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Gulf Shores...Blue Wahoos & Show Tonight

Apr 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Thursday April 20, 2017


 Good morning from beautiful FOGGY Gulf Shores, Alabama where I have a 6 pm show tonight with my friend Brent Burns at the new Intracoastal which is in Orange Beach at the Wharf.  If you're familiar with the place...you know there's a big Ferris Wheel that marks it.  No...I won't have time to take spin before we start playing tunes.  But...we are surely going to have fun tonight starting at 6 pm


So right now I'm at a McDonald's I always stop at when I'm here to blog and work before a walk.  The place has filled up with backpacks and a young Bible Study group.  They come in once a week I've discovered to do this.  I have no idea if this is subtitled a "McJesus" stop or not...but it should be.   


So...a 7 hour drive or so from Nashville yesterday and I had to stop to find in the internet and send a song parody to New York.  Turns out that today...4/20 is considered a national pot holiday of some kind.  I can't make this stuff up.    Fortunately for me...there's and Eric Church hit called "Smoke A Little Smoke" that made my job pretty easy from the Starbucks I found in Cullman, Alabama.  Happy to do it.


No matter your feelings...I'm pretty sure more and more states will make marijuana legal.  There's too much money to be made.  And it's not just from the plant.  The states that have already legalized it are making huge dollars...and...the fast food restaurants in those states have seen a 20% rise in sales too.  I'm waiting to see the figures for sales in brownies alone.  


I got in early enough to find out that my Cincinnati Reds AA Minor League team the "Blue Wahoos" were playing the "Jumbo Shrimp" of Jacksonville at the Pensacola ballpark that sits right on the Gulf Waters.  In fact...the ocean is right over the centerfield wall.  So I had to go. Beautiful evening...beautiful little ballpark that pro golfer Bubba Watson owns a piece of.   Only in Minor League baseball can you find the Blue Wahoos playing the Jumbo Shrimp.  I wonder if there's a Tallahassee Calimari minor league team?  


You also can't beat the minor league team promotions designed to keep the fans engaged all the time.  Last night they had a "Titanic" theme.  Really.  Complete with a forma string ensemble dressed like the one that played on the Titanic...and the movie played the entire time on another screen where the announcer between innings would tell us what just happened at what time in the movie.  They had a contest where fans tried to guess at what time in the movie the iceberg showed up.  Uh huh.  Fortunately the hometown team did not sink last night...and won the game.


We now stream more movies than ever.  More than we DVR now.  Netfilix is champ.  All I have to do now is figure out how to use all that stuff on my new Smart TV which will allow me to pull up content on my cell phone and then somehow cast it onto the big screen.


I'm pretty sure they need to make one pass a test before you're allowed to buy a smart TV.  So far I've flunked the course 3 times.


You see those great planes flying over the Gulf all the time here.  Today they have a big show over at the Naval Air Museum (which is free and wonderful) today.  Fans come early for autographs...and the pilots are like rock stars.  They sign a TON of autographs with the one rule.  They won't sign skin...or money.  Okay then.


I hate to admit it...but I've signed skin.  And no...I don't wanna talk about it.   I will say...it's hard to have a cool reaction when some woman asks you to "sign these please".  Probably the reason the Sharpie was invented.


There's a pro tennis game going on in Sarasota, Florida.  The players and the fans hear really loud screaming.  They stop.  Apparently a couple in a condo close by were having a really really good lovey dovey time and drowned out the sound of the racket hitting the tennis ball.  You can imagine the jokes the players made.  And...you can now make up your own. 


Yep...he's done on Fox.   One thing I know to be true about broadcasting.  If you make your sponsors mad...if they stop advertising...you be gone.  I learned that lesson the hard way when I was young and made fun of a radio station sponsor with a fake commercial they did not like.  It was funny to the audience...but...what was I thinking?  Money rules.  Sponsors rule.  Don't pick on the golden goose...usually.


I'm working on pitching a new replacement show to Fox called "O'really???" where I read stupid news items and then respond with "oh really"? after every story.  I'm looking for investors now.  I'd love for you to send me your money to invest in this...and don't ask, "oh really"?  Thanks.


Well...the Florida lawmakers decided not to have a bear hunting season in Florida.  What grabbed my attention about this story is now knowing they have so many bears in the Sunshine State that they have to consider hunting them to get rid of some of the big population.  Yikes.   I'll be very careful not to hike in the woods when I'm in Jacksonville this Friday an Saturday!


I've been reading nothing but good things about the new Brad Paisley album just out.  He wrote songs with Bill Anderson, John Fogerty, Mick Jagger AND...Johnny Cash.  O'really?  Yes...O'really.  


Johnny's son John Carter Cash too a poem Johnny wrote to Brad called "God All Over The Ground".  Brad wrote a melody for it in about 4 minutes.  It's on the new album.  How cool is that?   It's on my to do list today....stop and buy the album.


"Man breaks into a home, eats cookies, then takes a nap on the couch".  Yes...police came and took him to jail to finish his nap.  He had to leave the cookies.


Off  to take a walk..take in the ocean...and then get ready for our show here in Gulf Shores tonight.  Always great to be here.   Have a great Thursday!

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