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Minnesota Movie...Dolly Helps A Friend...Beavers

Apr 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning with a cup of Pike going down. After an off day yesterday it’s back to the writing table this Tuesday morning.



It was errand day on Monday. We had an electrician was in the house fixing electric stuff. Found out he came to town from somewhere near Toronto to play music and write several years ago and met his wife here who’s a songwriter. It was a reminder that seemingly everyone you meet here Nashville seems to be connected to the music.


I did spend some time finishing up a song on my own I had started and turned it into my publishing company and in return they sent me back a recording of a Southern Gospel Quartet type song I had written a while back that sounds exactly like the quartets I used to listen to growing up as a kid in Missouri. My first radio job at a 1,000-watt radio station in Bowling Green had me doing the Gospel Music show on Sunday mornings and I’d play the Blackwood Quartet, Hovie Lister and the Statesmen, The Happy Goodman Family and on and on and on. Crazy that after all these years I’m writing songs like that and they’re being pitched to today’s gospel quartets. Kind of hoping the one they sent me will find a quartet that loves the song enough to record it.



And last night my wife and I laughed watching a light comedy movie that our friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott suggested “New in Town” that stars Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. J.K. Simmons…who I love…also has a funny role in this movie about a business girl from Miami who has to go to COLD Minnesota to try and fix a company problem. Thumbs up from the Whyte House.



To my talented friend and co-writer…and former American Idol top 5 finisher Janelle Arthur. Janelle is from East Tennessee and has the accent to prove it. At the age of 8 Janelle was in a production about Dolly’s Life at Dollywood…playing the part of Dolly just a little. Well, Dolly just helped Janelle a ton by agreeing to sing on this new song “Hand Me Downs.” It’s a dream come true for my friend and I could not be happier for her. Check out the song…and congrats Janelle!



Yesterday I mentioned how the Oscar Show was going to probably take a hit in the ratings like every other awards show on TV these days. Wow. Was that an understatement. The show on ABC recorded an ALL TIME low for viewers with just 9.85 million viewers. 9.85 million might sound like a lot but consider this. Its ratings drop was down over 50%. In its heyday the Oscars was “must see” TV. No more. At one point over 50 million viewers tuned in to watch them pass out the trophies. Will ABC drop the show?


You know the Oscar show was bad when the most talked about moment was actress Glenn Close doing “Da Butt” dance.



Vaccinate folks are returning to shopping malls. A sampling of 50 malls shows in March they had an 80% jump of folks returning. I was at a local mall here…Opry Mills a few weeks ago on a late Sunday afternoon and you could not find a place to park. Maybe malls aren’t dead after all.


Proposals in 40 states now are seeking to ban Covid vaccine requirements for work, school or events.


Getting worse in India. Experts fear there could be a half BILLION Covid cases in that country…30 times more than what’s being reported.


And today is the day the CDC and President Biden will announce new mask guidance. I’m thinking you’ll see less and less and less folks masking up for the outdoors no matter what they say today. I think the phrase I hear more and more these days is, “I’m over it”.



I just read this morning that property prices in the county we live in have jumped 37% over the past year. Like a lot of the country folks are getting multiple and OVER bids when they list their houses…and they sell quickly. If you sell though you gotta buy something at a higher price too. If I were smart, I’d sell our home right now and move back into a single wide like I used to live in when I was young, wait for the market to come back down and THEN buy. It's going to be hard to convince my wife that mobile living is a good idea in an area that has tornadoes.


Meanwhile the price of lumber is on a crazy runaway price train. There’s been a 325% surge in prices over the last year pushing up new home prices more than $24,000.  I know folks who have stopped building or won’t build on acreage they bought until those prices start to come back down. I see pouring more concrete.


While all that’s going on the US is reporting the slowest population growth since the Great Depression. You’d think with less people they’d need less houses and construction, right? Not yet. The Millennials must not be as keen on making babies as we were. And now that I think about it, I do have “grand-CATS”.



In Tumble Ridge BC up in Canada der ya know…Beavers dove dug down until they found the internet-cable wires and gnawed away leaving 900 folks in that town with no cable or internet. Ironic as the resident’s reaction in one word is the same word used to describe what Beavers build. DAM!



This guy needed a password 8 characters long, so he chose Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.


Back to rhyming this morning with my Arkansas buddy Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard who’s here in town. Nathan just signed a publishing deal with Daywind Music that’s part of the group I write for. Nathan is a terrific gospel songwriter and more than deserves this. It will be nice to congratulate him this morning.


Have a great Tuesday!







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