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Tanzania Writer...Flintstones II...Field of Dreams

Apr 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the “hump day” week. Another post card day here in Music City. Beautiful weather.



I wrote with Brent Baxter who was home in Arkansas along with Nathan Woodard who lived on the other side of Old Hickory Lake that I can see outside my blogging window. Both of them are really talented writers with Brent being a true lyricist. He plays no instruments so it shows you what a gifted word smith he is. I had a verse and a chorus ready when they popped on the screen that they liked so we ran with that thought that is basically a gospel bluegrass kind of thing musically but lyrically it has a lesson and a smile tucked into it. Very fun song and a very fun co-write with both of them as always. Brent shared that he’s getting ready to leave on a mission for his church in a few weeks to Tanzania. So by the time the three of us hook up again, he should have some really interesting stories to share.



The CDC’s big announcement yesterday was those vaccinated can ditch the masks when outdoors. A step towards normalcy although it does appear a bit like they’re putting the approval stamp on something that’s already going on.


Here in Nashville Davidson County that encompasses downtown Music City announces they’re going wide open with lots of venues allowed to go full tilt boogie now. Clubs are going to be full again. Only 25% of Nashville has been vaccinated so it's a bold move for sure.


Since the pandemic the sales of those Croc shoes have skyrocketed. Comfortable. Even if they do look like they were made from leftover whiffle balls.



Fox News is now arguing its hosts did not need to fact-check conspiracy theories from former President Trump’s lawyers in response to the Smartmatic defamation suit. I’d bet most of us who watch a lot of cable news channels already innately knew a lot of what the talking heads were saying was not factual or fact checked. Attorneys for Fox News asked a New York court to dismiss the defamation lawsuit over conspiracy theories in 2020. The lawsuit is asking for 2.7 billion dollars in damages accusing Fox News of waging a disinformation campaign that damaged Smartmatic’s reputation.


I’m no political guy as most know. But this will be an interesting verdict. If the lawsuit is dismissed then any news channel any time, any talking head, can say what they want with no facts to back it up and it’s up to us the viewer or listener to decide if any of what they’re saying is factual or not. Sort of what’s going on right now on a lot of news channels. So, pick your news channel of choice and believe whom you choose to believe. Walter Cronkite has left the newsroom.



I don’t see me trying this. Did you see this guy take his kayak down a VOLCANO? I’m not sure what happens when one wakes up one morning and thinks, “Ya know what? I think I’ll grab my kayak and paddle down a dang volcano”. It most surely falls into the category of “Watch This”!



Well, I love this…I think. A remake of The Flintstones is on the way. Actress Elizabeth Banks is the driving force behind the sequel to one of my favorite all time cartoons. The new version will move us 20 years forward. Fred is about to retire and Pebbles in now 20 years old getting ready to enter the workforce. I wonder if Fred has gone on a Keto diet or if he’s still ordering a slab of brontosaurus as his drive-in restaurant?


Here’s how different that time was when the Flintstone’s first hit our TV’s. Winston Cigarettes was a sponsor and Fred would light one up every now and then.



When anyone asks what my favorite movie is I always say; “Field of Dreams”. If it’s running on TV…I always stop and watch part of it. I read this morning that the last scene in the movie with that line of cars with their headlights on driving up to the field in Iowa to pay for their ticket and watch the ballgame was not a special effects thing. The producers got a helicopter, 1,500 cars and got the nearby town of Dyersville to do a complete blackout of the city lights to get the effect we’ve all seen.


The movies hits the heart of every Father and Son that wanted a game of “catch” with their Dad. I’m fortunate that my brothers and I had a chance to play ball with my Dad when he was alive.



They are doing a movie on Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The lead roles went to Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem. How do Nicole and Javier look for those leads?  Take a look. Can’t wait to hear Javier holler, “Lucy, I’m home”!!!



Kids as we all know can be too dang honest sometimes as in this case. A woman shared that her son saw her putting concealer under her eyes and asks, “Why are you doing that”? She replies, “It makes me look younger and more awake”. Then kid then asks, “But inside you’re old and tired”?



For Mother’s Day? Does she drink wine?  Does she drink a lot of wine? How about a suction cup holder that will attach to tile…like in her show with a speaker so she can scrub and drink vino at the same time?  If that catches on, I’m going to roll out a suction cup beer bottle opener for guys in time for Father’s Day.



“Uber Driver Still Charges A Woman $40 After Driving His Car Into A Canal”. Hey, anything with a water view is expensive.



I’m rhyming later this morning with Gary Cavanaugh and young Meagan Allen who’s is just about to get her diploma from Belmont University here. She’ll actually have a degree in songwriting! So, between the three of us, we’ll have one smart person in the mix for sure.


Have a great Wednesday!
















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