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Gatlinburg...Colorado...Song Gets Some Press

Apr 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man it’s quiet early in the morning. Old morning radio habits still have me getting up at the crack of dark when the only sound I hear is the coffee brewing. First cup going down right now on this Wednesday.


In the 30’s here this morning with a high of only 53 today. But we’re not getting snow like some of you are. 6 inches predicted for New York today. Nope…no thank you.



I had an off day of songwriting so I spent some time pitching a few songs, and tweaking some old one’s I visited on the friend with my beach friend Brent Burns as we’re now starting to look at the last four or five songs we’ve written that Brent will record when he makes his trip up here to jump in a studio for three day so in early June. I also had a conversation with the powers that be at this year’s Gatlinburg Songwriter’s Festival coming up in August. They are going to offer up songwriting classes again for those who want to sit in a room and write songs with the likes of me, Danny Wells, Steve Dean, Brady Seals and maybe a few others. Last year’s festival was cancelled because of Covid so all of us are looking very forward to being back in East Tennessee for this great event…and the fudge…and the taffy…and the putt-putt golf. And the moonshine…


There will be a lot more details about this great festival that I’ll be able to share here in just a few days. But if you want a little mini vacation in the mountains with a bunch of songwriters then hold the dates of August 19-22.



I also got a call from my “Hits & Grins” buddy Steve Dean confirming that we’ll be on a plane to Colorado June 28 to go write with veterans for the group Freedom Sings USA again out in Montrose…the western part of that beautiful state. Just an honor every time we get to do that and spend time creating a song from a story a veteran shares with us about their personal experiences while they were in the armed forces. I’m looking VERY forward to doing this again.



The Boot, a leading Country Music online site wrote this really nice article about the song I helped write with the artist Jenny Tolman and her fiancé’ Dave Brainard that was recorded as a duet with Opry Star Jeannie Seeley. See what they had to say about our song “Who’ll Be Your Fool” which is one of three bonus tracks out now on the “Jennyville” album. Glad I got to be their co-writer on this one.



Not the news the world wants to hear but the WHO is reporting an alarming rise in cases again for the last 8 weeks. More than 5.2 million new cases were reported worldwide last week. To put that into perspective, that’s the most cases in a week since the pandemic began. Deaths increased for the 5th straight week with the tally now being over 3 million Covid deaths since it began. As more older adults are getting their shots it’s the younger demographic that is now driving up the numbers. Sobering.


With the news of cases spiking again the Dow Jones dived over 250 points yesterday.


Ted Nugent who has strong opinions on everything has said more than once that he thought the pandemic was not real. Then he caught it and said, “I thought I was dying”. He’s recovering and now still says he won’t get the vaccine as he’s firmly in the anti-vaccination camp. Lots of folks agree with him. Too each their own.



The Academy of Country Music Awards had record low ratings and they join every other TV Award show. It’s a trend. The Oscars are coming up…what will their ratings look like? Those in the know think it could be just a cyclical trend and many believe you can’t underestimate what a “live” audience brings to the table. All of the award shows are virtual right now because of Covid protocol and it does give those shows a different look and feel. Normally these kinds of shows make a lot of money for the networks. But, if it’s not a trend and if those numbers don’t rebound, you’ll see some advertisers spending their money on re-runs of the Kardashians…or something else.



Jimmy Fallon did a funny bit on the “Tonight Show” where he asked listeners to tweet their short description of favorite movies and then read some on the air. Here’s a couple of funny ones.


For the movie “Fast and Furious” a viewer wrote: “A bald guy teams up with another bald guy to fight another bald guy.”


For the movie “Godzilla vs Kong” (which is the big movie of 2021 so far) a viewer wrote: “A monkey and a lizard have a misunderstanding.”



How about the couple who decided to remodel their home and found a GIANT Monopoly Board when they pulled some carpet back hoping to find hardwood floors?  Apparently, this was a thing some folks did in the 50’s and 60’s that I never heard of. Wonder how big the thimble, top hat and race car pieces were to move around on this big board?



Amazon will test palm identification to pay for goods in Seattle at Whole Foods. No credit card. The scanner recognizes your palm which is tied to your credit card info in some computer and you’re good to grab your bags and go. You’ll need a really small hand though if you want to insert it into the “chip” slot.



I’m a sucker for articles of “in every state”. Here’s an ARTICLE listing the “Weirdest Tourist Attractions in Each State”.


I looked up every state I’ve live in and this is what they had.



The First Kiss Spot of the Obama’s. In Chicago. Where they first smooched.



World’s Largest Egg. No yolk…it’s in the town of Mentone, Indiana.


MISSOURI (My home state)

1950’s Gas Station with Dummies can be found in Clarence, Missouri.



Frankenstein’s Grave. Who knew he was buried in Canton…also home to the NFL Hall of Fame.



Chicken Wire Minnie Pearl located in Centerville. An 8 ft chicken wire bust of Cousin Minnie.



Forest of Chainsaw Totem Poles located in Medford


And in all of those states I’ve lived in? I’ve not seen one of these attractions. You can check for your own weird thing in your state by clicking the link at the top of this story.



“Co-Worker Reports A Woman For Eating Sexy Potatoes At Work”. I have no idea if they were baked, fried or mashed.



My friend Brady Seals who used to be with Little Texas, Hot Apple Pie, had a solo career and has written a book called “God Bless Texas and Me” and more is back in a creative mood. So the two of us are going to write for the first time in a long while and I’m looking very forward to that. Brady has always been one of my favorite creative folks in the ultra-creative town. He and I wrote his last single to radio “Been There, Drunk That” that got to about 30 or so on the national charts and now he’s talking about doing a new album which is great news to his many fans like me. Hopefully we’ll write something that lights him up today.


Have a great Wednesday!
















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