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Easter...Tiger Videos...Ding Dong Doormats

Apr 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Easter be done…did you find all your eggs in one basket?



Mine started with writing on Friday as I sent in a song to NY about buying Easter candy today at cheap prices for all of those hooked on Peeps and Cadbury Crème.  And then it was off to Music Row to write a new beach song with my friend Will & Becky Denton as Becky continues to dip her Missouri toes into the Trop Rock waters that is beach music.  And they brought a fun idea so we put another one in Becky’s beach catalog.



Easter was spent with our daughter Heather and her husband Casey up in Clarksville where Casey is stationed for his Army duty.  We went to church at one of those HUGE new non-denominational churches that had it’s own mini restaurant complete with donuts, sandwiches, soups and more. And they have a huge band on stage complete with two BIG SCREENS.  I was sure they were going to put on the football game between the Christians and the Lions but no.   Good grief.  This church is quite a bit different than the one room Baptist Church I attended in New Hope Missouri where the only time food or coffee was available was on those rare Sunday’s where food arrived in Tupperware bowls that everyone seemingly brought.


Heather is joining the music ministry there and will be one of their lead sopranos in the weeks ahead.  The good news is as parent we can make an hour drive up there to see her sing or we can watch it online.  Once she starts singing I’ll put up the link here on the blog so you can pull it up on your computer and listen on Sunday morning if you’d like.


After church we grabbed Japanese dinner near Fort Campbell where Casey is based and then he gave us a little tour although it was limited because we need advance passes to get inside and look at the Chinooks that he flies on and got educated to their function.  I did not know that choppers like these could refuel in flight like fighter jets do.  It's easy to pick up that he's proud of his job as he should be.  I'm always impressed by the attitude and skill set of the young folks who serve our country.


So we had a great Easter as a family together and I hope you and yours did too.



I did add yet another date to my calendar.  July 10 I’ll be doing a 30-minute show…returning to the Opry Backstage Grill here in Nashville located just across from the Opryland Hotel.  I think this will be the third time I’ve done this.  Pretty danged good food and the trio “Brassfield” I sit in with are very talented and I always look forward to hearing them sing before I take the stage.  Showtime for me is 7:30 that night.  If you’re in Music City come by and see me.



We had a cold snap in Nashville Friday and Saturday but temps are trending upwards now into the upper 70’s and 80’s.  And with that kind of weather change I woke up to have my nose dripping and feeling like it’s time to pop extra Vitamin C.  Good grief…hoping it’s not a summer cold coming on.


With warmer temps comes pool time for some.  This may or may not be something you’ll have to add to float in your pool this year.  An inflatable PICKLE.  Uh huh.  Blow up your pickle…then float on it if you’d like. However, if you’re pool water suddenly looks pale green…you’ll know why.



I blogged about the new Cledus T. Judd silliness on Friday’s Blog about his musical parody tribute to Tiger Woods after Tiger won the Master’s.  Now comes this VIDEO to accompany our song we wrote about the greatest golfer in the world “Man Crush”. 



I was listening to Mike Reid sing some.  Mike is a former all Pro football player in the NFL who went on to become one of the great songwriters in this town.  He wrote numerous Ronnie Milsap hits and the all time great song “I Can’t Make You Love Me” for Bonnie Raitt.  I pulled up a video of Mike singing at the Bluebird Café where he talked about his tough grandma whom he claimed “Buried three husbands.  And two of them were living”.  That’s a really tough woman.



I skimmed through an article about things people with a sense of humor buy.  The one that made me laugh was a doormat you can purchase.  On that doormat it says, “Doorbell broken.  Yell “Ding Dong” really loudly”.  I may have to get one of those.  Here’s the rest of the LIST.



And now one can book a room in a Tequila Barrel Hotel right in the middle of agave plants.  Agave of course is the cactus they use to make Jose Cuervo and the like.  You can see from the pictures at the link it does look kind of cool.  However, do check your mattress to make sure the worm is not there.



Beyonce just signed a deal with Netflix.  For 60 million dollars.  I have so got to work on getting a bigger booty!



The NFL Draft is here this weekend in downtown Nashville.  It’s going to be a complete ZOO.  Over 300,000 or more expected to be here to watch grown men draft big boys to play Pro football.  With that some downtown hotel rooms are going for $800 and more.  Jimmy Buffett is playing a concert downtown too.  Tim McGraw is playing.  I’ll be home watching part of it on TV.  Y’all knock yourselves out…and thanks for dropping your coins in our economy.



A COMEDIAN just won the Presidential election in Ukraine in a landslide.  A comedian.  I’m not sure how that’s any different than most Presidential elections.  Maybe I’m missing something.



And then there’s the story out of a guy who accidentally voted for the wrong candidate and got so upset with himself that he cut off a finger that helped him vote the wrong way.  Nobody asked but I’ll bet he meant to vote for the comedian and voted for the politician instead.



“Couple To Marry At The Baggage Carousel Where They First Met”.  Awww.  I surely hope the Airlines won’t lose their wedding rings.



I’ve got a little funny writing to do this morning for my New York folks and then a little business meeting with my “Hits & Grins” trio later this afternoon.  And with the sun out and temps nearing 80?  I’m hoping to get out and feel the warm hit me while I’m walking.


Have a great Monday!

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