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Chainsaw Day...Hunter Girl...Twitter

Apr 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning coming up. Hard to believe this is the last week of April already, isn’t it?



I spent the day lazily on purpose as I’m nursing a cold right now and trying to get healthy for a road trip to northeast Indiana on Thursday morning. Our “Hits & Grins” trio has a show in the small town of Kendallville, Indiana, about a 6 and half hour drive from Nashville. This is one of the shows that was booked for our trio over 2 years ago when we did a showcase here in Nashville that garnered over 20 shows in theaters scattered all over the country. The COVID hit and all of those went away. The folks in Kendallville, and a few others rebooked, and we say “thank you” for that. The rest of the made-up shows start in November and run through March of 2023. But we’re looking forward to this first one to kick things off. So hopefully I’ll have a voice on Thursday night!



We had a little rain yesterday and a little wind and with that came the toppling of a huge tree into our backyard yesterday. The tree is actually on our neighbor’s side of the property who called an alerted us, although my wife Kathy hollered at me because she saw and heard it topple over with a big thud. So I’m expecting to hear a chainsaw over the next couple of days as my neighbor has one. I’ll be putting on a flannel shirt and trying to help in any way I can.


My Dad had a chainsaw. We had wood stoves and that meant gathering wood to stoke in those stoves. But he never put one in my hands. He probably knew it waw not my skill set. He did put me on one end of a chainsaw with my brothers. Pretty much sucked at that too. It’s a good thing a microphone and a guitar called out to me when I was young. I could have hurt somebody trying to be Paul Bunyan.



My wife and I are rooting for Hunter Girl on American Idol this year. She made the top 9 this year and I’m starting to think she has a fair chance of winning the thing, certainly making the Top 5. She is who you see on the show. Genuine, great laugh, funny and of course talented. I’ve worked with her several time through Freedom Sings USA, the organization that pairs songwriters with veterans. Hunter Girl has probably written a hundred songs with our vets by now and she loves it. This is one of those songs that you can check out titled "Secondary PTSD" that she wrote with a soldier who suffers from that like a lot of our veterans do. Powerful video and song. Hard not to root for this young lady. Go Hunter Girl!



The President is now pushing for more COVID patients to use the new Pfizer pill called Paxlovid to help those with COVID. There’s just not much of anything you catch that you can’t get a pill for.


Airlines are now saying they will work with those who booked pane tickets that don’t want to fly seated next to a person not wearing a mask which I suspect will be most of the planeload soon. So they are offering refunds on those tickets bought before the mask requirement was dropped recently.


A UCLA study shed a little light on long term COVID symptoms suggesting it may be caused by abnormally suppressed immune system in some people.



Elon Musk did indeed by Twitter yesterday. Just 44 million to purchase it. Shares of Twitter jumped 5% after the announcement. With the announcement a ton of “tweets” went up onto Twitter about him or the purchase. Here’s just one. “I hope Elon Musk does what he does best and launches Twitter into (dirty word) space.” Yep. You can spend 44 million and then get insulted on the entity you just bought.


It looks like with the change anyone can tweet anything they want again. Even if it isn’t true.



“I’ve been alive 20 years and still haven’t found the right thing to say when somebody knocks on the door of the public bathroom you’re in.”



A Massachusetts family was awarded 5 million dollars from a country club because their home was repeatedly hit and damaged by errant golf balls. The privately owned club took the stance that the family should have known the problem before they bought their home for over $700,000 years ago. The family claimed the contracting firm failed to disclose that in writing when they bought the home.


I lived on a golf course once in Milwaukee. A green that they would shoot into was just over the fence they had put up. When we bought the house, I asked the owner if he got a lot of golf balls in the yard. He said not. We bought the house, and the first time I opened the garage door after we had purchased it there was a 5-gallon bucket of golf balls inside. I’ll just say I never had to buy a golf ball in the six years I lived there. We knew we had purchased a house on a golf course so I never said anything about all the balls we’d find or the every now and then “Thwack”! that would hit the cedar siding on that home and make me spit out my coffee.  Should have checked the paperwork.



That would be some of the train drivers in Sweden. They were told they could not drive wearing shorts in the summer when it gets hot over there. So, some of the male employees started wearing skirts instead. Problem solved. Sort of.



A new survey is pretty telling. A big percentage of Americans who left their jobs during the pandemic and took another one got large raises to do so. Double digit raises for many. Over 64% polled got a raise while only 21% took a pay cut. And 22% got a bonus for signing, first time hires got a 33% bonus for taking the new job.


Most of us don’t know our worth. I was working in Cincinnati when a Portland radio station tried to hire me to move to the northeast and do their morning show on a country station there. It was the first time I found out I was worth more than I was making at the time. It was eye opening to say the least, and a valuable lesson.



I think this is true about getting older for many. A guy posted:


Turns 21 earned my right to go out and drink with my friends.


Turns 30 earned my rights to not go out and drink with my friends.



More rest today recovering from this cold unless I hear the neighbor’s chainsaw fire up.


Have a great Tuesday!


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