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Big Tree...State Foods...Concert In Indiana Tonight

Apr 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Up early this Thursday morning trying to get in a quick blog this morning before leaving for northeast Indiana for a “Hits & Grins” show later tonight.



Still nursing a cold yesterday. Pretty much gone through all the phases of it. On the cough and runny nose part of it right now but hope I’m getting better. And I’m hoping I’ll have enough voice to get through our show tonight in the Hoosier State where it’s going to dip down into the 30’s tonight. Geez Louise.



I also spent some time in my backyard with a neighbor and a tree removal guy who lived just down the street as we had to clear a big un’ that fell a couple of evenings ago. Made quite the loud racket when she went too. The tree guy brought in a Bobcat, and I could not believe what short work he made of that. Lifting huge sections in the claw and rambling through our backwoods creating a lane and space to drop all the big trunks and debris. I think I felt my testosterone level jump just watching it go down. Big boy toys for sure. Truly was something to watch go down. And now I want a Bobcat for Christmas!



After suggesting the pandemic was over a couple of days ago Dr. Fauci backtracked on that yesterday and now says that we are in a “different moment of the pandemic. By no means does this mean the pandemic is over.”


The numbers in Tennessee where I live seem to confirm that as the numbers have trended up slightly for all of April.


And now some experts are suggesting that climate change will bring new infectious diseases. Something to look forward to I suppose.



The NY Daily news printed a list of foods we should try from each state in the country. I’ll just list those from each state I’ve lived in.


Illinois: The Italian beef sandwich


Indiana: Sugar cream pie (lots of sugar)


My home state Missouri: Gooey butter cake (nope, never had it or heard of it)


Ohio: Those candy treat buckeyes! (I would have chosen Skyline Chili myself)


Tennessee: No surprise here. Hot chicken. (Though it’s not my thing either)


Wisconsin: Fried cheese curds (hard to argue that one. Addictive for sure.)



Today is the day that a bunch of young men will become millionaires when they hear their name called at the NFL Draft which begins today. Mel Kiper who’s like the guru at these things has COVID, so he’ll be offering up his guesses and opinions from home. (I think he sent his hair out to be done) so he’s ready to go.



We’ve all been given some in our lifetime. Advice that makes one scratch their noggin’ and go what?  Like this piece of advice from a friend trying to help another friend fix their posture. His suggestion? “To improve your posture, pretend that you are shooting lasers out of your nipples and trying to shoot some people in the head.” So, if you see me sitting straight up, you’ll know what I’m doing. Might wanna duck and cover.



And I want to thank my good friend Lang Scott for sending me this one.


Mississippi Youth Softball Umpire Sucker Punched in The Face by Mom Wearing “Mother of The Year” Shirt. 


You just can’t make stuff like that up folks.



On the road to Kendallville, Indiana for that show tonight with Hits & Grins, about 7 hours away or so. Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and I will be at the Kendallville Community Learning Center for a 7 pm concert in their theater. Looking forward to that.


Have a great Thursday!

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