlington at the Music Hall, and then Saturday night we return to the Music City Texas Theater in Linden.  And by the way, half the fun of these trips is the trip itself with this trio. See you this weekend Texas.


Have a great Wednesday!





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