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A "Masters" Writer...Low Notes...and Welcome Mats

Apr 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning Thursday from Music City. Getting a little rain here in Music City…added to some we got yesterday.



Tuesday morning started with a co-write with Gary Cavanaugh and Meagan Allen who I mentioned just got her Songwriting degree from Belmont University yesterday in the Wednesday blog. What I did not know is she is getting ready to re-enter and go for her Masters. SO…that put all the pressure on her, at least I told her that to make sure we wrote a really good song because SHE’S the SMART one.


She did not disappoint as she brought a great song idea to the table that we looked at and then gave it a little gospel thought or two. We finished up before noon and by 1 she sent me a copy of her singing it while playing her piano. Really good stuff and she has an interesting and pretty voice. So, thank you Meagan, and thank you Gary for thinking of her to write with the two of us.



The weather did break enough to get outdoors in some running shorts and go for a walk. It had been a while as I’ve had some back & leg issues, but a recent steroid shot seems to be working a little magic. I didn’t have to embarrass myself and whimper while I was making laps on a track nearby. I had to laugh as my neighbor, named “Bubba” hollered at me as I took the trash out and down our steep driveway asking how my leg was? Funny because he went in and saw the very same doctor who did the very same thing for him for his identical problem. Happy to report Bubba is doing a lot better too. We’re going to try and convince the young Doc to give us a 2 for 1 discount.



More and more I’m seeing musicians, singers, entertainers, and songwriters announcing new dates and some major tours for some of the bigger acts. That all trickles down to the rest of us who love to sing and play our songs out “live”. I got a notice to hold a September date from my friend Lang Scott who books our “Evening in the Round” show starring Linda Davis for the Lone Star state of Texas. I gladly penciled it into my calendar.



A new study is suggesting that a vaccine side effect could be saying that the recipient has already had the virus.


Thelma Sutcliffe is 116 years old. The oldest person in America. At 116 her wish is for things to return to normal too. Still feisty, her friend reveals she won’t take a nose swab and told her friend, “I’ll tell you where you can stick that swab”.


The US is not telling US citizens to get out of India and have issued a Travel 4 advisory alert. And astonishing 379, 259 cases were added in that country yesterday alone. Hospitals in India are turning away sick Americans because they have run out of space.


What goes up comes back down. Food delivery Apps are about to take a hit with restrictions being lifted and folks going back out to eat instead of ordering in.


Meanwhile a new survey says that 62% of working parents will not go back to work without a remote option. Saying that and following through on quitting of course are two different things when you need a paycheck. It will be interesting to see what really happens when the offices are back open.



Well, a female Canadian singer Joy Chapman can sing an F1 note which is the lowest note on a piano. She broke the Guinness record for going low. Listen to this. Attention James Earl Jones. You’ve got competition.


I’m not a mall guy. In fact, my shopping trips don't take long as I’m one to know what I want, and I walk in and buy it and don’t look for bargains or browse a store. Nope. Not me. But this drone footage of the Mall of America up in Minneapolis is pretty cool.


I remember seeing a mall for the first time. I grew up in a small town, Montgomery City, Missouri…population…not many. So, when a buddy said let’s go see something called a Mall in St. Louis, I jumped in the truck with him to go Christmas Shopping. Northwest Plaza…never forget seeing so many stores under one roof. I’m over it now though.


Funniest mall story? A bass player in my band at one time when I was playing Cincinnati had his Father come to town from Missouri to see him. His son took his Dad to see his first mall ever. My bass player said his Dad, who was a farmer, walked in…his mouth dropped open and he finally said, “Man, you could sure stack a bunch of hay in THIS place.”



There are warning signs that we’ll have a gas shortage…or no gas at some gas stations this summer with so many wanting to travel again and gas being in short supply. No wonder some are bullish on the move to electric cars.


In the meanwhile, Amtrak is offering 50% off on some routes. Really cheap to jump a train until May 5. All aboard.



Many are familiar with Top Flite golf. You hit balls off a tee, and you can order food and drink and make a big ole party out of it while you watch your party try to hit distance targets. My daughter took me to one here in Nashville and it was fun.


Now a new twist on that is getting ready to open in town called “Golf Sanctuary”. It’s like a social club mixed with golf. There are six simulators members can choose from. On each simulator you can choose from over 60 iconic golf courses to play virtually. (Wonder if I’ll still have to traipse off into the virtual woods to find my ball?) And of course, there’s food and drink and party rooms. A social event…virtually. You pay a membership fee of course…and it ain’t cheap.



McDonald’s got so much grief over their weird plastic spoon with the hollow end that they stick in their McFlurries that they’ve apologized. Some folks apparently confused the spoon with a straw and tried to suck on the spoon…I guess. Either way they are offering up a free Caramel Brownie McFlurry to customers to say “sorry” on May 4. So, I’m hoping now they make a bad fork and knife too down the line.



If I’m ever in Springfield, Oregon I am going to HAVE to stop at this place called “Giant Burger”. Talk about truth in advertising. You can order a 5-pound burger there. 5 pounds! And not one bite of it a fake plan- based thing you’re biting into. Beef. Clara Peller used to say for Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef”. I know where it is now Clara.



Have you got a welcome mat at your front door? Me neither. Most folks aren’t creative with their welcome mats. Most say “Welcome”. Guess that’s why they call them “welcome mats” huh?


But some are creative. You can get a welcome mat that reads, ‘There’s a 98% chance I’m peeking through the blinds.” Or…if you’re a dog owner how about a welcome mat that reads, “Just text us when you’re here. No need to get the dogs involved”.


And with that…let me share this great “Welcome Mat” song from my friend Jenny Tolman who I write with a lot. I did NOT help write this song, but wish I had. Actor Jeff Bridges somehow found the song and sang it at a big music festival in California a couple of years ago which made Jenny very proud. Rightfully so.



“Dog Owner Finds Out ENGLISH Bulldog Only Knows Spanish”. Si.



For the first time I’m going to be writing with talented Troy Engle  who’s in Pennsylvania and is one of those guys who plays EVERY instrument AND sings. I already hate him, and I won’t meet him until a few hours from now. My publishing company set the two of us up to write and since Troy is a noted “bluegrass” guy…I’m sure we’ll be going “grassy” this morning.


Some of the bluegrass songs I write are now sent to Troy who records and sings them. He does EVERYTHING, plays all the instruments, sings, adds harmony and they sound like a record…all done by one guy. Ridiculous. Looking forward to meeting and working with him.


Have a great Thursday!



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