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Good To Feel Good...New Cruise Ship...Co-Writing

May 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning. Still can’t believe we’re in the month of May already.



I took one more day off to try and finish off this ridiculous cold I’ve had for 8 or 9 days. The good news is I’m feeling a whole lot better. Not totally out of the woods, but good enough to get off the couch and start moving again. Prednisone may be by bestest new friend. 


So I worked on a couple of song ideas, one that I’m taking with me today to my writing appointment. (I know I’m feeling better when I start picking up a guitar again)



I got a little good news that a well-known contemporary southern gospel group put a hold on a song I’m a writer on. A “hold” meaning they don’t want my publishing company to pitch the song to anyone else as they have it on their short list of songs to record for their next album. Keep your fingers crossed.



And I got a note from a songwriter friend of mine yesterday who told me he was playing an afternoon songwriters thing at a Music Row bar and that he and two other songwriters ALL sang songs that they had written with me. What has become of the standards and ethics committee down there?! One of those came from my buddy Wood Newton who wrote #1 songs like Riding With Private Malone and Bobby Sue to name a couple. We co-wrote “If You’re Not Careful…My Wife’s Gonna Leave You” that Wood performs out often when he does songwriter shows. As he did yesterday apparently. Here’s a bit of Wood singing our song “live” one night at the Bluebird Café a few years ago. Enjoy. And thanks for doing our songs boys!



Well, I ordered a new car that was to arrive last September. Still not here. Chip shortage, I guess. I for the longest time could not find regular Frito chips on the shelf and joked that took is because of a “chip” shortage.


Now, most folks probably would have moved on and found a different brand-model and would have bought that as a friend of mine suggested who owned the same vehicle I have, and like me wanted another one because they’ve been so dependable and work horse on the road. I didn’t do that…he did. But over the weekend I kept seeing national TV commercials about how folks should order the same vehicle I’ve been waiting on until September. So I texted the sales guy and ask, “does this mean there’s a chance my vehicle might finally show up sometime in my lifetime”? His immediate response was “yes” that is should be in by the first of the month or first of June. This will be the FOURTH arrival estimate time I’ve been given. So, will it be here by the? Who knows? I just wanted to take up some space venting a bit here and letting you know I’m may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. Sigh.



Late Night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is the latest celebrity to announce he has COVID and will need a replacement to cover for him. He’s double vaccinated.


Moderna announced it is aiming for a Fall release for omicron, variant-specific COVID-19 vaccine boosters. I think somewhere down the line we may see a label on new vaccines that read, “your variant may vary”.


On a more somber note, the US is approaching 1 million lost to COVID.



It’s coming up this weekend. There are some gifts one should PROBABLY not give to their Mom’s on their big day. The daughter that gave her Mother wrinkle cream found out Mom didn’t really light up about that. Pass on giving that.



Jimmy Buffett’s kingdom just keeps growing. The Margaritaville Cruise Line is on the way with 10 decks that parrot heads are going to phlock too. And yes, in the tropical world it’s spelled just like that “phlock”. I see a lot of my Trop Rock music fans in the future playing on board the ship.


The first week of November I’ll be the main emcee and will be playing for the Meeting of the Minds in Key West which is the largest “phlocking” that takes place every year with parrot head fans making the trip from all over the country to hear their favorite trop rock artists and bands. Jimmy himself has played the festival more than once. I would be there will be some talk about Jimmy’s new ship amongst his faithful there this November.



Your cereal. Yep. Tropicana is rolling out a cereal designed for orange juice. Pour a bowl of Tropicana Crunch, then I’m sure they hope you pour some TROPICANA orange juice over it. The cereal is described as a crispy, honey, almond cereal that’s supposed to taste better when orange juice is poured over it.


If this were to catch on? I see beer cereal coming very soon. Bud Brans. Miller Flakes. Pabst Post Toasties.



I used to be an atheist until I started helping my 3rd grader with her math homework. “Dear Lord, I was wrong. I could use your help.”



I’m off to write with Mike Rogers today along with Sarah Davison. Couple of supremely talented folks there. Mike is playing out on the road with both Ricky Skaggs and Brotherly Love and Craig Morgan as well as doing a lot of studio work for other folks. A talented guitar player, drummer, AND singer. Ridiculous. Add to that Susan Davidson who is the driving force behind the group High Road that features four talented females. Their group is about to record a new album so I’m sure we’ll be trying to write something to fit them today. Looking forward to the challenge.


Have a great Tuesday!


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