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Pennsylvania Square Dance...Goofy Surprise...Cruising Again

Apr 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday and it's already the last day of April.



I wrote for the first time with Troy Engle who it turns out lives about 20 miles or so from where my brother Gary and his wife Kay live. Troy is pretty near the York area of PA. What a great first write we had. My publisher Joe Dan Cornett set up this virtual write and we spent the first half hour of so getting to know each other on our computer screens. Turns out Troy lived here and wrote and played here in town several years before deciding to return home with his wife and two kids.


Troy has written with and played behind several folks we both know and love so we had a common bond right off. In fact, he played some for my friend Lisa Shaffer at one point.


 Since Troy plays almost every instrument and sings and writes, he does a lot of music for film and TV that gets licensed which is a great source of music income if you can do that. Pays more than regular ole songwriting these days for the most part for sure.


And we got a very fun song that I had a verse and a chorus start on that he loved, and we finished up together that allowed me to recall some of my square dance calling “calls” that I once knew when I called the Elsberry, Missouri FFA Barnwarming Square Dance. I KNEW that skill set would come in handy someday! We finished the song, said our goodbye’s, rescheduled another writing date and then 15 minutes later Troy e-mails me a copy of him singing and playing the new song that just sounds so good. Just a good day of writing and making a new friend.



Thought I’d share this VIDEO too this morning after seeing my red-head buddy Becky Denton from Paris Missouri post this "live" recording of a song we wrote together “I Love Dolly”.  Who doesn’t love Dolly?  It was one of the first songs the two of us wrote after I asked her (trying to get to know her better) who she listened to or loved, and Dolly was THE answer.  So, we wrote this little love affair song with Dolly for Becky.



Disneyland in California will open its gates again for the first time in 412 days. The Happiest Place on Earth is open for business again finally. And yea, I do have a Disneyland story that still makes me laugh when I think about it. I covered the Academy of Country Music Awards one year for the radio station I worked for in Cincinnati. My boss went, my radio partner went, and we all took our kids and wives. AND we flew in a day early so that we could go see Disneyland. It was the first time for me. Been to Disney World many times but had never seen the original park. My daughter Heather was still in a stroller at the time, and she was not feeling 100% apparently. That proved to be true with the character Goofy came up to her, knelt down to say “hi” and my daughter promptly threw up on Goofy’s shoes. My daughter recovered. Not sure if Goofy ever did.


Yes, they are getting creative with vaccine incentives. Some of the incentives from companies and other folks include free donuts, free beer, and free pot and even savings bonds. One company let people register to win an all-terrain vehicle if they would roll up their sleeves for a jab. And in Detroit, they are paying folks $50 if they drive someone to a vaccination site. Uber Shot Rides if you will.


The CDC is now saying we’ll be able to cruise again come mid-July. That news did not come out in time to allow me to be part of a Danube River Cruise that was to leave from Germany this July 4 with Brent Burns and one other trop rock musical artist Sunny Jim White. The good news is, it looks like it will most surely be back on come September of 2022. I should have details to post soon on how you can join us on this great trip. And there are only a few cabins that remain as almost everyone who had signed up to sail with us this year are holding their rooms for next September.



Can’t be as bad as the commute some folks had in Houston a couple of day ago when traffic came to a complete halt on two major highways. One had a cow in the road. The second one had a gator in the road!  Would you not have loved hearing the airborne traffic covering that?


Reminds me of when I moved to Nashville to take the morning job on WSM-FM radio at the time. I was in a temporary housing for a few months as my wife stayed in Cincinnati selling the house and putting together the move down here. But one weekend she and my daughter came to visit and stayed with me in the condo complex they had me in…that had a pool. I was on the air when my wife called to tell me they had gone to check out the pool and walked in to see a topless woman soaking up the sun. So, I mentioned that to our long-time traffic reporter Richard Thomas who was more than happy to fly his helicopter in that direction to give us an update. Sometimes it’s just fun to be a radio guy.



MSN had an article talking about the things that frugal people never buy. Most make you nod your ahead and agree. Things like books (all digital now), lottery tickets, new cars, $5 coffee. What?  No Starbucks?  There goes a lot of frugal people. Another one that will stop a lot of folks from being frugal is “owning pets”. One financial pro once says, “The best way to get rich is to never invite anything into your house that you have feed”. Here’s the rest of the list.



I love a lot of what magician David Blaine posts. His up-close magic with celebrities is always great and mind blowing. Actor Harrison Ford’s reaction this this David Blaine masterpiece is just fun viewing. WARINING: Harrison does drop a 4 letter word. Funny.



Have you had a job you thought was weird ever in your life?  I don’t think I’ve had one I called weird. I had a job I was not cutout for once when I was young. My Dad got me a job working at a little gas station back in the day when you ran out, filled up the tank for the customer and cleaned their windshield. Part of the job was fixing flat tires in the garage. I so sucked. How badly did I suck?  The gas station was owned by a man who was blind. True. He fired me. And he couldn’t even see how bad my work was!


But there are truly some weird jobs out there. I saw a top 10 list this morning in an article. I don’t think I ever want to be paid to be a “Professional Mourner”. In Southeast Asia they believe a LOUD funeral assists the dead in traveling to the afterlife. So, folks are hired to mourn and cry LOUDLY.


Here’s another one. Snake Milker. That will never ever happen. They can’t pay enough money for me to try and get a stool under a danged python.


Now this one…if I were young and buoyant…maybe. There’s an underwater hotel off the coast of Florida that people pay to stay in. They PAY scuba divers to deliver pizza.



Some truth in what this one parent tweeted recently. “Until I became a parent, I never realized “BECAUSE I SAID SO” is a perfectly valid response.



I’m off to write with Wil Nance and young Erin Kinsey will join the two of at Wil’s writing cabin about 20 minutes from where I live. Erin was in a songwriter round with Wil and me a couple of months ago. We heard her music and invited her to write, and she said yes so, we’re looking forward to seeing what might come from this music gathering this morning. Erin just released her first ever single titled “Drunk Too” and it gives you a glimpse of what may be to come for this young artist.


Then tomorrow I’m writing in the evening long distance with my buddy Angus Gill down in Australia and he’s looking to write a particular type of song Christmas song (think humor) for a project he’s working on right now.


Have a great weekend!

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