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Becky Bluegrass...Losing A Talented Writer...Self-Effacing Works

Apr 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Made it to the end of another week. It will be a tad warmer in Nashville today with a high of 65 expected on Earth Day. Surely someone somewhere today will be crowned as Miss Earth Day, right?



My co-writing session was with Tim Stafford and Becky Buller and it was the first time for the three of us together. Or at least I thought that was going to happen. Real life took over for a bit as Tim had a plumber show up to do some work before we could start rhyming and then the issue turned out to be more serious than he thought and he had to bow out. So, Becky and I wrote together for the first time. Safe to say with Tim’s plumbing issues Becky and I PLUNGED ahead without him.


Becky is a very talented bluegrass artist and plays more instruments than you can name. That to go with her singing talent. Normally she’s on the road a ton but of course her schedule rolled back too because of the pandemic and she too is just now seeing some of her calendar fill back up with show dates. She’s been teaching a lot of online music classes with students from all around the world as well as taking the down time to write a bit more.


Certainly glad we got to do that for the first time yesterday. The song turned out great, and we’ll be doing it again down the calendar road.


My wife and I are both fans of Sam Elliott…who’s not so we watched an Amazon Prime movie “The Hero” starring the guy with the great voice and the great screen look. Another one of those actors that will have me watching a bad movie if he’s in it. His performance in this movie could earn him an award or two…in my opinion. The movie itself? It won’t be for everyone. It can be slow, sparse dialogue at times, a little dark…but it’s a great performance from Sam about a guy who’s at the end of his acting career and his life all at the same time…and all that goes with that. 



I was just shocked and saddened to hear that a co-writer friend Pam Belford unexpectedly died yesterday. Pam co-wrote “If I Know Me” with the great Dean Dillon and George Strait had a number one hit with it. I got to know Pam on the radio. I was doing the morning show in Cincinnati when her hit went up the charts and found out somehow that Pam was from Cincinnati too. So I ran her down for an interview to talk about her big hit. She was amazed that a radio person took the time. Years later I started writing songs with Pam. She was one of those who made the room brighter when she entered. She loved funny songs too…and we wrote a couple that way. But one of my favorite Pam performances was of this funny parody she wrote on the hit “Strawberry Wine” that she turned into “Strawberry Pie” that always made the room laugh. I’m still in disbelief. Love you Pam.



India just broke an unenviable record with 314,835 cases reported in one day. That replaces the record that was held by the US when we had 297,430 cases in one day.


Of all places to test positive. A mountain climber had to be flown off of Mt. Everest after he tested positive in camp one night alongside his fellow hikers. You’d think the odds would be really long when you’re that high and that outdoors…but not in his case.


The Los Angeles Dodgers are set to open a “vaccinated only” seating section at their ballpark. The first of many to come?


And here’s some really good news about the virus here. Covid-19 hospitalizations among older Americans have plunged more than 70% since the start of this year.



The Oscar Awards are to be passed out Sunday. For the first time ever, I don’t think I’ve seen one nominated movie for Best Picture. And there are 8 of them for crying out loud.


This year the actors will have a “swag” room again. A room filled with stuff that they can just take for free. The gift bags they can pick up has $60,000 worth of stuff in it. Vacations, expensive beauty treatments, clothes, artwork…you name it. Good to be an actor this Sunday.


I actually had a chance once in my life to experience that. It happened here in Nashville when I was covering some kind of music event…might have been the CMA Awards and I got invited with some other broadcasters to experience a swag tent. Inside the tent were tables full of stuff. Each radio person could pick any one item they wanted. And to tell you the truth…I don’t remember what I chose. But I do remember what my radio partner Amanda Orlando from WUBE Cincinnati took home. A Chinese instrument called an Erhu.  Take a look at this bad boy.



If my daughter Heather sees this, she’ll be trying to get to NYC. The Big Apple is opening the first Harry Potter Store. Yep. Filled with everything Harry Potter…including wands you can choose from. Or maybe the Sorting Hat will choose your wand. Pretty cool looking place if you’re into the Hogwart thing and Harry. This is what the store looks like that's open in London.


And certainly any fan of Harry Potter should make the trip to Universal Studios in Orlando and experience what they’ve built there. Very very fun. Try the butter beer while you’re there.



I don’t play a lot of golf anymore. Most other golfers are grateful as they’re not fond of putting on a hard hat if they’re anywhere near me. I did see a golf ball on Facebook (that I can’t find right now) that surely was made for me. On the golf ball it reads something like this, “If you this golf ball I hope you hit it better than the last guy”.



How about the NCAA champion bowler John Hinkle Jr. who lost his Dad who was an avid bowler and honored him by putting his Dad’s ashes into one hole of his bowling ball? John is a two -finger bowler. He takes that special ball and rolls a PERFECT game with it. His Dad was an avid bowler too but never got a perfect game. He rolled a 299 one time in his life. So a little odd…but cool all at the same time in a tribute to his Dad.



The French have just put out a car called the Ami. It’s a little electric thing with no power steering and it doesn’t require a driver’s license to drive around in the city. It’s not the prettiest car in the world so the company Citroen did a very smart thing and decided to use self-effacing ads to promote the car. One ad reads, “Surprisingly, we didn’t fire the designer”. Another reads, “Impress your great great great grandchildren”. And they’re selling a lot of cars.


Folks love self-effacing humor. Ask baseball great Bob Uecker. He’s made a living off of being self-effacing. He once said, “I knew when my career was over. In 1965 my baseball card came out with no picture”.



“Flying turtle crashes through windshield, strikes Florida woman in the head”. I can only figure the turtle knew how to use a trampoline.



Back to writing with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard today. I’m sure we’ll make a little toast to the new single featuring Jenny and Jeannie Seeley “Who’ll Be Your Fool” that’s just been released that the three of us wrote a few years back. Happy that Jeannie Seeley loves the song so much too.


Have a great weekend!









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