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Limping Home...One More Park and Hank's Grass

Apr 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Monday April 24, 2017 


Awake in Macon, Georgia nursing a horrible cold.  I'm guessing the running from Nashville to Gulf Shores to Jacksonville to Macon and on home today caught up with my immune system.  Frantically looking for hot tea and lemon.


Saturday I had about 10 Jacksonville folks and some who drove in take my songwriting class.  Some really young kids...some a little older...and some a lot older.  We had a great time and I sincerely hope they took something away from the class that they will be able to use as they continue to write songs.  Just a really great group of folks...and several of them are performers too.

Limping Home...One More Park and Hank's Grass

That was on display Saturday night when we did a little Showcase at the Mudville Grille where several acts got up before I did and sang for a packed room.  A lot of those folks were Mom's and Dad's and kinfolk rooting for the kid they knew.  And it was really fun hearing and seeing their kids and loved ones sing.  Some real talent in the room Saturday night.  And my friend George Aspinall did a great job of emceeing the whole thing as well as singing himself with his 12 string. 


My friend Juanita Hotard put this together...thank you Juanita.  And at one point her daughter Destiny Nicole joined me on stage and did a terrific job singing "Safe Haven" the song I helped write that landed on the Grammy winning album "Love Remains" by Hillary Scott and The Scott Family.  She loves the song...and that showed.  She told me the first time she heard this song which was written about Hillary Scott's Grandpa it made her cry.  And I hear lots of those kinds of stories now that the album has gained so much attention.  People seem to relate the loss of their own grandfather when they hear it.


So a really great time in Jacksonville...and thanks to all of you who bought CD's and "Ugly Early" stuff!


I drove straight from Jacksonville to St. Pete, Florida where the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball at Tropicana Field.  I'm trying to see all the ball parks if possible and after sitting in the stands there yesterday I've got 8 left.


This one is a dome.  Dome's are my least favorite for baseball...but hey...it was the Major Leagues and I had a good time as the home team lost in extra innings to the Houston Astros.


I walked the length of the stadium...two cool things stood out.


First...the slugger Ted Williams who must have lived in the community had a "Sluggers' museum in the stadium that's very cool...and it's free.  I saw Stan Musial, Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth...lot of other sluggers display cases.  There are several pictures of that on my Facebook Page this morning if you're interested.


The second cool thing is over the outfield wall they have a Sting Ray pool where you can go and pet a sting ray if you want while watching the game.  Pretty sure no one jumps in to get any balls that land there...but it's cool.


So a little baseball yesterday which is always awesome...and then I drove over 6 hours to get here to Macon where I over-nighted...and now I'm getting ready to for pretty good drive home to Nashville.  I'm trying to time my departure so that rush hour has backed off in Atlanta!


Nashville property prices I read had a record jump....37%.  Wow.  I should leave town more often.


Very sad seeing that actress Erin Moran died in her mid 50's.  Heroin overdose it looks like.  Who didn't love Joannie on "Happy Days"?  Just a really really sad story after the TV lights left her life.  At one point she was kicked out of a trailer park if you can imagine.  Just sad...really sad.


How bout the Cops in Iowa who will give you a donut in exchange for pot...or your drugs?  True.  Wish Erin Moran would have met a couple of those men and women in blue.


They had to recall some Hash Brown boxes from grocery shelves.  Apparently they found golf balls in some of them.  So that's where my shot went!


As expensive as golf balls are today...I'd buy several boxes of those Hash Browns if I could.  It would be cheaper!


And this is why some people hoard EVERYTHING.  Some dude finds he has a discontinued McDonald's McNuggets dipping sauce that was discontinued it.  This little sauce was put out to help promote the Disney movie "Mulan" over 20 years ago.  So the guy puts it up on E-bay.  Someone paid $15,000 for it!


I can hear that conversation with the wife.  "honey...what's this $15,000 charge for on our account?"


I love the Pensacola area.  Great beaches there too.  This past weekend though they found an alligator out strolling on the sand.  Be a good idea not to fall asleep on your towel right now folks.


Now at least one is debunking the ole "Bermuda Triangle".  No such thing.  Well dang.  Next thing you know some scientist will tell me that Elvis is really not alive and working at the local Burger King.


Those signs you ignore at the them parks about "hows your health before you board?  any pre-existing conditions"??  For real.  A 54 year old man died of a heart attack on one of the Disney coasters (Thunder Mountain)... pretty tame coaster by coaster standards...but still enough to give him a heart attack that he did not recover from  Yes...he had a pre-existing condition. 


I'm going to pay more attention from now on. 


They constantly amaze me with what they came up with.  One engineer designed a robotic arm for a young violin player who had lost her arm.  She's playing the violin just like she used to do.  Very cool.


I had no idea how popular the Hank Williams grave site is in Montgomery, Alabama still today.  My friend Bobby Tomberlin keeps telling me I have to stop sometime at the museum and gravesite...and it is on my list of things to get to.  So many tourists picked grass from the site and took it home with them as a keepsake...they had to put artificial turf up around Hank's grave!  Good grief. 


Maybe Hank wrote "Cold Cold Heart" for all those tourists.


Guy bowls a perfect 300 game in Syracuse in under 90 seconds!  A world record.  Yes...they keep track of these things  How?  He went from lane to lane to lane...one ball...one strike each time.  Something to try I suppose if I get bored and really want to rent shoes and wear a sponsored shirt.


Time to head home.  Ready to do so.  Been a great road trip...except for this cold I've got now...but I'm always ready to get back home and see my girls.


Have a great Monday!

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