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New Beach Song...Rhine River Sign Up...The Derby

May 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Early morning rain to kick off the first weekend in May.



My wife Kathy and I had early coffee with my friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis along with my wife and Jana Peterson who I worked with in Milwaukee.  Jana would fill in some as my co-host and it turns out she’s been friends with Lang and Linda longer than my wife and myself.  Her son who’s full -grown was with her…and was just a young boy when I was up north is on his way to Detroit to be Doctor.  Wow time flies.  So good to see them.  Jana is a great singer, plays piano and leads a big music program at her church up there and it turns out she uses a lot of music from the publishing company I write for…Daywind.  So next time she’s in I’m hoping to have a little more time to give her a tour of the place.  Good way to start the day.


And congrats to Linda who I know just knocked em dead again last night singing on the Thursday night Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman!



My Thursday writing session was with Nathan Woodard yesterday at my publishing company.  I had confused our start time and arrived a half hour late.  When I walked in the room Nathan was hard at work on an idea that was inspired by a street sign he saw on the way to our write. It turned into a full song in a short hurry.  I like the way it turned out so much that I’ve decided to be a half hour late from now on to all of our co-writes.



My friend Becky Denton has just released a new beach song that I wrote with her and her talented husband Will Denton titled “Take Me Back To Tybee”.  Tybee is their favorite ocean spot to run to located on the coast of Georgia.  I’m thinking…there’s probably not a ton of songs written about Tybee…but now there’s at least one.  Thank you Becky for recording our beach tune!



I’m on my way back to Gulf Shores this coming Thursday for a few days to write with Brent Burns as he’s starting to think about his next beach album.  So we’ll dig in and try to write some tropical songs mixed with a couple of funny ideas we have.  Brent and I will soon be on our trip down the Rhine River that starts at the end of June.  Here’s the LINK once more…and yes…it’s not too late to come float by the castles with us and tour Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland as well as getting to hear us in concert a few times along the way.  Sign up!


And…Brent is now working on a part cruise-part land tour of Greece in late 2020 that I may be a part of too. Stay tuned for details.



Apparently Nashville has no design to put up a wall as more and more major companies are moving in as well as major sporting events.  After drawing over 600,000 people to this town to watch the NFL Draft a couple of weekends ago…now there’s speculation that Music City could host a major PGA golf tourney, a Nascar Race complete with a new short track like in Bristol AND there’s also whispering of Major League Baseball.  Please! 


I’m love living here…but I’m also glad I live out and away from the city.  They can’t make enough orange barrels to cover all the slowdowns and traffic here.



Every Star Wars fan must be saddened a little with the news that the guy who was in the hairy costume of Chewbacca in Star Wars…the right hand wookie to Hans Solo passed away.  The actors name was Peter Mayhew who by all accounts was a very nice man.  Apparently the character was inspired by the dog that director George Lucas owned.  Who knew?



Well…I had no idea that American’s spend $18,000 on non-essential items YEARLY.  The biggest part of that according to those in the know…eating out and cable bills.  And we spend $20 bucks a month on coffee…aka Starbucks.  Guilty as charged. 


May just be me…but in my world essential oils are non-essential. 



Pretty funny.  Jimmy Kimmel and actor Matt Damon have had a long time pranking feud going back and forth between them for a long time.  The latest?  Kimmel got Tom Brady to toss a football through Matt’s window.  Here’s the RESULT.



Apparently Miss North Carolina won the crown last night. The winner is a full time lawyer.  So if you post that she’s not “congenial”…she can take you to court.  And win.



Cinco De Mayo…that be this weekend.  And so is the Kentucky Derby.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to be one of the commentators this year as NBC is expanding his role covering other events than just NASCAR.  Hey…it’s still a race.  Can’t wait to see him put a clock on the pit crew changing four horseshoes.


Hope you have a great weekend!






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