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Tornado Morning...Rory Feek Songs...White Castle Crazy

May 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and we’ve got tornado warnings out all over Nashville with a lot of power outages. And at this moment at 6:00 AM moment it’s moving our way. All eyes on the weather right now. 70 mph straight winds, funnels, heavy rain…fun morning in Nashville.


Watching the weather unfold on TV for the first time in my life I actually heard a weather person say, “Get in your safe place and put on your helmet”. And I got rid of my motorcycle helmet years ago.



My writing appointment was with Irene Kelley with her at her kitchen table on one side of town and me at my desk on the other. Computers can do some amazing things. Before we wrote we caught up and I was happy to see pictures of her new A frame cabin in Gatlinburg looking mostly complete Man it’s going to be a beauty with a great deck for writing songs on soon with a view of the Smokies. She was there the other day, spent the night only to find out a bear had gotten into one of the cars. The door was open, and a big bear print was left on the window. Keep your doors locked in the Smokies folks. Often when songwriters get together, they’ll ask, “Have you heard this”? And then the other writer will ask, “no, have you heard this”?


We talked about Rory Feek who we both love, and Irene had found this wonderful video-song of Rory singing “Big Talk at the Small Town Café”. And she had not heard Rory’s wonderful version of the Dylan song “The Times They Are A Changing”. So, we got to share new music with each other which I always enjoy. Click on and listen, you might fall in love with one of those songs too.


And then we attacked an idea I had yesterday with a chorus pretty much in place and we turned out a fun new up-tempo bluegrass song together. Twas a pretty good Monday effort here in Music City.



I saw some signs of “normal” returning a bit yesterday as airline tickets came in for two trips. One to Colorado for “Freedom Sings USA” where myself and 5 other songwriters will fly into Montrose to write veteran’s personal stories into song…and then a concert outdoors with the Rockies as a backdrop.


The second for a family Disney trip that just kind of happened quickly because our daughter realized she had some unused Disney World passes so we’re going to take advantage of that and go full on Mickey in a couple of months. I haven’t flown since the pandemic started over a year ago. Here we go again.



Encouraging headline this morning: “Yes America can beat the coronavirus. Don’t buy the panic stories.” (Okay, I’ll try)


However, the WHO reported that worldwide we’ve had more cases in the last two weeks than we had in the first 6 months of the pandemic.


And…one report suggests that the next vaccines could be in pill or spray form which would be a blessing for anyone who doesn’t like getting poked.



It’s sneaking up this weekend. How about this quote from one Mom who said, “I put my symptoms into WebMD; it turns out I just have kids”.



At least one study suggests if you nap at least twice a week you reduce your chance of having a heart attack. If that’s the case, I should never have to worry about that. I’ve always napped largely because of doing very early radio shifts. These days it’s because I’ve officially hit the “nap age.”



One of the big headlines is all about Bill & Melinda Gates getting a divorce. They’re worth 130 BILLION dollars. Both should be okay. And I guess one can say the “Windows” closed on that relationship.



Jimmy Fallon ask his viewers to tweet why they’re single? One woman admitted, “Because I get mad at people for things I dreamt they did.” Yep, that might do it.



A 79-year-old man in Canada just went to beauty school to learn how to take care of his wife’s hair who’s going blind. They’ve been married 50 years. God bless em’.



Orlando apparently had never had a White Castle until they opened the world’s largest yesterday. You’d have thought it was the Magic Castle at Disney World by the reaction. Folks were excited. There was a 4 hour wait! I don’t like onions, so they’ve never been my thing. But some folks are addicted. Like the couple I helped marry one morning at a White Castle in Northern Kentucky, “live” on the air for the radio station I was working at in Cincinnati. True story. It was…uhhh…crazy! I can’t remember if we tossed the diced onions at the couple after they said I do’s and left or not.



“Woman Who Did Not Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth On Flight To Hawaii.”



Nothing big…just hoping the power stays on and folks stay safe.


Have a great Tuesday!





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