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"Fool" Song...Birthday Boy...Songwriter Losses

Apr 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and the start of the last week of April if you can believe that.



Mine started with a great co-write with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard. The minute I walked through their door they were tickled to share with me a video of our song “Who’ll Be Your Fool” that Jenny recorded with Jeannie Seeley. It’s just great. I was there in the studio with them when they recorded that and the camera kept rolling the entire time. As soon as they release this video, I’ll post it here so that you can see.  But I could not be more pleased with the way it turned out. 


And then Jenny shared some big news about a TV thing that I can’t divulge but will be able to in a few months. But it’s going to be a very fun thing for her and it will help get her even more exposure…all good.


And to finish up our Friday morning the three of us wrote a very fun up-tempo Texas type song that has a really big smile and some laughs scattered through it. There’s a very good chance they’ll get around to recording this.  So just a great Friday morning with two talented friends.



My wife and I joined a bunch of friends and surprised my buddy Lang Scott when we showed up for a birthday party to celebrate him that his wife Linda Davis quietly put together. We had a small circle of friends join in, had dinner, and shared great conversation around a dinner table of food that a wonderful chef delivered and set up courtesy of Lang’s daughter HIllary who’s with Lady A of course. Lang and Linda are and have always been gatherers who pull folks and friends together for evenings like this. Some great food mixed with wonderful wine and awesome friends and that makes for a really great evening.  Cheryl White with "The Whites” was also there along with her hubby Billy Paul and at the dinner table we got to hear wonderful story about how both Cheryl and Hillary had recently participated in recording a chapter each of the Bible for a “Celebrity Audio Bible” if you will sometime in the not-too-distant future. Can’t imagine how that might touch some folks. So thank you Linda for having us and all the hard work to make this happen…and Happy Dang Birthday Lang.



And over the weekend we lost another great songwriter and really nice man Charlie Black. I’d see Charlie every year at the Blast on the Bay Songwriter’s Festival along with his wife Dana Black who’s also a hit songwriter and wrote songs like “Check Yes or No” for George Strait.  You will most surely recognize the big hits Charlie wrote including “Good News” and "Shadows in the Moonlight “by Anne Murray just to name a couple. Just a wonderful man and a gifted writer. He and his Dana left Nashville several years ago and moved to Port St. Joe, Florida where the Festival is held every October. All of our “Hits & Grins” trio knew them, especially Victoria Venier who has written with the duo more than once. We’re all saddened by the news and our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his wife Dana and family and friends.



I want to share this new song from Blake Shelton that I heard for the first time this weekend titled “Bible Verses”. It’s just such a well written honest song about a sinner hoping to get more in touch with God and the Bible. And what I really love about this raw honest song is that it was written by three guys who have not yet had a big cut or hit. Proof that a really great song will usually find its way to an artist who loves it enough to record it and send it out to the world. Great thought…great song.



I also want to share this new video just out from one of my co-writers Lauren Mascitti who many of you saw on American Idol last year. Girl can sing. And this new song is one Lauren wrote by herself with a “retro” look and feel to it in a video that Pam Tillis produced for her. Lauren is easy to root for and I’m hoping this new video-song “One Life Stand” will help get her some more attention here in town.



I did not watch the Oscars last night…I had on the Dodgers-Padres game that the Padres won in extra innings so it seems I chose correctly as there’s not much good being sad about the show last night. The ratings will probably be in the tank like almost every award show has been this season.


Best Picture went to “Nomadland” which starred Frances McDormand who won for “Best Actress” and Anthony Hopkins by all accounts was surprised to be the winner of “Best Actor” in “The Father”. He was not favored.


The most interesting news to me this year about the Academy Awards was that the free gift bag they gave to the celebrities was valued at $200,000. One of the more unusual things in the freebie bag was a little device that lets one break their car window if they need especially if they’ve got a dog or pet getting hot in the back seat. Or someone else’s car perhaps. The little hammer has an inscription that reads: “The Car is Insured; The Dog is Irreplaceable”.



More and more signs of normal. I see less and less and less mask wearing. Pensacola just dropped the mask requirement it had. Vegas has opened back up to tourists and the city is jammed with tourists. And over the weekend a whole bunch of folks were on the sand outside the Florabama Bar (where I play every year at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival) tossing fish in the annual mullet tossing contest. No mask required to toss a fish folks.


A new study this morning suggests that we are no safer social distancing at 6 feet or 60 feet. I’m going to need a LONG tape measure to ensure my safety.


And it looks like “vaccinated only” US citizens will be allowed to travel to Europe. Will that be an incentive for some to get the shot?


More folks are traveling now and they’re finding out that either they can’t find a rental car or it costs a fortune. In Hawaii some are actually renting U-Haul pickup trucks because of the scarcity and price of a rental car. Something to think about if you’re planning a trip and need a rental car.



I browsed through this top 10 list of “Strange Habits of Successful People” (entrepreneur). Three caught my attention.


Get up early…really early. Like 4 or 5 AM. (I’ve been getting so early for so long I can’t figure out why I’m not REALLY successful)


Hand writes thank you notes. (Tell me you don’t appreciate a handwritten card that comes in the mail as opposed to a text or an e-mail. Something special in knowing that someone cared enough to take that kind of time.


Lock yourself in a hotel room. Yep. No distractions. (I know a few writers like my friend Roger Naylor out in Arizona who writes books and columns about all things Arizona. When he has a deadline coming up and needs to totally concentrate, he’ll book a hotel room and shut off all the outside noise until it’s completed. He’s in the Arizona Hall of Fame for Tourism for his writing…so it works for him.)



I smile every time I see the word Vespa. This weekend I saw Vespa turned 75. I smile because of a line I put in the song “Retired” that I wrote with Brent Burns that Ray Stevens recorded as did Brent who made a duet of the song with Ray on one of his albums.


The line I’m talking about (for those of you who have heard it) “Saw a gorgeous widow cougar, riding on a Vespa scooter”) Brent had not heard the phrase “cougar” or “Vespa” so I had to explain to him that I was not joking about a cougar being an older woman who likes younger men, or that Vespa was a scooter made in Italy. It happens. I’ve had lots of songwriting session where a co-writer will offer up a word or phrase and I’ll have to ask, “what is that”?  ESPECIALLY when I write with the Australian songwriters in my camp.  


For instance, a song I wrote with young Angus Gill in Australia, a comedy song that he just included on an album titled “I Don’t Like Her Cooking” has the words: Spatchcock…Bubble and Squeak, Bangers & Mash, and Skite. So I was constantly getting an education of what the heck those things are. You can look it up…real stuff down under.



Disney World says that they will soon power 40% of the theme park on solar power. Hopefully they have backup in case the solar power goes out while you’re halfway through the Haunted Mansion.



A Wyoming Roofing Company is offering up a free AR-15 rifle for anyone installing a new roof. Hopefully the homeowners that take advantage of that offer are not the type to sit up on the new roof later and yell, “Get off my lawn”!



“Woman Accidentally Broadcasts Butt Injection During A Zoom Court Hearing.” I’m guessing she made have heard a gavel pounding.


I’ve got a free day of anything really important but there is a little “honey do” list to get to. I’m tempted to look at the list and write a “Honey I Don’t Want To” list in response but I’m not that comfortable sleeping on a couch anymore…so maybe not


Have a great Monday!




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