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Back Porch Memories...Seals and Crofts 2...Old Scoreboards

May 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First weekend of May on the way.  Volcanoes are erupting in Hawaii, tornadoes are dropping down like rain in Kansas…we have heat.  I’ll take the heat.



With no appointments on a summer like day here in Music City…my wife and I took advantage of that and spent a little time on the back deck at our friends house Lang Scott and Linda Davis.  A longtime mutual friend was in town visiting…Jana Peterson who lives in Wisconsin along with Kenny Rogers longtime road production-manager (almost 50 years Keith Bugos and his wife Wanda.  And here’s a story of how lives weirdly interconnect in this business.


Jana Petersen took Linda’s place at the Sheraton piano bar here many years ago after Linda got the job with Reba along with her now longtime husband Lang Scott.  So they became friends.  Fast forward to Wisconsin when I was doing the morning show there for WMIL FM*106.  Jana became my on air partner for a few very fun years before she moved on to TV and is now leading the music department for a huge church up in Wisconsin. But while we were paired on air I found out that Jana knew Linda.  All these years later Linda and Lang have become second family to me…and we do some dates together as a songwriter trio “Evening In The Round”.  And Jana has remained friends with them and comes to town every now and then to spend time. 



Add to that little party Keith Bugos who worked for Kenny Rogers for almost 50 years…and for the first time in that amount of time he’s out of work.  Kenny of course hired Linda to tour with him more than once and she was part of the Farewell Tour that ended with Kenny’s official retirement from showbiz.  Keith has traveled the world many times over…has met everyone…has all the stories.  In fact…the stories all of us could share made for an extremely enjoyable mid-day yesterday.





In the middle of the conversation I heard on the kitchen radio as I was passing through of the shooting at Opry Mills located right next to the Opryland Hotel where I work at WSM from time to time.  This one was quickly handled…two guys got into an argument and of course…one grabs his gun…shoots and kills the other one.  After the Waffle House incident you can imagine what everyone was thinking.  The Opryland Hotel shut down completely until they captured the killer and everything ended.


So the TV went on off the screened in back porch and that changed the tone some of our fun conversation we were having.  We live in different times for sure.



I will be on air doing the morning show a couple of times during CMA week which is the first week of June when tourists from all over the world converge here to get their country music fix and autographs and the locals avoid downtown at all costs.  I’ll be on June 6 and 8.  All the details on that and all of my performance dates are listed here on the website if you be curious.



I watched a VIDEO of my great friend and co-writer Brady Seals yesterday who is on to something good.  He’s gotten together with Dash Croft’s daughter Lua and they have formed a duo called “Seals & Crofts 2”.  Yes…they’ll sing some of those songs…and some originals for any shows they book and are planning a CD. 


I was so moved after watching this the perforance from the two of them I called my friend last night to tell him how awesome this is.  And within the next couple of months…I’m going to sit down with him a couple of times to see if we can’t write something the two of them will love that they can put in their “original” song consideration list. 


And if for some reason you don’t remember how great Seals & Croft were?  Here’s the original version of the SONG I listed above.  Congrats Brady!



It took education before many of us realized it was not a good thing to slather oil on our bodies and go cook in the sun.  Sunscreen started selling like crazy.  Now…Hawaii is banning a lot of that because the chemicals are bad for the environment.  And Hawaii has a LOT of sun.  Surely someone will make a gluten free sunscreen made from soybeans or something that we’ll start slathering when we lay on the beaches in Maui.  Surely.



It’s not just here that we have potholes big enough to fill with water and stock bass in.  In England…a guy got so frustrated driving that he started filling potholes with Barbie Dolls to draw attention to the folks with shovels and cinder.  I don’t know why…but that’s funny to me. 


I think I’ll borrow that and put some stuffed furry “varmints” Bill Murray was after in Caddyshack in some of ours.







Some McDonald’s will offer up Fried Cheese Donuts.  Proof that anything can be fried.  I’ll buy a half dozen…and no…I will not look up at the calorie board.  You can’t make me.



Meanwhile Tobasco Sauce is celebrating it’s 150 year anniversary.  I’ve never tried it.  I’m extremely weird that way.  Lots of things never sounded good to me…so…I’m not curious...and I never try those things.  And it’s a long list.  Mustard, ketchup, pickles, mayonnaise, whiskey, cigarettes, spinach, cauliflower, vinegar, tomatoes, strawberries…should I go on? 


I should have been more curious I know.  But…when I can get an order of Fried Cheese Donuts instead?  C’mon.  Ya’ll go on and enjoy your kale and Tofu.



It’s no secret what sells tickets to the movies.  Superheroes are the hot ticket now and have been for a long while.  So producers look for the familiar to produce and re-produce.  The Hans Solo Star Wars movie is out soon…THAT I’ll see.  And now they’re re-done Robin Hood again and brought this one along to look more super hero than it’s predecessors.  This dude is really a bad you know what with a bow and arrow.  Here’s the TRAILER just out.



I’m off to write with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur…the former American Idol star.  A pleasure to sit in a room and hear Janelle sing for sure.  Gerald and I get the best part of that deal for sure every time we write with her.









And then it’s on to the weekend.  Our baseball team is in town…I’m sure I’ll do my part to keep their economy going.


Our Nashville Sounds has one of the greatest scoreboards ever designed for baseball…in the shape of a guitar.  Pretty awesome.  I’ve seen a LOT of baseball parks…and a lot of scoreboards and it ranks as one of my all time favorites.  And the only one I like as well as that is the old scoreboard that used to hang at Sportsman Park in St. Louis…home of the Cardinals.  Not because it was spectacular or unusual in shape…but because every time the Cards hit a home run…you’d watch a Cardinal fly around in a circle on that scoreboard as if the bird had just hit a dinger.  Funny how some memories last forever.


Have a great weekend.





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