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Show On The Water...Mermaids & Jacksonville

Apr 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Friday April 21, 2017
Sun is up...I'm somewhere just across the Florida line headed for Jacksonville.


What a fun night my friend Brent Burns and I had last night at the new Intracoastal located at the Wharf which is of course sitting right on the intracosatal waterway.  Great venue.  Great food.  And great crowd last night.


Check out this place when you go down there.  Our view from the stage allowed us to look right out at the waterway where boats are tied up to the dock.  Gorgeous.  And Bobby...the owner and his wife are passionate about songwriters and really helped make this show happen last night...so my great thanks to them.


I saw again a lot of old familiar faces who always seem to come out when Brent and I get together for a show.  There's natural fun chemistry between the two of us that's been born out of years of writing songs together and playing music.  Last night Brent took a little mini guitar to play on stage...a "Baby Taylor".  That allowed me to make a running joke of his small instrument all night long to the delight of his many fans who were there.  You find out that folks love you picking on their favorite son....especially when they know what good friends we are. 


My thanks to Brent's great wife Pam for putting me up for a couple of days.  I always enjoy their company...and their house.  As I'm heading for Jacksonville...the two of them will be up early tomorrow morning to play on the Honduran island of Roatan for a bunch of Parrot Head beach song loving fans.  Tough life my friend has huh? 


My thanks also to my wife Kathy who frantically found the lyrics to a couple of old songs of mine that a fan wanted to hear.  I had not done these two songs for a long time and did not know the words...but through the magic of the internet we made these two songs happen for this wonderful fan.  She and now her late husband once allowed me and my friends in "Evening In The Round"...Linda Davis and Lang Scott...stay at her oceanside condo for free...as we were in town for a show.  So...I was happy to be able to pull this off for her.  


Just a great couple of days in one of my favorite places on the planet...Gulf Shores, Alabama. 


Yesterday...4/20 was national pot day.  I kept thinking surely Willie Nelson was singing his song "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die" somewhere...right?


I'm gonna say that it was just a coincidence that Kid Rock, Sara Palin, and Ted Nugent showed up at the White House on National Pot Day.  Pretty sure.


Don't cry for Bill O'reilly.  He'll still make a LOT of money...as if he needs it.  Turns our last year that Fox made 75 million on his show.  They GAVE him 25 million to go away. 


Just once...I'd love for someone to pay me to leave.  I'm sure I can find a way to do that somehow.  Books, movies, no telling what will be in the headlights for O'reilly...despite whether you like or dislike. 


Just get famous kids...just get famous.


Scientists say they have found a big ole planet that should support life.  As much as I despise politics..I can only hope they put the Democrats on one planet and the Republicans on the other.  Both planets might be peaceful.


Tiger Woods is having his FOURTH back surgery?  Yikes.  Gonna be a long time if ever that he swings a golf club again.  Nothing worse than back pain.  Golf is not good for it.  If you play that game long enough...usually you deal with a little back pain.


If you hit a golf ball as badly as I do...you probably deserve the back pain.


A Slovakian company (where is Slovakia) is now taking pre-orders for a flying car.  It will set you back a little over a million.  Bill O'reilly just payed cash for 25 of them.


You'll need a pilots and a drivers license.  The wait at the DVM could be forever.


Demi Moore the actress sold her little place in New York yesterday for 45 MILLION bucks.  Pretty sure this was not a double wide sitting out in a cow pasture.  Surely the toilet seats must be gold.


If I were wealthy...I still could not drop 45 million on a danged house.  Even if it would allow me to sit on a golden throne.  I don't think.


Bette Midler is now on Broadway starring in "Hello Dolly".  What a perfect match.  One of the BEST "live" shows I ever saw was Bette Midler in concert.  The segment where she worked up a dance routine with her background singers all dressed like mermaids singing in wheel chairs that were choreographed was a lasting memory.  That must have been a really interesting rehearsal or two.


Today is record day...where a lot of folks go in and buy vinyl records.  A lot of artists release a vinyl record to help celebrate it and remind us what a great thing it still is to hold an album and then drop a needle on it while reading the liner notes on the back.  And all that hissing and popping?  That's just a bonus.  I'm glad I still have a pretty large collection of albums that I've not thrown out. 


Hillary Scott & The Scott Family released their Grammy winning album "Love Remain" on vinyl.  That's the one I have a song on...so you can imagine how special that one is to me.


Shania Twain is getting ready to release her first new music in more than 15 years.  Wow.  Where ya been?  Nasty divorce...her husband marries her best friend...she marries the best friends husband.  A movie surely to come.


Through my years in radio I had a chance to be around her a few times for interviews.  Just a nice real person.  My favorite moment was taking some fans to meet her back stage at a concert in Indianapolis.  Scott Goodyear...the Indy race car driver...now commentator was a HUGE fan of Shania's.  Scott would call in on my radio show when it was Indy 500 time...so we set it up for him to come along.


Backstage we got...and he was the biggest kid in the "fan" group for sure.  He, me, and Shania sat down for quite awhile at a picnic table and chatted like we were old friends after she let the other fans go after taking pictures and signing autographs.  We had started to leave ourselves when she said, "where you going?  you don't have to leave so soon".  So we sat...and we talked and laughed.  Just because their multi-millionaire celebrities doesn't mean that all of them have forgotten to how be real and relatable...and nice.  She's one of those. 


I can't wait to hear her new music.


Here's to more vinyl in the future.


That's earth day.  Go out an play in the dirt kids.  Or not. Wonder what folks do on Uranus day?


Okay...time to roll.  Off to Jacksonville about 5 hours away now.  Tomorrow I teach a songwriting class there and then do a show at the Mudville Grill.  Thanks to Juanita Hotard who set up the class and the concert.  Lots of hard work...and it's appreciated Juanita!  Looking very forward to working with the young talent and aspiring songwriters there.


Then SUNDAY...I'll be in Tampa Bay to scratch one more baseball park off my list as the Tampa Bay Rays play Houston.  So a little beach...a little baseball.  My kind of road trip.


Have a great weekend!

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