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Rain Tarp...Billboard Awards...Witches On The Net

May 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday…all dang day.



I got in a little songwriting and a little baseball on Wednesday starting with a songwriting session with my friend Gerald Smith who I was glad to see looking good after a pretty significant bout with his health over the past few months.  Each day becomes more precious once you reach certain milestones in your life and I never take one for granted anymore and I’m sure Gerald in particular feels this way.  Kind of made my day to see him and rhyme together again.  Gerald has a great sense of humor…always has.  And he’s recorded a lot of funny songs through the years including this SONG we wrote together that he put on his latest CD project. 



Last night I arrived early at our ballpark and sat for a couple of hours watching rain hit the tarp that covered the field.  The rain brought cooler air making me wish I’d checked the forecast as I wore a pair of shorts and t-shirt for the game that was delayed over an hour.  It had been a long time since I’d been to a game and the highlight was watching the ground crew do their thing.  I managed to catch about 4 innings before having to leave but not before I scratched off a ticket they gave me at the gate that revealed I had one a free ticket to a future Nashville Sounds game.  Made the whole rain delay thing worth it.



This will once again make you kick yourself severely for throwing away your baseball cards when you were a kid.  Years ago this guy hides his baseball card collection inside a piano for fear his wife was going to throw them away.  I’m guessing the wife rarely played the piano.  (And that makes me wonder how many folks purchase a piano and then it turns into a dust collector?)


Anyway…that couple…they up in piano heaven by now and the piano went up for sale at an estate sale.  Woman buys it for $25.  Hitting the keys she thought they sounded muted-funny…lifted the lid to find over 100 old baseball cards stashed away.  One of those cards was a  Babe Ruth baseball card that just sold for over $130,000 at auction.


Did I mention I still kick myself for throwing my baseball card collection away.



And here’s a sign that you might be sitting in the wrong spot at a baseball park.  A guy has TWO foul balls come at him in the same game and both times it hits his food and beer and sends it spilling.  Twice.  I’m betting he buys upper deck tickets the next time.



The Kentucky Derby is coming up.  I never know a thing about horse racing and then I try to find out just enough to be dangerous or to be able to place an educated wager on the race.  Even with that…it’s still almost impossible to pick a wager that will actually make any money.   But…it does make the race more interesting if you’ve got a horse to root for.


This year the favorite is a horse named Omaha Beach.  Love that.  Every time that horse has his name called it will give us a chance to remember those brave soldiers who stormed that infamous beach in Normandy.  Go “Omaha Beach”.



Nope…did not watch one minute.  They have way too many award shows for me to keep up with or care about.  A radio station sent me once to cover an awards show in Vegas that I can’t even remember the name of .  It was pretty much one of those they put together for TV ratings with every genre present.  To this day I can’t tell you who won what.  I doubt anyone can.  But…it was a free trip to Vegas!


Anyway…Billboard Awards?  From what I read Taylor Swift opened in a short dress and Paul Abdul closed in short dress (and showed she can still bust a move) and in between Madonna showed of her 60 year old “toned” legs.  That’s probably everything you need to know about a show that will be quickly forgotten.



Those little flying birds are everywhere and being used in lots and lots of different ways.  How bout adding chasing tornados to the list?  Check out this VIDEO of a drone chasing a funnel cloud in Oklahoma.  I like it.  Great pictures…nobody gets hurt.



Tennessee looks to be passing a law that will make it illegal to talk on you cell phone unless it’s a “hands free” device.  Probably a good idea.  But I hate having to remove that pay phone booth from inside my Toyota RAV.



Burger King is having a little fun with McDonald’s as they roll out their “Unhappy Meal” trying to reach those who are not happy all the time.  That would be a lot of folks.  So you can order a “Whopper” with your Unhappy Meal and then sit down in a booth with a Burger King psychologist to help work out all your problems.  They should so do that!  He can wear the paper crown while he talks to you and makes notes.



A woman wants to see “Avengers End Game” so badly she goes to the theater while she has measles.  No telling how many may start popping red dots on their faces from her being there.  Bad enough we have to stand in line and empty our pockets to get into events and concerts…now we may have to stand and be checked for diseases.  Geez Louise.



“Witches In Romania Are Harnessing The Power Of The Internet”.  And they are casting spells over the world wide web!  So if you get a message in your e-mail that starts with the address “Hattie”…delete…delete…delete.



Off to have coffee early this morning with my wife and some friends of ours…some of whom are from way up North in Wisconsin…one being a former radio friend I worked with in Milwaukee so it will be fun to see them


Then I’m off to write a song at my publishing company today with Nathan Woodard who’s become a frequent co-writer now.  Sings like a danged bird.  I do too but it’s more like a Dodo bird.


Have a great Thursday!



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